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Australia has started its spider season in most parts. This information was shared by Graham Milledge, who is the Manager of Arachnology Collection at the Australian Museum, in an interview with Yahoo News Australia.

Mr Milledge mentioned that this is the season when spiders come out to assist in catching annoying household bugs and flies.

“According to Mr Milledge, this is the season when spider populations typically rise due to increasing temperatures and an abundance of prey.”

Australia is home to the most widely distributed venomous creatures, with an estimated 10,000 species of spiders scattered throughout the country.

Although a lot of us have a fear of spiders, they are actually less harmful to humans in comparison to snakes, sharks, and even bees.

When does the period of increased spider activity begin in Australia?

According to Mr. Milledge, the spider “season” in southern Australia starts in spring, when temperatures are warmer year-round and there is a bit less clear weather compared to the northern part of Australia where populations are likely to increase during the wet season from April to November.

Buildings and residences that provide shelter may attract spiders, which can lead to flooding in some cases. Moreover, Mr. Milledge also cautions that adverse weather conditions, particularly during the warmer months, may result in an observed increase in spider populations.

The residents of the Australian region of Victoria, specifically Gippsland, can certainly attest to the severe flooding that occurred in June. The entire area was shrouded in layers of cobwebs, webs, and gossamer.

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Similarly, residents of the mid-north coast of NSW reported witnessing thousands of spiders fleeing to safety as the floodwaters rose, resembling “brown carpets.”

Spider Varieties Individuals May Encounter Throughout Spider Season

According to Mr Milledge, individuals are more prone to observing the bigger kinds of creatures, like different orb weavers and huntsman spiders, when inquired about the species that individuals are most expected to come across at this moment.

Mr. Milledge explained, “During the warmer months, when it is mating season for trapdoors and funnel-webs, you are more likely to encounter wandering males.”

Meanwhile, other spiders that people may discover lurking in a dim corner of their residence or in their garden include daddy long legs, black house spiders, and white-tailed spiders.

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  • Ways to prevent spiders from entering your house

    Mr Milledge additionally offered some recommendations for people who suffer from arachnophobia and desire to keep spiders from entering their homes.

    “If you suffer from arachnophobia, block any noticeable openings through which they could potentially enter, like beneath doors,” he clarified.

    To prevent spiders from entering your home, you can spray white vinegar around the perimeter, place mint plants near your entryways, scatter cedar chips outside your house, and ensure that you keep your surroundings tidy. Here are some more suggestions.

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