The changing faith of Taylor Swift

Perhaps the greatest contrast between these two Taylors is in the area of heartfelt admiration and respect, which means let’s take a deep dive into what it means to be a Swiftie in terms of her Christian faith.

Miss Americana, Taylor’s Netflix documentary, offers the most explicit expression of belief. In a 2018 video, we observe her engaging in a debate with her team regarding the decision to make a political declaration in favor of a Democratic candidate in an upcoming election. This conversation has been provoked by campaign advertisements for US Senator Marsha Blackburn, who has voted against legislation safeguarding women from domestic violence and supports the right of establishments to reject gay couples. In the video, Taylor proclaims, “I cannot watch another advertisement and witness Marsha Blackburn concealing these policies under the guise of ‘Tennessee Christian values’…I reside in Tennessee. I am a Christian. That is not what we uphold.”

What happened on September 11th when Taylor asked where God was. In 2003, an unreleased song called ‘Didn’t They’ was leaked onto the internet. This song, which Taylor never actually saw the light of day, serves as a strong and bold statement of her faith, marking the beginning of her career. She has always been vague about her political and religious beliefs, likely for professional reasons and personal privacy.

“And did they not pray, as well? / Where were you, where were you / Did you fail to jot it down? Just one additional task to accomplish / Was there some justification that eludes me? / And did they not summon you, did they not require you desperately? / Here is the refrain:”

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This. This means that in the cultural background of songs, Christianity is ingrained into the culture in such a way that people may see themselves as Christians without necessarily thinking much about what that entails. Tennessee, famously known as part of the conservative, socially protestant Bible Belt, is where Swift grew up at the age of 13. It can only be guessed that such a sentiment would not have played well with Swift’s early audience – God openly critical, because it’s never included in any of her early albums. Artistically, it’s reminiscent of a lament in the style of a Davidic psalm.

The boy’s birthday refers to Jesus, whose life was saved in “More Something Be Must Christmas,” a clunky release from 2007. In her early music, she can be found making other references to her faith, but only in a subtle manner.

In her later years, Taylor returns to the theme of a crisis of faith in her album “Midnights.” This line shows that Taylor, like many others, reaches out to God during a time of crisis. Did you ever think that the reason I didn’t pray to Jesus is because I wanted to take matters into my own hands? Did you ever think that sometimes, in the face of grief and commonly thought of as a miscarriage, a bird flaps its wings in Asia? The song “Whole Sky” is about a grief that is commonly thought of as a miscarriage, and it shows that Taylor, like many others, reaches out to God during a time of crisis.

The placement of these next lines suggests that someone who is flailing is searching for answers. The second line, “That opaque force is likely the most forceful,” indicates that Taylor is wondering if something has been taken from her as a punishment for her lack of faith. This verse clearly deals with the heart-breaking effects of dealing with insurmountable loss. The image of a bird flapping its wings and the theory of the butterfly effect illustrate the significant and sometimes devastating consequences of seemingly inconsequential actions.

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Two individuals named Taylor appear to have a straightforward yet genuine connection with God, the first one. This connection aligns with her upbringing in the Bible Belt, which is characterized by strong religious values. In times of difficulty, she solely relies on God for guidance and support, unlike the second Taylor. The second Taylor’s approach is more common in the secular society she is a part of.

It is tempting to wonder if we can find a turning point, evidence of a moment where Taylor may have lost her faith, but it is obvious that this is an evolution that has happened over two decades.

The relationship between God and her was irreparably damaged, which strongly implies that not only was her adult life scarred by this experience, but it also seems to have left lasting scars throughout the few months that the unhappy relationship lasted. Swift, an American singer, was believed to be in a relationship with John Mayer, who was 32 years old at the time while she was only 19 years old. This song, “Could’ve Should’ve Would’ve,” may contain evidence of such a belief.

In a song packed with biblical references, Taylor Swift tells us “If you had never touched me, I would’ve gone along with you ’cause you’re in a crisis of faith and you’re righteous.” I regret all the time intense speculation has prompted, exactly how bad of a boyfriend you have to be.

However, it is entirely possible that Taylor Swift, though not yet finished, is God. We are all talking about someone’s journey of faith, even while they are still on it. Perhaps she has tried to find romantic love and salvation, but she seems to be unable to find him when she reaches out to God. This is not a judgement on her character, but just an educated guess. It sounds like Taylor Swift, someone who has deconstructed their faith, really doesn’t know what she believes in. As for me, it sounds like Swift Taylor.

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