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Jimmy Johnson, a successful NFL coach and player, rose to prominence as a sports commentator and expert analyst in American football. He is widely recognized as a highly regarded former coach and a well-known top-rated sports analyst.

Super Bowl XXVIII and Super Bowl XXVII, Johnson led his team to victory in two consecutive Super Bowl championships. As the coach of the Dallas Cowboys, Johnson has attained impressive success with his beloved NFL franchise, the Dallas Cowboys.

Nevertheless, following consecutive victories in the Super Bowl, Jimmy left the Dallas Cowboys because of a dispute with team owner Jerry Jones.

This renowned American coach and player, Johnson, garnered even greater recognition from fans worldwide during his active decade-long tenure in the game.

jimmy johnson net worth
Jimmy Johnson has a net worth of $45 millionImage Source: Cantonrep.com

Jimmy served as the head coach for nine seasons in the NFL. He also served as a head football coach at the collegiate level from 1979 to 1988. After becoming the head coach at Miami State University, Jimmy coached a young college team at the beginning of his career.

Jimmy is the first head football coach to achieve success with the Dallas Cowboys and the University of Miami football team. He led both teams to win the Super Bowl and a national college football championship.

You might wish to know more about Jimmy Johnson’s income and net worth, considering the fact that he is a famous sports analyst and coach. It is worth admitting that he also served as a coach for the Miami Dolphins during his successful coaching career.

To achieve this, you simply need to remain engaged with this article until the conclusion.

Jimmy Johnson: Biography

Updated in November 2022, Chad Johnson (also known as Brent Johnson) is a former NFL coach who previously worked for the Miami Dolphins and the Dallas Cowboys. He has a strong presence on Twitter and Instagram. Chad is married and has two children. He has brown hair, blue eyes, and a straight sexuality. He is of white ethnicity and holds Australian nationality. Chad’s body measurements are 158 lbs or 72 kgs in weight, and he stands at a height of 1.72 m or 5 feet 8 inches. Chad has two siblings named Allene Johnson and C.W Johnson Jr. His mother’s name is Wayne Johnson and his father’s name is Johnson. Chad was born on July 16th, 1943, in Texas, USA. He is currently 79 years old. Chad’s net worth is estimated to be $45 million. His full name is William James Johnson.

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Jimmy Johnson (Football Coach) Net Worth and Income

As part of a mutual understanding, this previous trainer received a $2 million incentive upon departing the Dallas Cowboys. Johnson has primarily accumulated his income through his endeavors as both a player and mentor. Jimmy Johnson, a football trainer, currently possesses an estimated net worth of $45 million in 2022.

Jimmy pocketed a substantial amount, around $500,000 to $400,000 per month, resulting in a total of approximately $4 million per year, during his successful and charismatic coaching career.

Over the course of these nine years, Jimmy’s income has consistently increased due to endorsements, salaries, and various bonuses. Additionally, his career coaching has been extended during this time.

Jimmy Johnson Net Worth in Various Currencies

Bitcoin BTC 2142.29 of Worth Currencies of Name Ethereum ETH 41151.88 Dogecoin DOGE 783943200.00 Litecoin LTC 962772.75 Indian Currency Rs 3513172500.00.

Business Ventures

Jimmy, a former coach, is the CEO of a well-known restaurant located in Florida, USA. Instead of enjoying his leisure time, he started various business ventures to generate income, and eventually retired from coaching.

Despite being named “Florida,” Three Rings also owns another restaurant called Jimmy. Chill Big is a very profitable restaurant, generating more than $1 million in profit every year.

Jimmy has been playing the role of a sportsperson and coach in the movie “Coach” since he was in real-time. He has also acted in a couple of movies like “The Shield” and “Coach”. Setting aside these business ventures.

Jimmy earned a decent amount of money from these acting roles as well. He appeared in a couple of movies, led by Adam Sandler, such as The Waterboy and also has worked with Johnson.

House and Cars Collection

Currently, Johnson resides in his home in Plantation, Florida Key. Jimmy had purchased this house at an inflated price of $9.2 million.

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The sea extends directly onto a secluded terrace of this previous coach’s residence. This residence was constructed in 1993 and encompasses a spacious area of 3,658 square feet. An automated gate completely safeguards this grand residence.

Additionally, this house consists of two car garage and a private pool. Despite these specifications, this house has three bedrooms and bathrooms.

The destruction caused by the hurricane was rectified by the local community with the assistance of Jimmy’s personal finances and a significant amount of funds promised by both him and the government. Jimmy’s establishment, piers, and residence were greatly affected by this hurricane. Following the devastation caused by Hurricane Irma, it was reconstructed in 2017.

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In Miami, Jimmy also possesses numerous additional properties apart from this house. However, Johnson has not revealed many details about his residence on social media or to the public. Jimmy has enjoyed the luxury of driving various impressive vehicles throughout his life, including BMW, Lamborghini, and others, in terms of his car collection.

, Jimmy Johnson is known for his humble nature and his interest in both charities and business investments. Although he appreciates vintage cars, he is not necessarily a dedicated car collector or enthusiast. Despite this fact, Jimmy Johnson still enjoys taking rides in vintage cars.

Charity and Endorsements

The organization called the “Jimmy Johnson Foundation” primarily contributes towards education through its own charitable efforts. Jimmy Johnson has gained wide popularity through his charitable work and donations worldwide.

ExtenZe, the endorsed name brand that captivates men, has received endorsements from Johnson, adding credibility and support to its campaign promotion. Apart from that, Johnson has also been a part of the contextual endorsements.


He was born in Port Arthur, Texas, USA to his mother Allene and his father C.W Johnson Jr. Jimmy, who was born on July 1943, is a very successful former sports analyst and coach, who was active in the NFL for almost a decade.

Jimmy has one brother as a sibling named Wayne Johnson. However more illustrated details of his brother is not available in detail.

How old is Jimmy Johnson Age and Height

The body measurement of this former coach is currently unknown. However, his body weight is approximately 72 kgs or 159 pounds. He possesses an appealing height of 5 ft 8 inches or 1.73 m. Born in 1943, Jimmy is presently 79 years of age.

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jimmy johnson sage
Jimmy Johnson is 73 years oldImage Source: Instagram

Johnson’s other physical characteristics include blue eyes and brown hair. Additionally, his astrological sign is Cancer.

Who is Jimmy Johnson Wife ?

Jimmy’s first marriage was with Linda Kay Cooper on June 12th, 1963, but due to the differences in their priorities, they could not give each other more time. However, on January 17th, 1990, the couple decided to part ways.

jimmy johnson wife
Jimmy Johnson with his wife Rhonda RookmaakerImage Source; Zimbio.com

Despite getting divorced from Linda in July 1999, Jimmy and Rhonda Rookmaaker have been married for 22 years and have children together.

Jimmy Johnson Children

In the year 2022, the ages of Brent Johnson and Chad Johnson are 45 and 44 respectively. Throughout their 27 years of being together, Linda and Jimmy had two kids named Brent Johnson and Chad Johnson.

Social Media Presence

Despite having a busy schedule, Jimmy always manages to find time to update himself and connect with his fans on various social media platforms. It is noteworthy that Jimmy, who is not only a sports analyst but also an actor in TV shows, rarely has any free time.

Instagram: 46.6k followers.

Twitter: 376k admirers.

Interesting Facts

  • Jimmy was enrolled at Thomas Jefferson High School in Port Arthur, Texas. After his graduation, he joined the University of Arkansas. During his days at the university, Jimmy was a defensive lineman for the Razorbacks football team. In 1965, Jimmy dropped out to become an Assistant Coach at Louisiana Tech University.
  • During his time in high school at Thomas Jefferson High School, he was a fellow student with G.W Bailey and Janis Joplin.
  • Jimmy made his debut on the inside series TV in the NFL in 1977. He has appeared in numerous TV shows and is actively pursuing his acting career nowadays.
  • During his tenure at the University of Miami, he mentored numerous renowned athletes such as Bernie Kosar, Vinny Testaverde, and Steve Walsh.
  • Prior to leaving the Miami Dolphins, he had already announced his retirement during an interview in 1996.
  • FAQs about Jimmy Johnson

    What is Jimmy Johnson net worth ?

    Approximations indicate that Jimmy Johnson, the ex-NFL coach, has a net worth of around $45 million. The primary source of his wealth was coaching salaries and bonuses earned throughout his career, while the rest was accumulated through investments, endorsements, and his ownership of hotels.

    How many Super Bowls did Jimmy Johnson win?

    Johnson has achieved a National Championship and 2 Super Bowls in a row with the Dallas Cowboys.

    Is Jimmy Johnson in Cowboy’s Ring of Honor?

    Despite the immense success of his guiding the Dallas Cowboys towards two consecutive Super Bowl Titles, the Cowboy’s induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame is yet to be inducted into the Ring of Honor.

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