Why is TikTok obsessed with East 81st Street Deli?

A compact delicatessen has gained popularity on TikTok after a video of a patron sampling their cuisine went viral.

The Deli 81st East in Cleveland, Ohio often catches the attention of viewers, particularly through their customer reviews and food posts on TikTok.

Tanisha Godfrey, the patron who raved about the dish while enjoying it, recently gained recognition for the delectable chicken salad served at the well-established restaurant, which has been in operation for 25 years.

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While indicating her salad with her fork, Tanisha informed the individual recording, “You all should come up here and grab one of these.”

“What is that?” Inquired the customer, while the deli’s owner Wael Herbawi, who is not visible, asked.

“It’s a poultry salad,” Tanisha responded.

“Where from?” Wael interrogated in reply.

“81st Deli [on] Superior Avenue.”

“What does it contain?”

“I have chicken, cucumbers, banana peppers, capsicum, tomatoes, onions…” Tanisha said, listing all the ingredients.

Since August 28th, the video clip posted by Tanisha has received a whopping 18.6 million views, over 15,000 comments, and 2.9 million likes, which people loved.

(Tashina has also shared the video on her personal TikTok page).

One individual stated: “I have confidence in her, I will be present there the following day.”

“I don’t know why I rely on her with my life,” another individual wrote.

Another person added: “The manner in which she expressed it gives it a positive connotation.”

In the video, Tanisha expressed to TODAY that individuals developed an affection for her character, especially her pronunciation of “chicken salad.” One individual even remarked, stating that the phrase “the chicken salad” had a remarkably calming effect, exclaiming, “Never in my life have I experienced something so soothing.”

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She expressed, “That is the manner in which I naturally communicate.” “No, it is the manner in which I naturally communicate,” she stated, ‘Oh, it is a chicken salad.’ It was not as if I was similar to.

She also observed that the video was not premeditated but rather spontaneous.

She explained that Herbawi asked for a salad and she doesn’t usually like heavy food, so she stopped by the deli. I don’t want anything heavy either. I wanted something light because it was hot. I had just finished work.

Herbawi suggested making a salad using the remaining history and TikTok, and then asked for some extra ingredients to add.

As a result of the viral deli going, many people wanted to try out the chicken salad for themselves at the location on Superior Avenue 8033 in Cleveland. The Grove and Johnson salad received positive reviews, with likes and compliments complimenting the fresh salad and seasoning.

(Although Nay Banks didn’t provide such a positive review, describing it as a ‘simple bottom salad.’)

Following the circulation of the viral video, he has experienced a rise in clientele, as owner Herbawi stated to News 5 Cleveland on October 25th, “our cuisine has consistently had a strong reputation.”

Herbawi, on the other hand, revealed to Bon Appetit that he usually sells 30 chicken salads a day, but this skyrocketed to 980 on day one of the TikTok viral, even though you couldn’t even walk here yesterday.

Tanisha’s review has used videos of celebrities like Tia Mowry and Lizzo, as well as thousands of other versions made by others. Over 93,000 videos have been used to showcase the sound elsewhere.

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Presently, Tanisha is posting videos about different eating places in Cleveland within her vicinity, greatly delighting her 75,000 followers.

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