Kibbe: Theatrical Romantic Style Guide

Then you discover the Kibbe System.

Perhaps you have delved very deep down the rabbit hole of Kibbe, understanding the balance of yin/yang and how each ID’s accommodations can be a mind-blowing way to harmonize your unique beauty with the clothes that flatter your figure. Maybe you’re new to the Kibbe system of image identity.

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If you’re here, you’re probably considering yourself as a Theatrical Romantic. So what comes next?

The Kibbe System is not meant to be a body typing system or used in conjunction with the traditional fruit body system.

Instead, it is meant to harmonize your yin/yang balance by finding clothes that work with your dominant traits and enhance your beauty, both on the outside and the inside.

This can be incredibly helpful as you begin to train your eye to evaluate clothes, highlighting the clothes that might need to be adjusted or better understood in order to craft a full outfit that works together, with fewer shopping blunders and uncomfortable outfits that win big on style.

Can you please provide the format of the Output for the inverted sentences?

The Kibbe Body Quiz was formulated, and it was derived from that book. Many individuals initially end up with the result of Theatrical Romantic when they take the quiz. To appropriately evaluate your body’s silhouette according to Kibbe’s perspective, it is important to note that the quiz may not always be entirely precise and could pose challenges. Although the quiz may be effective for certain individuals, it is important to exercise caution and remember that it may not always yield the most accurate results.

Ultimately, this commitment to understanding lifelong style expression and developing a better sense of personal style equals a period of self-exploration and appreciation of fashion. It is meant to be a process of honing your personal style and essence, which may take at least six months or more to fully explore your identity.

Currently, David Kibbe is writing a new book that may alter our interpretation of his current guidelines and theories, transforming them into the ultimate guide for romantic theater.

Please note that this information is inspired by the original text of David Kibbe. However, I am not David Kibbe myself, but I have created a wonderful system to help people grasp and debunk some Kibbe myths. Along the way, I encourage people to join the Facebook Group “Kibbe Strictly” to get more assistance and updated information. In order to modernize the stylist and fashion designer guidance, I am providing my personal opinion and information.

The Theatrical Romantic ID is one of the initial 13 Kibbe Body Types and it belongs to the Romantic Family.

The Romantic Family is renowned for its yin qualities and its distinctive double curve form (we will explain this shortly).

Theatrical romantics embody either intense yin or abundant yin with a subtle yang undertone. In terms of the yin/yang spectrum, the Romantic category leans heavily towards the yin side.

Instead of going to see David Kibbe in New York City, more people have wanted to have access to their own IDs over time, so more specific guidance has been given regarding accommodations.

“In Kibbe, ‘accommodations’ refers to the traits that are most dominant in your style and should be highlighted to make your outfit shine.”

The Kibbe system emphasizes the importance of aligning your outer lines with your hip-waist-bust ratio. However, this does not mean that only hourglass figures can be considered romantic. On the other hand, being emaciated or flat-chested, boney, and sharp are characteristics of Dramatics. It is important to note that each body is unique.

You have a delicate bone structure. “Small-framed” usually, but petite in the fashion section does not mean what you think it does. Exploring Kibbe’s unique terminology is definitely worth it to better understand and enhance your personal style. It’s worth extensively exploring Kibbe’s unique language and understanding the most out of your ID. Petite in the fashion section does not mean what you think it does. You have a delicate bone structure.

Theatrical Romantic ID Overview

If you resonate with the romantic and theatrical nature of the guidelines and outfits, even the possibility of not being tall (5ft 7in) would not make a difference. For instance, if your height is a trait that disrupts your ability to have petite accommodations or a double curve, as long as this specific trait does not disrupt your yin/yang balance, it does not exclude you from this ID. Remember that these traits are general guidelines to follow.

Also, remember that when you are looking at a verified celebrity, comparing your unique body proportions and traits to theirs is not an effective way to measure your own self-worth.

What does “Petite” mean in Kibbe?

Theater lovers who have a penchant for romantic shows also favor a compact lodging option since it embodies the finer and more nuanced side of the performing arts spectrum.

In general, individuals who are under 5ft 5 and have a slender and compact physique often require petite accommodations. However, it is important to note that being in need of such accommodations does not necessarily imply that one is short.

If you have broadness, small cannot coexist at the same time. I suggest reviewing the Soft Natural style manual to see if it matches your description.

The physique of the TR, if it suits you, might require some time to comprehend, but it is frequently noticeable in real life and not easily captured in a photograph, especially when it is petite.

After all of that, you should now have a improved comprehension of the Theatrical Romantic lodgings = dual curve + small.

So all of my hourglass peeps who identify as a TR, just remember to double check your ID photo for these traits.

In order to accomplish that, the sole genuine method is to revisit his Facebook group, or to receive the information firsthand from David Kibbe, or for those seeking greater precision.

Now, what is Kibbe Double Curve?

It is extremely uncommon for it to be recommended as a data point. However, it has been observed that a soft classic, albeit much less common, may exhibit this characteristic. According to the prevailing belief, only Romantics, Theatrical Romantics, and occasionally Soft Gamines can possess a double curve in their physique. It is important to note that this is my personal interpretation and viewpoint, as there is considerable disagreement regarding the definition of Kibbe double curve.

If this is breaking your brain, just remember that Kibbe’s ID is taken from a holistic perspective and it’s not about comparing your body to someone else’s shoulders, what your body leans towards in terms of bone structure and flesh (not fat!), And it’s not about comparing your body to a verified celebrity.

The dual curvature arises from flesh, as opposed to the structure, hence its placement on the yin end of the spectrum. It manifests as a smooth, unbroken line that encompasses the upper and lower regions of your physique. In my perspective, it can be likened to the figure of a snowman, with two circles neatly stacked upon each other, with no gaps between the upper and lower curved lines.

Differ curve double the for accommodating need doesn’t it because body her to curve” “curve double the for option the removes yang of dominance The width kibbe has and curve upper no has Natural Flamboyant another Lawrence Jennifer Similary, width kibbe and curve upper no has Natural Flamboyant a is she because line shoulder strong her of because Selena Gomez. or Kunis Mila to shapes body their compare we when curve lower and upper continous and flesh soft the see can we above, Gomez Selena or Kunis Mila to shapes body their compare we when line curve and upper and lower continous the see can we width kibbe and curve upper no has Natural Flamboyant another Lawrence Jennifer Similary, width kibbe and curve upper no has Natural Flamboyant a is she because line shoulder strong her of because option the removes yang of dominance The need accommodating doesn’t it because body her to curve” “curve double the for width kibbe has and curve upper no has Natural Flamboyant another Lawrence Jennifer Similary, width kibbe and curve upper no has Natural Flamboyant a is she because line shoulder strong her of because remove option the curve double the for removes yang of dominance The width kibbe has and curve upper no has Natural Flamboyant another Lawrence Jennifer Similarly, width kibbe and curve upper no has Natural Flamboyant a is she because line shoulder strong her of because accommodate to need doesn’t it because body her to curve” “conventionally curvy” women three have we below. (Which is combo yin/yang) Gamine Flamboyant verified a is she and curve, hip only curve, upper no has Hewitt Love Jennifer Tracie, Natural Flamboyant a is she because width kibbe and yang blunt has Ross Ellis Tracie. Curve and KOutput: She doesn’t need to accommodate her body for the double curve because it removes the dominance of the yang. Jennifer Lawrence is another Natural Flamboyant who has no upper curve and no width in the kibbe, just like Selena Gomez. or Mila Kunis. when we compare their body shapes. When we compare their body shapes to Gomez Selena or Mila Kunis., we can see the continuous curve in the upper and lower line and the soft flesh above. Similarly, Jennifer Lawrence is another Natural Flamboyant who has no upper curve and no width in the kibbe, just like Selena Gomez. or Mila Kunis. when we compare their body shapes. Jennifer Lawrence doesn’t need to accommodate her body for the double curve because it removes the dominance of the yang. Another Natural Flamboyant, Jennifer Lawrence, is not conventionally curvy because she has a strong shoulder line and no upper curve. Three women below, Gamine Flamboyant (which is a combo of yin/yang) and Jennifer Love Hewitt and Tracie Ross Ellis, are verified to have a curve, only hip curve, and no upper curve, respectively.

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In Kibbe, a double curve or a curved accommodation does not solely refer to the bottom curve or hip curve, but rather it is more characteristic of a yang body trait.

Theatrical Romantic + Kitchener Essences

If you have delved deep into Kibbe, you might have also stumbled upon the personal style consultants John Kitchener and Songer, who specialize in different types of facial essences and styles.

You can find further information regarding all the elements of style, here.

The style essences place a slightly greater emphasis on a fusion of fragrances and your facial features. Both of these systems assess your yin/yang equilibrium.

David Kibbe preselected the blends for his types who created image identity systems, taking into account how fabric gracefully falls over the body and also attributing “essences” to them.

Therefore, a theatrical romantic would possess a romantic essence with a slight touch of dramatic essence.

Kitchener has classified Nicole Kidman as a combination of Classic and Ingenue essences, while Kibbe has categorized her as Flamboyant Natural, which is a natural essence with a dramatic undertone. Furthermore, there are individuals whose facial features do not align with their Kibbe ID or the celebrity they have been typed under Kitchener’s system, resulting in drastically different classifications.

Analyzing your Kitchener Essence, I recommend enhancing your style recipe by addressing the aspect concerning the Femme Fatale Chic style identity that doesn’t quite align, or if your facial features do not complement the Kibbe Theatrical Romantic Body type.

I have extensive underwater videos on (almost) all the key aspects here.

And here are a few clothing options for Theatrical Romantics with different essences.

Theatrical Romantic Separates

Keeping a few simple concepts in mind, ultimately it can be a bit tricky to separate what keeps you in good shape and emphasizes your waist and what keeps things rounded and soft, especially for romantics.

Jackets for the Theatrical Romantic

Do petite TR’s want jackets that are short to medium in length. You also want the silhouette to emphasize the waist with the cut. The key will be to get a closer fit, and the fabric will play a crucial role (you could also consider a well-fitted traditional blazer, but this could include a peplum-like shape!).

Lapels can be detailed, ruffled, scalloped, rounded, soft, or ornate. They are not as oversized, but they can also add a touch of sharpness to your lapels, giving you a hint of a more sharp and narrow look.

Avoid: Large jackets, strongly tailored (aggressive) jackets, moderate or “traditional” blazers, extended jackets, jackets that offer no visibility of the waist.

Skirts for the Theatrical Romantic

I personally think that a pencil skirt would look beautiful on a TR as long as it was fitted and had a lighter visual weight/fabric. It has stretch and mimics the narrowness and curves of your shape beautifully. The Tulip skirts can work beautifully for this, as they taper and hem towards the curves you need. I think this is a sign of the capabilities of the fabric from the 80s, but Kibbe puts it in the category to avoid called “pencil-slim” in his book.

For lengths that do not need to accommodate your vertical, you do not need to hem above or below the knee, around the hits, or below the length of the world you want, so Kibbe.

If you want a skirt that is longer, you can try a mid-calf skirt with an uneven hemline, which still allows movement below the knees but has a soft shape that hugs your hip curves.

You can also experiment with circle skirts, trumpet skirts, or even a sarong style, as long as they feature intricate details and the elements that enhance your curves, such as gathering, shirring, draping, etc.

Avoid: Direct skirts, long skirts, broad or shapeless skirts, pointed folds.

Pants for the Theatrical Romantic

It can be challenging to find trousers that suit Romantics without compromising some of the “initial” recommendations.

Kibbe recommends pants that are draped and soft, which means they are looking for fabrics that easily drape over curves without feeling heavy or pulling, and without bunching too much.

To find a good pair of pants, I recommend focusing on lighter fabric weight and checking if they have stretch or soft pleats that can accommodate curves.

You desire your trousers to typically narrow towards the ankles and have cuffs that conclude around the length of the ankle.

When wearing a particular piece that doesn’t fit these starter suggestions, make sure to keep your look and outfit in perspective, and remember that the concept of “head-to-toe” has been shifted to include these guidelines.

Jeans for the Theatrical Romantic

I do have a video here that goes through each type of ideas. Kibbe’s IDs do not specifically state any particular style for most of the jeans. However,

I think skinny jeans could work well for a romantic theatrical, as they can obviously accommodate the curves in the hip area and make you look taller.

You could also try a cropped jean that is generally lighter in weight and has a silhouette with a clear curved hip lower to waist or gathers along the waist, but is not as heavy or super stiff as super denim.

Theatrical Romantic Physical Profile

The Theatrical Romantic (or TR) will possess the subsequent traits:

They often have luscious lips or round lip shapes. They often have slightly pronounced cheekbones. Their eyes are often upwards slanted but round. They tend to have narrow feet and hands. They can even appear “birdlike” and will have narrower, smaller curves.

Height: Moderate to Petite; typically below 5 feet 5 inches.

The Dramatic Romantic Skeletal Framework:

  • Petite and fragile (diminutive/small bones).
  • Slightly sharp edges which equals that yang undercurrent. This can be seen in the edges of the shoulders, cheekbones, jawline, or nose.
  • Their facial bone structure is frequently slightly angular, fragile, and petite.
  • The Romantic Body Type in theater.

  • Gentle, curvaceous. They frequently seem delicate and petite (never bulky or expansive).
  • Tender, fleshly arms and legs.
  • They can have an hourglass figure with a waspish waist. But remember the definition of double curve and that non-busty celebrities like Mila Kunis. and Jada Pinkett Smith. are Theatrical Romantics.
  • Dramatic Romantic Facial Characteristics.

  • Gentle characteristics, verdant.
  • Bigger, circular eyes (which can be slightly angled upwards, creating a “bedroom eyes” effect).
  • Gentle cheeks (but their cheekbones can also have that youthful undertone).
  • Full lips.
  • A Theatrical Romantic will not have:Output: A Drama Enthusiast will not possess:

  • Be “exceptionally” tall (over 5 ft 6).
  • Possess “kibbe breadth”.
  • Big or broad bones.
  • Big hands or feet.
  • Possess small or narrow eyes.
  • Have petite or slender lips.
  • The understanding of our “kibbe curve” can be heavily skewed, so examples really focus on double curves. It is possible to have a figure devoid of any waist, with a straight and boyish appearance.
  • Theatrical Romantic Accessories

    David Kibbe recommends investing in quality accessories, as they can truly add the polished finishing touches to your look. When it comes to all accessories, should your adjectives be ornate and extravagant? Consider picking up some themes.


  • Delicate.
  • “Feminine”.
  • Strappy Pumps.
  • Backless pumps.
  • Open-toed heels or flats.
  • Delicate. or detailed flats
  • Avoid: Simple pumps, sharp heels, bulky designs.


  • Compact, circular pouches.
  • Lightweight, flexible leather.
  • Trim can include applique, beading, gathers, and other decorative elements.
  • Fabric bags.
  • Delicate. straps
  • Narrow shapes.
  • Belts.

    These are an essential element in the Theatrical Romantic attire as they enable greater emphasis on the waist.

  • Gentle leather straps.
  • Medium to broad (this varies from individual to individual, but enables more accentuation of the waist for definition).
  • Elaborate, intricate buckles.
  • Jeweled, adorned, or ornamental components.
  • Avoid: excessively limited designs, slender/basic designs, and anything excessively rigid or inflexible.

    Are you really a Theatrical Romantic?

    If you’re not interested in being a romantic, theatrical, and sexy individual, the ID imposed on you won’t necessarily include the dominant beauty traits that many people find attractive. However, it’s absolutely possible for this ID to have a certain allure and be appealing to others. I understand that.

    The Strictly Kibbe Facebook Group (from which I have been excluded, otherwise I would provide a link) is the place where you can discover the complete compilation of comprehensive workouts. A valid identification photograph is required to initiate comprehension of your silhouette and the way textiles would hang on your physique.

    Start by taking a full-length body shot using your rear-facing camera. Make sure your camera is level with your chest, and angle it at a 90-degree angle to the ground. You can get creative, but make sure you don’t have a tripod if you want to create visual distortions in your selfies.

    You will want to focus on the shapes of your body from shoulders to knees. However, you can begin tracing the shapes of your body using an app like Procreate or the markup settings on your iPhone. Evaluating a photo of yourself can be tricky because one of the challenges is that your petite accommodations may not always be seen in a photo.

    Now, I don’t have a perfect ID photo for verified Theatrical Romantic Selena Gomez. or Mila Kunis., but the below photo is for demonstrative purposes.

    I don’t need to have an accommodation curve, and gaining more weight does not equate to having more curve on my hips. There is no curve on top, but I do have some curve on my hips. You can see in my photo that my knees to shoulders create a fairly long vertical line, and my shoulders are open, creating width (I identify as a Natural Flamboyant).

    Whereas Mila and Selena Gomez. both have small bones, narrow frames, and a continous double curve shape.

    Consequently, I do not fit in with the photo where Selena and Mila are both wearing heels, even though we can see that I have a much more dominant frame than either of these two women. Selena is 5ft 5 and Mila is 5ft 4, so there is a noticeable height difference, but it is not that we are all completely different because I am just slightly over 6ft 5.

    I can’t wear bodycon dresses, I mean they don’t suit me. The edges of my style are more soft and subtle, and you can clearly see that I have a dominant frame.

    Theatrical Romantic Waist Emphasis

    If you don’t want to create a lumpier look, you can emphasize the curves of your waist by using a belt or having the garment sewn in a way that creates two stacked circles on top. This can be achieved by stopping the visual point on your waist, gently highlighting or making your waist visible. Generally, this translates to a simple curve accommodation rather than a different emphasis. This is because TR’s really need the double curve emphasis on their waist.

    Theatrical Romantic Prints

    It is important to consider the yin/yang scale where they lean on, as they can have a lot of energy or essence and it can be overwhelming or make you feel off.

    We are looking for moderate to large-sized, rounded, and softly contoured shapes, as well as wild floral patterns and intricate designs. He suggests using a vibrant and rich color scheme once again. We prefer prints that do not appear too harsh or strict.

    This may be a time to start overwhelming or you can see how to go about taking some experimentation. The dramatic undercurrent and chic energy of femme fatale can handle slightly larger or lavish designs. I’m now thinking that I may want to moderate and scale up prints. The reason I’m leaning towards a larger size is because I’m in a yin mindset.

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    We want to avoid any prints that are too dull, such as plaids, stripes, or symmetrical small prints. We prefer a gamine and playful look, leaning towards animated or perky prints.

    Tops for the Theatrical Romantic

    You’ll want to look for gentle contours and smooth materials with flexible fabrics once more. Express your feminine energy by choosing t-shirts, blouses, sweaters, and tops that embody your yin.


    Lavish and elaborate embellishments can be achieved successfully thanks to your inherent Femme Fatale Chic, and blouses ought to be elegantly adorned with intricate detailing.

    Smooth and silky blouses also look fantastic on you, just ensure that there is some focus on the waist.

    Details such as delicate jabots, lace necklines, adorned necklines, and gentle ruffles can all be lovely elements to seek out.

    I think the blouse and top section truly attracts individuals to the TR ID.

    Avoid: Stiffy custom-made items, rigid forms, squared shapes, and anything too “simple”.


    Do not become disheartened, instead keep in mind that it pertains to your entire appearance. Nevertheless, their rough texture and weightiness lean towards yang, as bulky and substantial knits truly align better with the natural aesthetic.

    Some easier options for the Romantic Theatrical sweater would be plush and fluffy knits like Angoras, mohair, or soft cashmeres. Ideally, the knits should be fitted at the waist and taper towards your waist. The hems, sleeves, or wrists can also be fitted (not boxy) and taper towards your waistline.

    Avoid: Cardigans, delicate knits that are “simple”, substantial or oversized knits, thick knits, and loose-fitting sweaters.


    David Kibbe, a Hollywood fashion expert, tends to lean towards revering the icons of style. Based on my impression of his styling, he holds a high regard for today’s casual fashion. However, I don’t think he includes t-shirts or tees in his styling, so he did not give any casual recommendations for most IDs.

    However, in my view, T-shirts are quite essential clothing items for any wardrobe in the present era.

    So how do you make tees work for a Theatrical Romantic? You will still be looking for soft, curved, and fitted elements.

    Tee shirts with circular necklines, sewing particulars, curved bottoms, and soft tailored materials will function most effectively.

    You will likely want to steer clear of the excessively angular appearance or more weighty cotton t-shirts.

    Theatrical Romantic Dresses

    Additionally, you have the ability to achieve a more distinct shoulder due to that subtle yang undertone. Garments that are “curvaceous” and possess those elaborate fitting elements such as ruching, gathering, and gentle folds can appear extremely balanced on your figure.

    Exquisitely crafted, all the fabrics in your dress have a stunning shine, with intricate beadwork, applique, and sparkles. The essence and energy of yin perfectly complement your outfit, as the lavish details truly match those in a similar fashion.

    You are primarily a romantic person, with a remarkable appearance, high-quality texture, and lightweight fabrics. You desire to avoid anything that is plain or uninteresting.

    Avoid: Harsh or precisely tailored items, unstructured silhouettes, loose or formless dresses, styles without a defined waist, understated or basic styles.

    Theatrical Romantic Evening Wear

    If you want a nicely fitted dress that emphasizes your waist, you should prefer the details to be lavish and trim. The dress recommendations will provide you with a lot of options to wear over for your evening events.

    You can manage more dresses that show cleavage, and shiny and draped fabrics.

  • Form-fitted.
  • Adorned and gathered cocktail gowns.
  • Tailored evening suits with a jacket in peplum style and glamorous embellishments.
  • Bustier dresses.
  • Theatrical Romantic + Muscles/Tone

    Now, this section is not based on anything David Kibbe has stated, so it is not based on anything David Kibbe has stated. However, when they train with high muscle intensity, her flesh can appear more “taut” because the TR works out her muscles more, which can result in a double curve. Nonetheless, it is mentioned that it takes a grain of salt with it.

    We can see this in the case of Jane Seymour. and Jada Pinkett Smith. above. Their rigorous working out and toning has made their body lack some of the softness associated with the Theatrical Romantics.

    Unless you can decipher the trickier ID, building muscle and following extreme workout regimens can make you see a person in Kibbe David. Even when they become more muscular, they are still TRs.

    Theatrical Romantic Style LInes

    The portrayal of the TR instantly attracts attention and appeals to those who desire something distinct and appealing from a psychological perspective. One thing that immediately captivates people is the renowned concept of “Femme Fatale Chic” associated with the Romantics Theatrical movement.

    Throughout his journey, he has implemented modifications and witnessed the development of the Kibbe body types. I aim to elucidate the initial style suggestions for the Theatrical Romantic before delving into it extensively.

    The book that he was reading could be described as a very narrow and detailed concept, specifically focused on the romantic body type in theatrical work. Therefore, the book had to paint a very specific picture using appropriate synonyms. If we were to compare it to today’s standards, we wouldn’t have constant access to fashion exposure like we do now, and there was no Google in the 1980s when the original book was published.

    As time has passed and people have become more exposed to fashion, many individuals have expressed their dissatisfaction with feeling restricted by the suggestions provided by gracious creator David Kibbe, who allows them to wear any piece of clothing as long as it harmonizes and accommodates their traits and outfits from head to toe.

    I have a video that demonstrates this idea in motion, here.

    The initial recipe that you need to build a strong foundation and process is important. With practice and time, you can learn how to adjust the flavor profiles and ingredients to expand the bread into various variations and cater to your personal taste. Every time you bake bread, you will need a step-by-step instruction list and a list of ingredients. I equate this process to learning how to cook a recipe. Additionally, visually seeing some details, silhouettes, fabrics, and clothing traits can help you understand the stylist’s initial recommendations, as they are likely to harmonize seamlessly with your body.

    These selections are essentially stepping stools to help you evolve your own recipe style. Try to understand why these suggestions are behind the stool and evaluate these style suggestions accordingly.

    Soft and lightweight fabrics can elegantly drape over the double curve in your Theatrical Romantic silhouette, which is characterized by ornate, rounded, and curvaceous elements (this aspect is exceedingly significant).

    The complete outline should steer clear of anything weighty or pointed and prioritize a yin-oriented approach. This implies that you primarily embody a romantic style with just a hint of dramatic undertone.

    You can describe a leader as even more powerful and with a ravishing beauty. Romantics Theatrical have an element of glamour to their looks, and they can handle the lavish elements and ornate details.

    Now, let’s analyze what all of that implies for your attire.

    NOTE: There are some “avoid” categories with each suggestions. Please look at these as general recommendations and focus on your head-to-toe outfit over any small detail or element. Each Theatrical Romantic may vary slightly (Jada Pinkett Smith. versus Vivien Leigh), so each person will benefit from personal exploration and outfit building over obsession over specifics suggestions.

    Theatrical Romantic Weight Gain pattern

    I have a comprehensive guide that covers the patterns of weight gain for all the ID’s, as well as my perspective on various examples of mid-size to plus-size individuals.

    This is just one aspect of an ID and cannot be utilized as the sole determining factor. It has been observed that certain IDs may manifest weight gain in a particular manner, however, when we refer to “flesh” in the context of Kibbe, we are not assessing your physical or numerical weight. Firstly, it is important to clarify that weight gain does NOT alter your ID.

    Romantics and theatrical individuals often tend to gain weight in their face, thighs, and upper arms, where flesh can become soft or more plump. They usually strive to maintain a defined waist and an hourglass shape.

    The underlying subtle facial characteristics, such as a slight curve and double continuous soft flesh, along with sloped shoulders and visible small bones in the feet and hands, particularly define the women in my interpretation of Romantics Theatrical. They tend to have a mid-to-plus size.

    Theatrical Romantic Outfit Ideas

    These guidelines encompass a few ideas that pertain to taking action. Your complete outfits will determine your lifestyle needs from head to toe, and in the end, reflect your distinctive recipe of style.

    This light and soft blouse could be a great choice for a conservative work or business outfit. You may consider that this blouse leans more towards Gamine Soft thinking, even though Kibbe actually recommends “soft jabots” for a romantic theatrical look.

    The entire outfit relies solely on it, from head to toe. Many people want to be a TR, that’s why they just need to remember a lot of IDs but they could also pull off a bustier dress.

    The weather might require some people to dress warmly sometimes, and the highlights of TR’s aesthetic are mostly romantic and theatrical. The curve of the double and petite accommodations are maintained, but Kibbe still recommends adding a touch of glamour and deviating a bit from some of the original recommendations.

    Double Curve versus Width versus Vertical

    Certain accommodations need to be taken into consideration for others, as I think of Kibbe accommodations as dominant traits in a game like Scissors-Rock-Paper.

    Here, she is open to accommodating the need in that area, but she does not mean “wide” or “bulky”. She has width in her shoulders and upper back. Kim Kardashian is an example of a naturally curvy, conventionally soft (although this is suspected but unverified).

    Although Femme Fatale is conventionally portrayed as romantic and theatrical, it is impossible to categorize Kim Kardashian as either petite or having a double curve (small bones), which eliminates the possibility of her having a narrow width.

    We now need to evaluate whether or not we should make our bodies look curved or vertical in order to accommodate the needs of Dramatic Soft.

    It is no longer purely considered a yin trait, but rather their curve grows with a romantic undercurrent. They are accommodating and vertical, so they eliminate any double curve in accommodation. Dramatics Soft is not just “larger theatrical romantics,” but rather their yang bones have a romantic undercurrent. This shape can be likened to a Snowman, equating it to a visual undercurrent. The double curve can look a bit like two stacked circles on top of another.

    Romantic Versus Theatrical Romantic vs Soft Dramatic

    The dramatic romantic can appear slightly broader compared to romantic body types such as Marilyn Monroe, who possess abundant yin or highly yin and curvaceous forms. Petite individuals with small bones are not suited for romantic body types. Hence, the distinguishing factor between Romantics and Theatrical Romantics lies in the presence of a double curve in both.

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    Romantics often have a softer face and shoulder line. You can see that they have sharp cheekbones, jaw, nose, and shoulders, which means they have a yang undercurrent. The Kibbe romantic theatrical types also have a similar quality.

    Although not necessarily a beneficial perspective, Soft Dramatics are sometimes regarded as the yang counterpart to TRs. While the soft dramatic body type leans towards yang, both IDs primarily exhibit yin characteristics.

    theatrical romantic versus soft dramatic

    Soft Dramatics are primarily characterized by their sharp bones and soft flesh, which create a curved shape between two curved shapes. This silhouette requires accommodation for its length, as we add emphasis to the waistline and separate the “snowman” shape. However, it is important to note that Soft Dramatics do not have a double curve.

    Theatrical Romantic Celebrities (verified)

    Here is a compilation of confirmed Romantic Theatre stars.

  • David Kibbe himself (keep in mind that this system is effective for everyone!).
  • Anna Margaret.
  • Hedy Lamarr.
  • Rita Hayworth.
  • Jada Pinkett Smith.
  • Jane Seymour.
  • Jean Harlow.
  • Joan Collins.
  • Mila Kunis.
  • Morgan Fairchild.
  • Salma Hayek.
  • Selena Gomez.
  • Vivien Leigh (prime TR example in the book).
  • Just because you may look somewhat similar to a verified celebrity who has the same Kibbe ID as you, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you share the same Kibbe ID. These examples simply illustrate how the yin/yang spectrum can be represented within an ID. Furthermore, it’s important to note that these comparisons or data points are not meant to officially determine anyone’s celebrity type or claim to be David Kibbe. Personally, I have shared my own opinions on typing unverified celebrities on my TikTok, but please be aware that there is a lot of misinformation out there regarding verified celebrities and Kibbe.

    Theatrical Romantic Coloring

    Once more, any identification card can have any shade (either warm or cool toned), but individuals who are attracted to dramatic romantics often have delicate skin with lively features.

    I think Jada Pinkett Smith. exemplifies this beautifully. She has a luminous quality to her coloring.

    Developing your unique and genuine personal style is highly beneficial when relying on the overall color recommendations provided by your seasonal color analysis, which you can explore here. If you have the opportunity to meet him face-to-face, you can delve deeper into David Kibbe’s personal interpretation of the “seasonal color analysis” right away.

    Theatrical Romantic Fabric

    In my opinion, it is often overlooked how the weight of the fabric impacts the way a garment lays on our bodies and how it affects our personal style. I think that weight fabric is a significant component of the Kibbe system and should be given more consideration.

    Because you are predominantly yin, you desire fabrics that are lightweight, drapeable, and have a soft fluidity, so they gently drape over your double curved and rounded body shape.

    This knitwear is perfect for all types of fabrics such as challis, linen, hankerchief crepes, jerseys, and silk-like materials. It is also suitable for delicate boucles, light cashmeres, and softer, fluffier knits like angoras.

    However, pay attention to the weight of the suede. All shantungs, velvets, and suedes blend well together, so when choosing, make sure to feel the fabric to create a softer and more plush sensation.

    Likewise, translucent and glossy textiles enhance the allure of your femme fatale style, allowing it to truly radiate.

    It is generally recommended to avoid rough textures, heavy fabrics, stiff fabrics, and dull-finishes as they are not suitable for a TR.

    Theatrical Romantic Detail & Necklines

    The concept of harmonizing the whole yang and yin systems. We want the outfits to mimic the details of the curve, double, and petite to accommodate and delicate because romantics are theatrical. The smaller-scale and intricate details work beautifully, they are delicate, rounded, and ornate.

    Necklines can be particularly important when it comes to evaluating the overall appearance. They can create a focal point around your face and neck, ideally framing your face with this detail.

    Characteristics like ribbons, intricate lace, soft ruffles, detailed embroidery, or even a small decorative collar can all help to establish this focal point.

    For necklines that you prefer to have draped, smooth, flowing, and gentle or curved.

    The wrist can also be a place for ornate details, like buttons or trim. This can include sleeves that taper as they extend down the wrist, with rounded and larger sleeves, or even tucks, gathers, or puff sleeves. The shoulder seams should also be rounded and softer.

    Avoid: Basic or uncomplicated information, strong or powerful pieces, large or cumbersome items, and anything that is “cheerful” or eccentric.

    Theatrical Romantic Makeup

    Aim for stunning and sophisticated adjectives. You definitely desire a softer makeup look, but one that still exudes elegance. Makeup truly helps you achieve a polished appearance from head to toe, giving you a complete and finished look.

    The eyeshadows you have on look amazing, with a perfect blend and a touch of sparkle. These eyeshadows can even be worn during the daytime, and they still give you a fantastic look. When applying them, they should never be too sharp, but the colors for your eyeshadows are bright and soft, making them perfect.

    You want your face to shine high like a perfect way to add element, with glossy lips. Similarly, you don’t want an overly contoured look, but rather rosy and soft cheeks.

    Steer clear of: Vibrant or dark shades, and unadorned hues. Smokey color palettes may give the impression of age, while a sparse application of makeup can detract from your liveliness.

    Theatrical Romantic Hair

    Still “styled” but opulent and voluminous, Dramatic Romantics prefer a sleeker and more restrained appearance, while traditional styles demand a highly “refined” appearance as they truly necessitate meticulous hairstyling. Both the romantics and classics, I must admit.

    If you desire a fashionable and deliberately curved and formed hairstyle, teasing, waves, and perms are recommended styling methods.

    If you choose a shorter hairstyle, then you still want to appear sophisticated and refined, and not overly “cheerful”.

    Layering can help you achieve the curves you need by adding fullness and avoiding any unnatural or “lioness” look.

    You desire gentle, not rigid.

    Avoid: Dull trims, geometric trims, excessively layered or “lioness” style haircuts, wash and wear hairstyles.

    Theatrical Romantic Use of Color

    Ensuring that your seasonal color palette remains true, I highly recommend paying attention to the level of contrast in order to create a truly harmonious look. When putting together an outfit, it is important to note that color can be an incredibly significant element from head to toe.

    If you are curious, Kibbe David recommends using the TR color combination that is lively or vibrant, while avoiding high-contrast. He suggests opting for lush and vivid colors.

    theatrical romantic use of color

    The complete ensemble possesses a subtle vitality if pastel shades can be sophisticated, but he also suggests that vibrant hues in your attire are advisable.

    To avoid appearing overly harsh or somber, it is advisable to counterbalance dark shades with a vibrant tone.

    Avoid: Attires that are entirely black from top to bottom, attires that are completely neutral in shade, and attires that comprise of a monochromatic color scheme.

    How to Dress the Theatrical Romantic: Style Guide

    Yin/Yang Harmony: Gentle yin with a subtle yang undertone.

    Theatrical Romantic Shape

    General outline, full silhouette, and focal points are what we examine when referring to the shape of a garment, piece, or outfit.

    The goals of the TR shape are “curved, complex, and decorative,” which you will start to notice a pattern with these design recommendations.

    Curved and gentle forms should be celebrated with that yin, as they are inherently romantic and could benefit from a touch of sharpness in the border of a piece of clothing.

    Theatrical Romantic Line and Silhouette

    When you look at the silhouette of your clothing, you should honor your double curves. Kibbe does not refer to this silhouette as the traditional body typing, but rather as the “hourglass” silhouette. If we look at the silhouettes above, one has soft fabric that drapes over the double curves, mimicking the lines of your body and shaping the garment.

    Concealed is their midsection and the material is overly rigid, resulting in the Theatrical Romantic appearing larger. Nevertheless, this design would complement the Flamboyant Gamine’s style. This straight, heavier dress, however, is not tailored for curves.

    Those who have a fondness for romanticism in theater demand a focus on the waist. This means that the outfit should include pleats, seams, or belts in order to highlight and define the waist.

    The interpretation and evolution of this system have not been specifically defined by David Kibbe, so please note that adding a belt to any outfit won’t always give you the emphasis on the waist if you need an unconstructed or boxy look.

    Waist Emphasis Vs. Waist Definition

    kibbe waist emphasis versus waist definition

    I don’t require belts or clothing specifically designed to accentuate that unique curve. As a Flamboyant Natural, I can proudly display my waist. Anyone, regardless of their identity, can flaunt their waist.

    Enhance your glamorous appearance and match it with petite and slender proportions to complement these smaller details. Additionally, they can possess a soft and high-quality texture. The lines of your outfit should be flowing and draped.

    It is generally advisable to steer clear of rigid textiles, austere outlines, and unadorned or angular forms. Any attire that obscures the waistline and accentuates sharp or linear contours in your figure should be avoided. It is important not to emphasize your curvaceous silhouette with prominent vertical elements.

    Jewelry for Theatrical Romantics

    Emphasizing highly the use of jewelry for Romantic Theatrical, David Kibbe says that it is one of the most important elements in your crafting to look harmonious and provides the sophistication and glamour that TR traditional craves.

    We are shooting again, capturing rounded and detailed shapes swirling and cascading over us, encompassing fantastic influences from the baroque or Rococo era. The scene is lavish and ornate.

    He highly recommends that you embrace your perfect shine and sparkle, without shying away from the glamour and radiance even during daytime.

    Evaluate the visual weight of the piece by considering its unique, exaggerated, or extreme geometric elements. Avoid chunky or heavy styles, as well as small symmetrical pieces. Instead, consider sharp and heavy options, or pieces that incorporate movement and a rounded feel.

    Shopping for Theatrical Romantic Pieces

    If you’re trying to hone your wardrobe, let’s go over some questions to make sure the garment will be a good fit, and integrate more TR pieces.

  • Is the material gentle? Drapable? (Yes).
  • Does the garment accentuate the waist and is it tailored to flatter curves? (Yes).
  • Are there any sharp edges on the garment? Generally, we prefer a soft and fluid silhouette, but it’s fine to have small elements in the shoulders.
  • Is it cut for double curve? Look for shaping elements around the waist and fabric that will easily drape over your curves.
  • Are there extravagant and elaborate details? (Yes).
  • How would you describe the design of the attire? We prefer intricate, lavish, swirling, circular patterns – not cheerful, vibrant, quirky, edgy ones.
  • Does anything about the clothing “intense”? Lengthy, pointed, or harsh specifics lean towards yang.
  • Should you always wear what suits your tastes and opinions at the core, without adhering strictly to TR Kibbe’s style guidelines. Does it work for your personal style? Do you feel like the garment itself?
  • Romantic Theater: Browse the Style.

    I trust that this style guide has assisted you in determining whether or not you identify as a Theatrical Romantic.

    You don’t need to wear a bodycon dress to have an interesting moniker, and I am not only beautiful but also glamorous and enchanting. Romantics find theatrical beauty in me.

    Now, if you are a TR, go ahead and be your best and distinctive Femme Fatale. And embrace your beautiful double curve!

    Save the image below so that you always have access to this constantly expanding TR style guide!

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