Los 10 museos más famosos de Nueva York (y 10 alternativas)

To make it easier for you, today we are compiling the top 10 most famous museums in New York.

We offer you 10 less typical but great alternatives, also because we know that you also love to discover the city’s more local side. Which ones will you choose? And

In the link, you will find our list with all. Some museums in New York have free admission or in exchange for a donation a few hours a week. Explore the museums of New York for free.

Cómo usar la tarjeta New York CityPASS - El museo Met

New York, the Big Apple, is a prime destination for many travelers, and although you may have heard of it, we have our own top 10 museums here to start with.

You will end up overwhelmed! Intolerable polar cold that makes it impossible to travel alone, try not to visit them all (pay attention, we recommend that you choose no more than 4 or 3).

Yes, if you can, complement them with some of the lesser-known museums that we gather a little further down.

In our 7-day itinerary, you will find plenty of proposals to discover in New York. Do you still not have a clear idea of how to distribute your trip?

El Met, el Museo Metropolitano de Arte

The Met, as known by residents of New York City, is situated on one side of Central Park, even though its formal title is the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The interior of its spectacular building awaits you with art treasures from all corners of the world and all times, like the Dendur of an Egyptian temple: that’s why it is one of the most visited museums in the world, inaugurated in 1870.

Visitar el Met a fondo en un solo día es tarea imposible: ¡es gigante y contiene más de dos millones de obras!

If you are in the mood to discover what it is that decides and goes through the web, don’t forget to go up to your terrace to contemplate the views of Park Central.

  • You have to pay the full price and there is not only that option, but also a suggested price before the entrance. Before, you can buy tickets for the Met here 🎟️.
  • The Metropolitan Museum is no longer included in the tourist cards of New York.
  • Combine it with: a tour of Central Park, a walk through the Upper East Side….
  • Dias gratis museos de Nueva York Met-1

    El MoMa, el Museo de Arte Moderno

    The MoMa, also known as the Museum of Modern Art, is situated on a vibrant street in Midtown and serves as the focal point of contemporary art in New York.

    After an ambitious expansion and redistribution, the museum reopened in 2019. Its collections are much more unpredictable and surprising, although we associate it with iconic paintings by artists such as van Gogh or Picasso and the works of Andy Warhol.

    Don’t forget to visit the MoMa Store, one of the best art stores in New York, and admire the classic works of art that you may not have known about. Enjoy the height of one of the best museums in New York.

  • 🎟️ Here you can purchase tickets for the MoMa.
  • Here is our guide to visiting the MoMa.
  • You can also visit MoMa Ps1 in Queens, the sibling museum dedicated to contemporary art.
  • The Museum of Modern Art (MoMa) is included in most tourist cards of New York.
  • Combine a stroll through Central Park, a visit to Times Square, a walk through the Rockefeller Center, and a trip to the Top of the Rock, with…
  • Visitar el Moma de Nueva York - Demoiselles d Avignon de Picasso

    El Museo de Historia Natural

    The American Museum of Natural History is located just across from Central Park, on the opposite side of Met.

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    Creatures of all kinds rest in their shadowy chambers, ranging from a life-sized replica of a blue whale to the astonishing dinosaur skeletons that inhabit the 4th floor of the museum.

    The planetarium and the Center of the Earth and Space can be found in a much brighter and more modern wing, perfect for space enthusiasts.

  • You can reserve tickets for the Natural History Museum here, but it is suggested to pay the full price and that option already exists, but it had a suggested price for the entrance before. 🎟️
  • Aquí tienes nuestra guía para visitar el Museo de Historia Natural.Output: Here is our guide to visiting the Natural History Museum.
  • The American Museum of Natural History is included in most tourist cards in New York.
  • Discover Columbus Circle and the Lincoln Center, enjoy a relaxed stroll along the Upper West Side, and delight in a guided visit to Central Park, all in one incredible adventure…
  • Curiosidades-de-Nueva-York-que-te-sorprenderan-Museo-Historia-Natural

    9/11 Museum, el Museo del 11-S

    One of the relatively recent additions to the museums of New York is the 9/11 Museum, located in the depths of the World Trade Center where the foundations of the Twin Towers once rested.

    To gain a comprehensive understanding of the tragedy that befell New Yorkers and the events of that fateful day on September 11, 2001, visiting the site has become imperative.

    Committed to the identical subject, another poignant and significantly less recognized museum is the Ground Zero Museum Workshop, which we suggest you enhance with a heartfelt tour if possible.

  • The tickets for the 9/11 Museum can be booked at this location. The museum offers free admission for a few hours each week, and the outdoor memorials (the ponds built as a tribute to the victims) are perpetually free.
  • Here is our guide to the 9/11 museum.
  • The 9/11 Museum is included in most New York tourist cards.
  • Combine it with: a visit to the World Trade Center, going up to the One World, a walk through the Financial District…Output: Pair it with: an exploration of the World Trade Center, ascending to the One World, a stroll through the Financial District…
  • Guía del World Trade Center: el museo del 11-S, o 9/11 Museum

    El museo Guggenheim

    If you haven’t even visited the Guggenheim museum, make sure to recognize its facade – one of the most striking masterpieces of Frank Lloyd Wright, the renowned architect. The cylindrical and white building on 5th Avenue is definitely a sight to behold.

    Inside, you will find iconic modern and contemporary art pieces, such as a circular ramp connected by multiple galleries.

    While it is one of the premier museums in New York, it is smaller than certain other museums.

    We recommend consulting the website before visiting, as there are sometimes closed parts and new collections are being installed.

  • 🎟️ At this venue, you have the option to acquire your tickets for the Guggenheim. During certain hours per week, entry fees are determined by your preference.
  • The Guggenheim museum is featured in the majority of tourist passes in New York.
  • Combine it with: taking a walk through the northern section of Central Park, a stroll through the Upper East Side….
  • El museo Guggenheim es gratis los sábados por la tarde

    El museo Intrepid del Mar, el Aire y el Espacio

    The Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum serves as a mobile museum: a substantial portion of its exhibits are located on the renowned aircraft carrier USS Intrepid, which is just as noteworthy to explore as the displays indoors, along with the various helicopters and planes from different time periods that adorn its decks.

    You will be able to see a brave British Airways Concorde airplane and explore the Growler submarine on the Intrepid, in addition to this veteran ship.

    One of the top museums in New York for aviation lovers, space enthusiasts, and naval history enthusiasts is the Nha Trang Institute of Oceanography.

  • 🎟️ Here you can purchase your tickets for the Intrepid museum.
  • Here is our guide to visiting the Intrepid Museum.Output: Here is our guide to exploring the Intrepid Museum.
  • The Intrepid is included in most tourist cards in New York.
  • Combine a late afternoon shopping spree in Times Square or a dinner in Kitchen’s Hell with a cruise on the Circle Line, followed by a stroll through the Hudson Yards neighborhood.
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    Visitar Museo Intrepid Aire y Espacio Nueva York-1

    El Museo Whitney de Arte Americano

    The Whitney, recognized among residents of New York as The Whitney Museum of American Art, is a museum dedicated to American artwork from the 20th and 21st centuries.

    Renzo Piano designed a modern building to trasladó se to the Meatpacking District, years ago, by the High Line de lado al. Although, during a good part of its history, it shared space with other of the best museums in New York, in the Upper East Side.

    In addition to the marvelous collections, it has another irresistible appeal: Unas terrazas con unas vistas estupendas de la ciudad y del río Hudson.

  • 🎟️ Here you can purchase your tickets for the Whitney Museum.
  • Here is our guide to the Whitney Museum.
  • The Whitney Museum is included in most tourist cards of New York.
  • Pair it with: exploring the High Line, visiting Little Island park, taking a leisurely walk through the West Village…
  • Los mejores museos de Nueva York - Museo Whitney de arte americano

    El museo de la inmigración de Ellis Island

    Between 1954 and 1892, over 12 million immigrants arrived in New York, which provides an opportunity to disembark on Ellis Island, an island where they can also greet Miss Liberty, not just a visit to the Statue of Liberty.

    The museum at Ellis Island, which is included with the Statue of Liberty ticket, explores the narratives of the immigrants, the aspirations they had for a fresh start, and their fates.

    It is very moving to walk through the Registry Hall, the lobby where thousands of immigrants were received and registered daily, a scene that we have seen in countless movies about New York.

  • You can buy tickets for the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island here. All tickets provide access to both islands and their museums.
  • The Statue of Liberty is included in most tourist cards of New York.
  • Pair it with: discovering Battery Park, boarding the Staten Island ferry, going for a leisurely stroll through the Financial District…
  • Visitar Estatua de la Libertad corona y pedestal Nueva York-9

    El Brooklyn Museum

    You can visit the Brooklyn Museum, check it out and we assure you that this island is the city that is much more. The best museums of New York do not border Manhattan.

    The United States is home to one of the oldest and largest art museums, Brooklyn Museum, located next to Prospect Park, the green lung.

    If you are passionate about Egypt, the incredible Brooklyn Museum awaits you with an extraordinary collection of antiquities, in addition to artifacts and art from all over the world.

  • If you want to visit a temporary exhibition, you will need to pay the full price, but you can purchase tickets for the Brooklyn Museum here.
  • The Brooklyn Museum is included in most New York tourist cards.
  • Combine it with: discovering Prospect Park, touring the botanical garden in Brooklyn, going for a leisurely walk through Crown Heights or other districts in Brooklyn…
  • Museos de Nueva York poco conocidos Brooklyn Museum

    La Morgan Library

    Morgan Library, located in the Murray Hill neighborhood in eastern Manhattan, was born as the private library of magnate J. P. Morgan.

    Today, it stands out as an art museum with temporal collections and paintings, along with illustrated manuscripts and medieval works.

    It will captivate you, so don’t forget to stop by there during your visit, but the stunning library remains the museum’s crown jewel!

  • 🎟️ Here you can get tickets for the Morgan Library. Admission to the permanent collections is suggested.
  • The Morgan Library is not included in the tourist cards of New York at this time.
  • Pair it with: a coffee in Bryant Park, ascending to the peak, exploring Grand Central Terminal.
  • Museos de Nueva York poco conocidos Morgan Library

    10 museos de Nueva York no tan conocidos (que nos encantan)

    Yes, if, like us, you enjoy discovering those places that usually go unnoticed, make a note of these less typical New York museums.

    El Met o el MoMa, que es mucho más que Nueva York, te permiten explorar y disfrutar de algo que encuentres interesantísimo, ya que hemos elegido instituciones con temáticas distintas que nos parecen fascinantes.

  • Here you can purchase tickets. 🎟️ Located in the center, this fantastic museum is dedicated to the cultures and art of Asia, specifically the Himalayan region, and houses a very unknown (but inspiring) collection. Rubin Museum of Art.
  • You can stroll through the vintage subway cars, their collection is what we like the most, even though it reviews the history of public transportation in New York, this museum is located in a former station. New York Transit Museum.
  • New York Historical Society. Un museo junto a Central Park dedicado a la historia de Nueva York y de Estados Unidos. Suele tener exposiciones temporales muy interesantes. Otro museo genial sobre la historia de Nueva York es el Museum of the City of New York.Los mejores museos de Nueva York - Museum of the City of New York
  • Explore the Museum of the Moving Image, a remarkable institution dedicated to the world of cinema and television, conveniently accessible via the subway towards Queens. It’s a must-visit for all film enthusiasts.
  • The Eldridge St Synagogue, situated in the Lower East Side, serves as an excellent initiation point for exploring Jewish New York, along with attractions such as the Jewish Museum.
  • The largest photography museum in the world, Fotografiska, opened its New York headquarters some time ago. Discover photographers you didn’t know and get lost in their ever-changing collections. You can buy tickets here. 🎟️
  • During the renovation of the elegant mansion, The Frick Collection, an art museum situated in the splendid residence of tycoon Henry Clay Frick where one can appreciate a wide array of European artworks and exquisite china, will be temporarily relocated until 2023.
  • Explore the Museum Tenement to uncover the daily experiences of the immigrants who established themselves in the Lower East Side during the 19th and 20th centuries. Embark on a historical voyage through the neighborhood’s past and the immigration narrative of New York.
  • Del Met forma parte el Met Cloisters. Este asombroso museo se ubica en el norte de Manhattan y está compuesto por monasterios y abadías francesas que exhiben arte europeo de la Edad Media.
  • If you have an affinity for design, you will adore this museum situated in one of the grand residences on 5th Avenue, in close proximity to the Guggenheim. The Cooper Hewitt Museum.
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    🌟 Take a look at our guide to lesser-known museums in New York that are worth exploring to uncover a multitude of other hidden gems.

    Los mejores museos de Nueva York - Museo Fotografiska de foto

    Museos de Nueva York para visitar en familia

    Are you in search of museums to visit with children? No problem! We also have numerous suggestions.

  • In Manhattan, you can explore the Children’s Museum of Manhattan in the Upper West Side or the Children’s Museum of the Arts in Hudson Square. If you’re in Brooklyn, you have the option of visiting the Brooklyn’s Children Museum. If you’re traveling with children, in Manhattan you can check out the Children’s Museum of Manhattan in the Upper West Side or the Children’s Museum of the Arts in Hudson Square.
  • Here you can purchase tickets. And if your children are a bit older, Spyscape is an interactive and fun museum of spies. Let us tell you about the experience.
  • You will be able to admire historical vehicles and will learn about the duties of the city’s emergency department at the New York City Fire Museum, featuring multiple exhibits for children.
  • The National Museum of Mathematics offers a variety of interactive installations and games for the whole family to enjoy, so that everyone understands the world of mathematics.
  • The Color Factory. 16 interactive installations dedicated to colors with countless opportunities to take photos for memories.
  • Here you can purchase tickets. And we tell you about the experience. It is filled with New York references and is more fun than it seems. In Times Square, the wax figure museum is a fail-proof plan, Madame Tussauds.
  • Ice Cream Museum. ¿Amantes del helado? Este es vuestro museo, ¡con dulces y piscina de sprinkles incluida! 🎟️ Aquí puedes comprar entradas.
  • Los mejores museos de Nueva York con ninos - New York Fire Museum

    Tarjetas turísticas de Nueva York y museos incluidos

    In this guide, we have included many of the museums in New York City that the tourist has seen.

    Aquí te contamos cómo funciona y qué incluye cada una:Output: Here we explain how it works and what each one includes.

  • The Sightseeing Pass card – Check out the included museums and buy it here.
  • The CityPASS card – Check the included museums and buy it here.
  • The New York Pass – Check out the included museums and buy it here.
  • Check out the museums included in La Go New York and buy it here.
  • ¿Cuál es la mejor tarjeta turística de Nueva York? Comparativa.Output: What is the best tourist card in New York? Comparison.
  • Los mejores museos de Nueva York - Museum of the City of New York 2

    ¡Esperamos haberte inspirado con estas ideas!Output: We hope to have inspired you with these ideas!

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