Satanic Panic Is Back: TikTok Calls To Boycott Coach Over Disney Villains Teddy Bear Collection

Coach is currently being accused of being involved in satanic rituals and promoting child abuse, collaborating with Disney villains. The brand has become the latest target of the ‘satanic panic’, as multiple TikTokers have made these allegations.

The creator @hellyquinn started receiving accusations when she posted a walking video through a collaboration with the brand Coach, featuring Disney villains that have a teddy bear-like appearance.

In the video, she states “Include boycotting Coach in the roster” and expresses “I believed this nonsense was finished.”

The Balenciaga scandal that occurred last year, which Helly refers to, involved the utilization of a replica of a Supreme Court judgment pertaining to child pornography in a distinct Balenciaga campaign (in partnership with Adidas). To exacerbate matters, chaos erupted when the brand unveiled its holiday campaign visuals showcasing children holding teddy bears that seemed to be adorned in BDSM fetish attire.

The video on her account has become unavailable at the time of writing. Helly insinuates that the Collection Villains Coach x Disney promotes similar satanic rhetoric and culture, BDSM pornography, and child exploitation.

The fashion creator @moderngurlz replied to Helly’s video stitching, noting her concern for the lack of critical thinking on this app and raising awareness about the different products being sold by Coach in these Balenciaga campaigns.

She stated that the bears were sporting Balenciaga’s bears, not “bondage collars.” It is important to note that the bear is actually wearing a regular pet collar. Unlike these bears, the ones used by Balenciaga lack the same symbolism, aside from the obvious distinction.

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She emphasized that in their advertising visuals, “Coach exclusively utilized adult models, as adults constituted the intended demographic.”.

“This video appears to be very misinformed and sensationalized,” she recommended.

While expressing concern over these brands taking advantage of children, the creator also highlights the paradox of Helly “recording an unknown child in the shop” for her video.

“Take a step back and think for a second, before alleging something totally ridiculous and honestly really serious,” urges Modern Gurlz viewers.

Users responded in consensus, with @giulia stating “the web has exceeded its limits, we’re discontinuing stuffed animals…. Help!!!”

Another user mentioned that Coach has had numerous collaborations with teddy bears, including partnerships with Star Wars, Swarovski, and Basquiat.

Coach received criticism and allegations for her involvement in Satanism. She doubled down on those accusations and thanked those who accused her. It is evident that Coach is taking part in Satanism and appreciates the accusations against her, as they have multiplied and she has expressed gratitude for them repeatedly.

The woman in the video said, “They obviously aren’t going to make the same mistake again. They are not going to be as obvious as Balenciaga when it comes to implementing those satanic rituals, they are going to be more subtle like Coach.”

The concept of “satanic panic” first emerged in mainstream conversations in America during the 1990s and 1980s when people believed that innocent individuals were being brainwashed by messages hidden in games like Dragons and Dungeons, as well as in rock music with heavy eyeliner, which were seen as markers of the punk subculture.

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Some historians claim that the feeling of uncertainty and the financial recession caused certain individuals to become more conservative in their behaviors, pushing them towards finding solace in religion and tradition.

As we continue to navigate through a new era of financial recession and pandemic, it is unsurprising that young people, especially, are turning to TikTok as the fastest-growing source of news. This makes sense in the chaotic world around them, as they grow increasingly distrustful of traditional media institutions and seek out all kinds of alternative narratives.

The elite holds authority over such ‘customs’, and there is a widespread presence of conspiracies related to Satanism – particularly regarding the conspiracies surrounding Addison Rae’s Holy Trinity and the infamous Pizzagate incident in 2016 (which alleged that democratic politicians were operating a child sex-trafficking operation in a Washington pizzeria’s nonexistent basement). Yalcinkaya highlights that the proliferation of social media in recent years has provided a platform for satanic panic to thrive and take root in people’s thoughts.

Yalcinkaya asserts, “However, not in the manner numerous proponents of conspiracies would lead us to believe, such as a wealthy group of influential individuals manipulating the world for their personal monetary benefit.” “Beneath all of these theories lies a kernel of truth.”

When presented on an app like TikTok, it can take away the genuine stories of the victims and perpetuate a culture of collective hysteria, disregarding the actual reality and context. However, focusing on scandalous teddy bears may seem to overshadow important conversations, as was arguably the case with Balenciaga.

In the end, this continual urge to create outrageous conspiracies diverts our attention from effectively holding problematic establishments and influential individuals responsible.

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