Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart is coming to PC—and it will be a technical showstopper

Sony announced in a blog post on Tuesday that the game will be released on the new platform on July 26. Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, which made its debut in 2021, will be the upcoming PC game from PlayStation Studios.

Sony has been in the habit of releasing big exclusives for its PlayStation console for a while now, and this announcement makes things particularly interesting after their long-awaited debuts on PC.

Over two decades ago, the initial game was launched on PlayStation 2, and since then, there have been sixteen console releases for both home and portable devices. Presently, this marks the inaugural release of a Ratchet & Clank game on PC.

The initial PC adaptation will serve as the 16th installment in a series, yet it remains remarkably exhilarating. However, one need not fret about getting lost in the narrative or the characters; while PC players who haven’t experienced the preceding 15 games may miss out on some inside humor. Fortunately, Rift Apart functions quite effectively as a self-contained storyline, despite being the most recent addition to the Ratchet & Clank timeline.

The Apart Rift was intended to be a showcase for the technical prowess of the PS5, following Sony’s recent acquisition of Insomniac. In the early era of PlayStation 1, Insomniac developed the popular games Dragon and Spyro, as well as the first-person shooter franchise Resistance for PlayStation 3. Furthermore, the recent game Spider-Man, developed by Insomniac, adds another intriguing angle to the technology.

Sony requires a minimum speed that is too high to meet for any storage add-on for the PS5. At the time of the console’s launch, the internal drive of the PS5 has a read/write speed of 5,500MB/s, which is much faster than most PC drives. The game is built around the premise of moving through different dimensions and completely different planets without loading times, made possible only with the ultra-fast SSD hardware of the PS5.

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The integral part of the game’s experience and presentation is the Rift Apart version 4 for PlayStation. There are multiple reasons for this.


There will, of course, be full support for mouse and keyboard. The PC version will also include support for DLAA and Reflex Nvidia, as well as XeSS Intel and FSR AMD, and Nvidia’s 3 DLSS support. Additionally, the PC version will also get some things that the PS5 version didn’t, such as support for ultra-wide monitors and ray-traced shadows. There will be a variety of quality levels to choose from. However, Sony didn’t touch on the subject of ray-traced reflections support in its blog post, strangely enough.

Certainly, the mileage may vary, but I had reservations about it. However, Kyle, the gaming editor at Ars, gave it a good review, so I quickly became interested in the game Clank & Ratchet, which became one of my favorite games over the years. I managed to nab two PS5s during the first week of its launch, one for myself and one for my coworker who also wanted it specifically for Clank & Ratchet. One of the main reasons for getting the PS5 was the promise of new games, and I have played every Clank & Ratchet game myself over the years, making it a personal favorite for a couple of the Ars staffers. This is one of the reasons we are focusing on this game. There is also a third reason.

It is truly fascinating to see how these games on PC, without any of the games-as-a-service elements, continue to be great with a good combination of story and action. Given their deep console lineage, it is truly captivating to witness how these games on PC have remained engaging over the years.

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Sony states that Epic and Steam games will be available in the store. Apart from that, Cyberpunk 2077 is the only game I’ve recently played that rivals it in terms of high-end, visually stunning PC gaming. It is a graphically stunning game: if there is one extra thing that sets it apart, it’s the franchise’s absolute apex in terms of entry quality, even if it may not be the best in the series.

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