Tamar Braxton’s Engagement To Jeremy ‘JR’ Robinson Is Shrouded By Baby Mama Drama

Tamar Braxton is betrothed to Jeremy “JR” Robinson, a finalist on “Queens Court”.

On the same day, the reality TV star and R&B singer, Will Packer, announced his engagement on the new dating show “Peacock Will.”

During a recent conversation on “The Breakfast Club,” Tamar revealed that she and JR got engaged a mere three weeks after their first encounter.

Tamar, known for being brutally honest, seemed to be quite elusive when talking about her new partner.

She mentioned that they have similar interests and that he is Caucasian, which is evident to us.

Who is Jeremy “JR” Robinson?

Jeremy “JR” Robinson, hailing from New Orleans, is a father to five children with four different women.

He’s a personal injury and criminal defense attorney, who is the founder of the JR Law Group, based out of Brookhaven, Georgia.

Tamar Braxton took to her Instagram on her birthday (March 17) to share a very special message about her fiancée, wishing him a very happy birthday, as well as a video.

The caption said:

It’s my birthday, but I have to credit the person responsible for putting this cheesy grin on my face.

It took me some time to recognize that this pure, Classic affection is the type that I desired and required.

We have six kids between the two of us and they mean ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING to me.

So don’t bother me with the fact that he has 4 mothers of his children!! 😂😂Thank God for them.

Now streaming #queenscourt on Peacock, celebrating our favorite holiday, #stTamarsday🍀! I am so grateful to have the most amazing fiancée and best friend as my partner in life. We are truly blessed and thankful to God for all the love and drama-free happiness we share. Wishing the happiest birthday to my beloved rarebreednola in NOLA!

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Check out the original post by Tay Tay below.

Anaston Jeni Joins The Conversation.

Jeni Anaston entered the chat to talk about a few things that caught her attention. It seems that Tamar mentioned JR’s baby mama, and it appears that Jeni has been blowing the whistle on a dog.

Anaston Jeni is a self-care business mentor and the mother of JR Robinson’s two-year-old child, Asher.

Ever since she entered JR’s life, Tamar Braxton has been through a rather unpleasant ordeal, as evident from the extensive post on her Instagram page.

I have sat in silence while this person has come into my son’s life, causing unnecessary drama and chaos. I have sat in silence for over a year, respecting everyone’s privacy while they disrespect mine.

Allow me to clarify for everyone familiar with me and everyone familiar with them. Although I will not discuss the other siblings of my son and the nature of the relationship between their father or this woman and them.

My mom is not grateful to God for none of her baby’s fathers, truly, and she does not consider her son to be “everything” to her. This woman is not in any way a stepmom or a bonus mom to my son.

She has said outrageous and disrespectful things about how I have chosen to coparent with my father’s son, involving him in the process.

Missing visitation weekends and birthdays has resulted in my son’s father not getting to know me as a woman or mother. He has made absolutely no effort to meet me.

I won’t include my raised son in someone else’s mischief, but one thing we won’t do is spread their self-made narrative on social media and television. I’m okay.

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In the description of her post, Anaston Jeni included:

It’s simple to believe one perspective of the narrative when nobody else is sharing theirs.

It’s also simple to categorize women as “resentful single mothers” and label single mothers as opportunists, etc. Because that’s what society does.

I do not desire to be well-known or famous. I do not benefit socially or financially from becoming public in any way. I have never made any defaming or disparaging comments about him on social media, and I have supported him while he has lived his life to the fullest. I have worked hard for everything I have, none of which was given to me by my father. I have never been any of those things and people who know me in real life and on social media know that.

🤍 I just want to make it clear that the picture being painted is not real and it is not honest–today’s post is not about that.

Check out Anaston Jeni’s original post regarding Tamar Braxton underneath.

JR is clearly acting as the intermediary and doing his utmost to maintain harmony.

He utilized his Instagram Story to protect Tamar as well as the mothers of his offspring.

Everywhere available now is which,”Changed,” single new her promoting is she but her about post Jeni’s Anaston addressed publicly hasn’t Braxton Tamar.

Happy Birthday, Tamar, and congratulations on the engagement.

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