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One company that has become a leading producer of sports content is Barstool Sports, which started as a digital media company in 2003. Without the support of major sports media entities like ESPN or Fox Sports, Barstool has managed to build their own brands and become famous by allowing sports enthusiasts to access podcasts and social media.

The host of the Sports Barstool podcast, Dan Katz, has built up a multimillion-dollar fortune thanks to his association with the popular personalities who emerged from Barstool Sports, known better by his nickname “Big Cat”.

As reported by Fox Business, in 2003, Dave Portnoy, recognized by Barstool enthusiasts as “El Presidente,” initiated the brand as a regional publication in the Boston region. He held the belief that there existed an unfilled niche in the industry for analysis targeting sports gambling.

Barstool Sports’ popularity grew as Todd McShay, an NFL draft analyst from ESPN, found other writers to join him in the project, including eventually Portnoy. He handed out copies to commuters and wrote about the publication’s first issues as a graduate of the University of Michigan.

The acknowledgment of controversies along the way is the additional notoriety that Barstool provides. The major reason for this is the personalities on Barstool’s platforms. The company, which launched as a digital component in 2008, has immensely grown in valuation and popularity over the years.

What is Big Cat’s net worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Dan “Big Cat” Katz possesses an approximate fortune of $2 million from all of his revenue streams. That’s quite impressive for an individual who gained recognition by collaborating with a website that essentially parodies conventional sports media platforms.

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Presently, they possess the fame and infamy that they could never have imagined either he or the company would achieve prior to securing investments from larger media corporations, and it was a significant achievement for Barstool to become a part of Katz.

A meager sum of money is not even a minuscule fraction of the company’s worth, which amounts to hundreds of millions of dollars, as Big Cat joined the company early on and is thought to possess a share of ownership in Barstool.

Who is Dan ‘Big Cat’ Katz of Barstool Sports?

According to Heightline, Dan Katz, a Massachusetts native, joined Barstool Sports in the early days of the company as one of its initial content creators. The now 37-year-old was fortunate enough to be in the right place at the right time.

Katz has built up a following of nearly 800,000 people on social media. Most of his following comes from his stardom on the popular podcast Take My Pardon. In 2016, Cat Big launched the comedic sports podcast Sports Barstool, where Katz is a co-host.

Pardon My Take is ranked number one on Under 40 Media Sports’ list, as Katz, the lead of the show, puts a big emphasis on satirizing and talking about sports in a format that is similar to shows like First Take and Interruption. If it seems familiar, that’s probably because Pardon My Take includes original segments, as well as guest interviews and sports news.

The single episode of ESPN’s late-night talk show, Talk Van Barstool, was canceled due to pushback against controversies surrounding Barstool Sports’ network. Hosted by Katz, the show launched Barstool’s PMT (Pardon My Take) into mainstream media, gaining popularity among its fans.

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Alex Rodriguez, a prominent figure in the world of sports in the 21st century, joined forces with Big Cat to co-host another podcast, The Corp, from 2019-20. Katz frequently provides content for Men in Blazers, The Dan Patrick Show, and PFT Live.

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