The best VALORANT pick-up lines

  • Are we certain we are on Haven? Because if you are here, then I am fairly certain this is paradise.
  • Things are going really smoothly between us. Interested in some progression?
  • If we go in two separate paths, my heart will break.
  • You’re more stunning than the wind.
  • I’m torn between embracing you and kissing you.
  • I chose Icebox so that we would have a justification to snuggle.
  • I would dismantle the Ascent doors just to catch a glimpse of you.
  • My heart will break if you depart.
  • …Can you tie me?
  • Weapons

  • I might prefer the Phantom but don’t worry, I assure you I won’t disappear on you.
  • Speak for me, and I might gift you a Bulldog.
  • I hope you don’t assess me if I observe you from the corner.
  • You’re similar to the Classic: invaluable, dependable, and extremely potent when in motion.
  • You drive me crazy.
  • Hey Shorty.
  • Can I become your protector?
  • Agents


  • Drawing you closer, for an embrace and a peck.
  • You’ve left me dazzled.
  • No celestial being can separate us.
  • “Take a deep breath now. Let go of the stress. Feeling better? Let’s proceed!”
  • Breach

  • Experiencing an Aftershock is typical.
  • I have been recognized for triggering seismic activities.
  • I’ll make you feel lightheaded.
  • “I despise waiting. Let’s get this done!”
  • Brimstone

  • You’re looking fiery today.
  • You activate my Stim Beacon.
  • This elderly dog has been acquiring plenty of fresh skills.
  • I’m sorry, but I won’t be able to assist with that.
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  • Love is my distinctive characteristic.
  • I couldn’t conceivably create a weapon more lethal than your stare.
  • Let’s go on a meeting together.
  • “If you pass away today, I will remember you eternally. It has been a privilege.”
  • Cypher

  • Have you taken my Trapwire? Because you have rendered me motionless.
  • Knowledge is my passion, and I am eager to learn everything about you.
  • “Where should I place my camera?”
  • “Ah, alright, this is excellent! I have new devices to experiment with.”
  • Deadlock

  • My Sonic Sensor is capable of detecting your heart rate accelerating.
  • I’ll rescue you from total destruction.
  • “My domain, my regulations!”
  • “A temporary victory, let us make it enduring.”
  • Fade

  • You’ve captured my attention.
  • “Regardless of your hiding spot, I will locate you.”
  • “No matter what occurs, sakin, do not fret. Shaking is detrimental to your accuracy.”
  • “Nothing is flawless, but, that was flawless.”
  • Gekko

  • You make me feel lightheaded.
  • Thrash is excellent for restraining – I mean detaining.
  • That’s my pal.
  • “Let’s start over. Take deep breaths and all that.”
  • Jett

  • You appear more stylish than all of my knives.
  • My mind wanders when I gaze upon you.
  • Do you believe you can maintain the pace?
  • “Seems like I was the more powerful one.”
  • KAY/O

  • I’m asking for a manual restart.
  • Are your motor skills alright? I am aware that humans can become fatigued.
  • The dog is very happy when it sees its owner after a long day.Output: The canine is exceedingly joyful when it catches sight of its guardian following an extended period of time.
  • “I’m about to become a complete killer robot. You have been cautioned.”
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  • Don’t overanalyze it. You’re the perfect person for me.
  • I’ll deactivate my Alarmbot so we can sleep in.
  • You have captured my heart completely.
  • “Great! One step closer to being back in my cozy pajamas.”
  • Neon

  • I cannot refrain from running quickly when you summon me.
  • Do you believe that we can utilize energy without my capabilities?
  • My heart races when I see you.
  • “See, I’m happy you’re here. There, I stated it.”
  • Omen

  • That’s not Paranoia, you’re simply anxious to see me.
  • You believed you were secure, but you are protected when you are in my presence.
  • I would love to craft something for you using yarn.
  • Captivating the gaze and captivating your affections.
  • Phoenix

  • Wow you have Hot Hands, and attractive everything else as well!
  • Can I put my Run It Back here? That way I’ll always return to you.
  • I’ll give it to you honestly, no surprises: you’re attractive.
  • Raze

  • You make my mind explode.
  • You should be called the Showstopper.
  • Apologies for releasing my Boom Bot, I simply couldn’t resist pursuing you.
  • Reyna

  • I don’t intend to stare, or do I?
  • Your spirit is too unique for me to consume.
  • I can act as your Empress, but only if I give permission for it.
  • Sage

  • I don’t need to build any barriers when I’m in your presence.
  • I hope I could place a Slow Orb on our time spent together.
  • Can you please tell me where the nearest grocery store is?Output: Could you kindly inform me of the location of the closest supermarket?
  • Skye

  • I believe my canine enjoys your company.
  • Strange, my Guiding Light consistently directs me towards you.
  • If possible, I would ensure that all my explorers discover only you.
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  • My heart experiences a Shock Bolt when you enter the scene.
  • I was informed that you are the finest. That is the reason I am here.
  • The book is on the table.Output: The tome is on the table.
  • Viper

  • I don’t require any toxic substance to steal your breath.
  • I’m curious if this one will plead.
  • Whom should we suffocate first?
  • Yoru

  • Your stunning appearance takes me by surprise.
  • When my opponents hear the sound of my footsteps, they become worried. Similarly, I feel a comparable discomfort upon hearing your footfalls.
  • I don’t want to tear apart any world that I can share with you.
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