Dad arrested after 4-year-old boy captured playing with gun alone: Police

A man from Indiana was arrested after his 4-year-old son was captured on security camera footage playing with a loaded gun in the hallway of their apartment complex, as stated by the police.

As per the police report, the youngster was gripping a Smith & Wesson pistol that was loaded with 15 rounds in the magazine, yet did not have a round chambered. Shane Osborne, 45, was initially accused of negligence towards a dependent after the occurrence on Saturday, as indicated by the Beech Grove Police Department.

According to the police report, law enforcement officials arrived at the residential building in Beech Grove on Saturday evening following a 911 call from a nearby resident who reported that a juvenile boy, clad solely in a diaper, possessed a chrome firearm and was directing it towards individuals.

According to the report, Osborne did not possess firearms due to a previous felony conviction and later mentioned that he did not possess firearms, and neither did his son possess any toy firearms. Allegedly, he informed the police that he was unwell and unaware of his son’s departure from the apartment. The authorities stated that the child responded when the officers tapped on the door of the family’s residence.

As per the police report, Osborne aided the police in a “brief search” of the apartment, which produced no firearm that was easily visible, and the officers departed.

As per the report, the authorities were presented with surveillance video of the occurrence, wherein the youngster was observed “strolling around the upper floor area of the flat with a silver and black firearm,” by a resident who signaled them while they were departing the establishment.

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The footage released by the Beech Grove Police Department shows the child, upon returning to his apartment, playing unsupervised in the common hallway with a handgun, pointing it at neighbors’ doors and himself.

According to the report, the boy guided them to a roll-top desk that held the handgun when an officer inquired about the child’s whereabouts of his “pew pew.” As stated in the police report, Osborne allegedly informed the authorities that he does not possess a firearm, but a family member might have left one in the apartment, prompting the officers to revisit the apartment for another investigation.

As stated in the report, Osborne was unaware of the presence of the weapon in the apartment at that moment, and he was also unaware that his son was aware of its location.

Police Chief Deputy Robert Mercuri of Beech Grove Police Department stated that after being featured on the television show “Live: Patrol On,” the arrest gained national attention. Osborne, the son, was transported to his mother’s home and subsequently arrested for neglecting a dependent.

The Marion County Prosecutor’s Office has charged Osborne with two counts of neglect of a dependent and possession of a dangerous firearm, specifically a loaded handgun. Osborne was able to leave the residence through the unlocked front door while wearing only a diaper.

According to court documents, Osborne’s lawyer entered a plea of not guilty on his behalf, and his bail was established at $60,000 during his initial appearance in court on Thursday. His next court appearance is scheduled for March 1st.

The occurrence was reported to the Marion County Department of Child Services and they will additionally carry out an inquiry, as mentioned by the law enforcement authorities.

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Nicole Summers told ABC News that she called 911 after her 16-year-old son saw the child holding the gun.

When he opened the door, she exclaimed, “Everyone, please vacate the living room immediately! There is an infant holding a firearm.” However, he simply shut the door slowly and turned to leave again, while my son followed suit.

Summers said she looked out her door and saw the boy pointing the gun toward her from the top of the stairs.

Summers, who frequently encounters firearms in her role at a nearby pawn shop and was aware that the child was holding an authentic firearm, expressed, “He somewhat crouched down, and at that moment he aimed the gun towards me and exclaimed, ‘Take a look at what I possess’ while chuckling a bit.”

Summers said that she was aware of the child holding the gun for at least five minutes, and he thought that it was a toy.

She remarked, “Unaware that he could have effortlessly ended his own life or someone else’s.” “He had no understanding of the seriousness of his actions, as he is just a child.”

After a few days, Summers conveyed her distress over the incidents that occurred and questioned whether she should have pursued further measures.

She expressed, “However, what if there was a firearm in the room?” She questioned. “I could have effortlessly acquired it,” [he] was 4, I mean, should I have simply proceeded to the corridor? Reflecting on it, one ponders, you know.

No one expressed gratitude for the incident, which left the young child in pain. Mayor Dennis Buckley of Grove Beech stated that he was “embarrassed.”

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Society should not settle for anything less. The Marion County Prosecutor’s Office, as stated by Buckley in a statement to ABC Indianapolis affiliate WRTV, should tirelessly ensure that the responsible parties face maximum penalties through charges and a conviction. The Beech Grove Police Department promptly secured both the small child and the gun in question, and Buckley expressed gratitude for their swift action.

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