Big Scarr Net Worth | Where was Big Scarr from?

What is the total value of Big Scarr? Where did Big Scarr originate from?


In 2019, he released his initial song on YouTube and slowly succeeded in piquing Scarr’s curiosity in hip-hop, his acquaintance, the rapper Baby K. Nonetheless, with a preference for investing his time in alternative activities, Scarr lacked a historical inclination towards music or rap.

The song, titled Make A Play, garnered 50,000 views and established Scarr as a promising emerging artist worth keeping an eye on.

Scarr later recalled the small amounts that went into making a music video, which cost around $200, and recording a song, which cost $20 on its own.

From these modest origins, Scarr was able to establish a successful profession.

Pooh Shiesty, Scarr’s very own cousin, as well as the rapper Foogiano, jointly dropped their most successful track, SolcyBoyz, in 2021. Back in 2020, Scarr inked a deal with the hip-hop record label 1017 Records.

He followed up with hit songs and sequels entitled “Scarr’s Profile Further Raised” and “The Gucci Rapper,” featuring Mane and Solcyboyz.

Scarr dropped his first mixtape in April 2021.

Tay Keith and Foogiano, Pooh Shiesty, Baby K, and several other well-known rappers joined forces with Gucci Mane once more for the mixtape titled Big Grim Reaper. It reached the impressive position of #25 on the Billboard Top 200 chart and managed to sell 22,000 units during its initial week.

Offset, Queez Ruthless, and Gucci Mane, along with additional featured rappers, once again succeeded in drawing significant talent for their latest album, as Scarr released his second project titled Big Grim Reaper: The Return.

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Scarr continued to acquire reputation and acknowledgment throughout 2021 and into 2022.

He was selected by XXL magazine to participate in the battle rap event as part of his freshman class, commemorating the occasion.

He was also featured as a distinguished guest on Key Glock’s Glockoma tour in the United States.


Big Scarr gained fame as an American rapper with his song “SolcyBoyz,” which included Foogiano, Pooh Sheisty, and Tay Keith.

Create a Play is another popular song by Scarr that has contributed to his continued success.

Discover additional information regarding Big Scarr’s financial assets, his journey to fame, and his passing.

The Origin Story

Alexander Woods, known by his stage name Big Scarr, was born on April 7, 2000, in Memphis, Tennessee.

He was raised in the Magnolia neighborhood of South Memphis and has eight brothers and sisters.

Alexander’s grandmother raised him until he was thirteen, until she passed away from lung cancer, and he moved in with his father.

Scarr credits his father as the individual who provided him with the expertise to navigate confidently through a perilous world.

At the age of 16, Scarr had a car crash that ejected him through the windshield of a friend’s car.

The misadventure left him with a few noticeable scars, including one on the side of his face, which served as inspiration for his stage name. However, he managed to walk away from the accident.

Woods clarified in a statement to the media, “I had to undergo a surgical procedure that involved dividing my body in the center in order to rescue me,” with the projectile penetrating his spinal cord, when he was admitted to the hospital following a gunshot wound to his hip, further adversity ensued in 2020.

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The path of the projectile required Woods to undergo surgery to remove his appendix and realign his right leg.

Big Scarr states on his website that he recuperated much more quickly than he anticipated.

He dreamed of making a name for himself one day and got motivation to enter the business of music rapping by listening to songs from Black Kodak.

Death & Cause of Death

Big Scarr passed away on December 22nd, 2022.

The hip-hop artist had taken an excessive amount of prescribed drugs while at his partner’s residence.

Scarr may have experienced an aggravation of his depression due to the passing of his grandmother nine years ago, and he had been depressed for a prolonged period of time, as confirmed by multiple sources.

After the premature death of the young musician, a number of his colleagues turned to Twitter to honor the skilled rapper.

Gucci Mane, a frequent collaborator, expressed his sorrow on social media over the tragic passing of Big Scarr, while Tay Keith, Key Glock, and other prominent figures in the industry honored his memory.

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