The Best Basketball Shoes for Solid Ankle Support in 2023

This is why I have put together a list of the best basketball shoes that guarantee necessary stability and protection to keep your joints safe while you play.

This can happen to players when they experience collisions or sudden changes in direction while jumping and landing. Ankle injuries in basketball typically involve the foot rolling outward or inward, which can cause damage to the ligaments supporting the ankle joint.

Examples of common ankle injuries in basketball include fractures, strains, and sprains, which may require medical attention ranging from severe to minor, depending on the level of play and attention given.

Basketball shoes can help prevent ankle injuries by providing additional ankle stability. The molded heel counter helps keep the foot in place during lateral movements, reducing the risk of ankle rolling.

Additionally, many of the best basketball shoes feature materials that absorb shock and impact, cushioning and supporting the ankle to reduce the risk of further injury during high-impact movements.

Selecting basketball shoes with ankle support can assist basketball players in feeling more stable and confident on the court while also reducing the risk of injury and enhancing performance.

ShoeGuide’s Best Basketball Shoes For Ankle Support

When selecting shoes, I consider various factors including expert opinions, industry reviews, customer features, technology, and design of the shoe.

My goal is to recommend basketball shoes that deliver exceptional comfort and durability on the court, while also providing excellent ankle support.

Here are the best choices:

  • Top Nike Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support: Nike Kyrie Low 5 and Nike Men’s Lebron 19.
  • Top-rated Adidas basketball shoes for providing ankle support: Adidas Harden Vol. 6.
  • Top-rated Low-Profile Basketball Sneakers for Enhanced Ankle Stability: Under Armour Men’s Lockdown 5.
  • Top-notch Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support: PEAK High Top Men’s and Under Armour Jet ’21.
  • Top Ankle Support Basketball Shoes for Children: AND1 Showout Boys’ Basketball Shoes.
  • Top Affordable Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support: Adidas Men’s Postmove Mid.
  • Best Nike Basketball Shoes For Ankle Support

    Nike offers a variety of options for ankle support, and we have chosen two of the best options. They produce some of the best basketball shoes that provide great ankle support.

    1. Nike Kyrie Low 5

    These shoes are the result of a collaboration between NBA player Kyrie Irving and Nike, designed to provide comfort, support, and mobility on the court.

    The Nike Kyrie 5 Low is a fantastic choice for any basketball player looking for reliable ankle support. With its unique and sleek design, as well as its lightweight construction, it offers a great option.

    Unique Features

  • The partnership between Nike and NBA athlete Kyrie Irving.
  • Superior construction and materials.
  • Fashionable design with shiny golden accents.
  • Pros

  • A low-profile design offers exceptional flexibility and stability.
  • The cushioning provided by the Zoom Air unit in the heel is ideal for activities with high impact.
  • Rubber sole with herringbone grip design.
  • The Dynamic Strap System offers extra assistance to the foot and securely keeps it in position.
  • Cons

  • Certain customers might discover the footwear excessively slim for their feet.
  • The inside could be a bit uncomfortable.
  • What People Are Saying

    The user was impressed with the quality of the shoes and felt that they were worth the investment. They were able to wear them all day without experiencing any discomfort. Customer one described them as incredibly comfortable and supportive, and the reviews for these shoes have been excellent.

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    2. Nike Men’s Lebron 19

    The Nike LeBron 19 is a high-top basketball shoe inspired by the legendary player James LeBron, designed to provide superior cushioning, support, and comfort for long practices or games.

    Unique Features

  • The footwear showcases a distinct lacing mechanism that offers a secure and customizable fit.
  • The heel clamp is created to offer extra assistance and steadiness.
  • The shoes are available in a variety of color options.
  • Pros

  • The high-cut design offers support and safeguard for the ankles.
  • The fabric is breathable, enabling proper airflow.
  • The Zoom Air unit that extends the entire length of the shoe effectively absorbs any impact.
  • The sole has a multi-directional design that offers grip.
  • The footwear features a sock-style collar that aids in securing the foot in position.
  • Cons

  • The footwear might not be within reach for all individuals.
  • It may take some time to get accustomed to the design with a high-top.
  • Some users have mentioned that the footwear is somewhat weighty.
  • What People Are Saying

    One individual commended the footwear for its “exceptional support and padding,” expressing “I felt at ease and protected during the game.”

    Another individual praised the distinctive design features of the footwear: “People admired my shoes on the court!”

    Honorable Mentions

    Although these are my personal preferences, I have two additional outstanding suggestions for you.

    Nike KD14.

    Nike Air Jordan 3 Retro for Men.

    Best Adidas Basketball Shoes For Ankle Support – Adidas Harden Vol. 6

    The beige Adidas Harden Vol. 6 basketball sneakers are a fashionable and practical option for any athlete on the basketball court.

    On the basketball court, these sneakers offer exceptional traction and stability. Additionally, they showcase a distinctive style that guarantees a cozy and supportive feel.

    Unique Features

  • The presence of James Harden’s logo on the tongue and outsole enhances the overall aesthetic appeal.
  • The breathable design of the upper helps to keep feet cool.
  • Offered in a diverse selection of sizes, which includes half sizes.
  • Pros

  • Boost technology in the midsole offers padding.
  • The cushioned collar and tongue provide extra support.
  • The lace closure with shaped heel component ensures a snug and secure fit.
  • The midfoot strap offers extra support for rapid movements.
  • Cons

  • It may require some time to become accustomed before feeling entirely at ease.
  • Not accurate in terms of size, purchasers have suggested ordering a larger size.
  • What People Are Saying

    The footwear has garnered extremely favorable feedback from critics: “I recommend individuals who value an additional uplift should contemplate this option.”

    According to one individual, this shoe is presently “the sole Adidas basketball shoe with full-length boost technology” for certain buyers.

    While playing the game, they mentioned that “these sneakers might offer comfort for individuals with painful knee, hip, or spinal joints,” and also highlighted the advantages of boost technology.

    Honorable Mentions

    Although the Harden Vol. 6 is certainly at the top of my list, I have a couple more outstanding suggestions for you:.

    Adidas Harden Stepback 3.

    Adidas D.O.N. Issue 3 for adults.

    Best Low Top Basketball Shoes For Ankle Support – Under Armour Men’s Lockdown 5

    Basketball players who value quickness and agility on the court often prefer low-top basketball sneakers.

    These shoes sit below the ankle and offer a greater range of motion, allowing for faster movements and a better court feel.

    Basketball low-top shoes can be worn both on and off the court, and they are versatile. They make a great option for players who want to move easily and quickly on the court, as their lightweight design provides them with flexibility.

    Here’s my top choice for the finest low-top basketball shoe for ankle reinforcement:

    Under Armour Men’s Lockdown 5

    The Under Armour Lockdown Men’s Basketball Shoes are designed for basketball players who need a supportive and comfortable shoe that can withstand the rigors of the game.

    These low-cut basketball sneakers are crafted from a blend of synthetic fabrics, which renders them both long-lasting and cozy.

    The artificial materials offer extra ankle reinforcement and longevity, which ensures that the footwear endures for an extended period.

    Unique Features

  • The low-cut design enables more flexibility and freedom of movement on the basketball court.
  • The die-cut EVA sockliner offers extra support and comfort.
  • The durable herringbone traction pattern on the solid rubber outsole guarantees both traction and durability.
  • Pros

  • Lightweight artificial upper for enhanced maneuverability and flexibility.
  • The long-lasting rubber outsole offers exceptional grip on the court.
  • The sockliner and midsole made of molded EVA provide additional cushioning and support.
  • Cons

  • May not offer the same level of ankle support as high-top basketball sneakers.
  • It may fit a bit small, so it is advised to order a half size bigger than your regular size.
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    What People Are Saying

    One happy client stated, “the UA Men’s Lockdown 5 are lightweight and cozy to wear, offering exceptional assistance for my ankles.”

    Honorable Mentions

    Although these choices rank high on my list, I would strongly recommend two additional alternatives that I believe are equally outstanding.

    Nike Air Force 1 2007 for Men.

    Nike Ebernon Low for Men.

    Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes For Ankle Support

    When selecting outdoor basketball footwear, there are various aspects to contemplate that vary from those applicable to indoor basketball shoes.

    One of the most important factors in supporting ankles is that outdoor courts with uneven surfaces tend to have a higher risk of leading to ankle injuries.

    When choosing outdoor basketball shoes for ankle support, it is important to take into account the shoe’s fit, the type of sole and grip, as well as the materials utilized in its construction.

    Search for footwear made with durable materials such as leather or synthetic fabrics, which offer long-lastingness and steadiness.

    Based on my personal experience, I have compiled a list of the top outdoor basketball sneakers that provide excellent ankle support.

    1. PEAK High Top Men’s Basketball Shoes

    The PEAK High Top Men’s Basketball Shoes are created for streetball and showcase lightweight, breathable components and padding for impact safeguarding.

    These shoes are a great choice, especially for players with flat feet, in this price range. They provide excellent ankle support and are among the top outdoor basketball shoes available.

    Peak has been providing incredible products for approximately thirty years, so you can rely on them for their excellence.

    Unique Features

  • PEAK Surface Technology for enhanced durability and grip.
  • EVA foam padding for enhanced comfort.
  • The mesh upper allows for proper ventilation.
  • Pros

  • Materials that are lightweight and allow for breathability.
  • The design with a high top offers extra support for the ankles.
  • Padding for shock absorption.
  • The long-lasting outsole offers excellent grip.
  • Cons

  • May not be as cozy for long periods of use.
  • Sizes may be smaller than expected for certain users.
  • What People Are Saying

    Sports are remarkable in terms of their suitability and overall quality, but the grip could be enhanced. The product offers excellent value for money, and a customer wrote that it is well-crafted.

    He mentioned that the shoe’s strength and assistance are “exceptional, guaranteeing that it can endure the requirements of vigorous physical exercise.”

    2. Under Armour Jet ’21

    The Under Armour Jet 21 Basketball Shoes are a great option for participating in outdoor activities because of their durable construction and supportive layout.

    The shoes feature a breathable mesh upper, a cushioned midsole for comfort, and an outsole rubber surface for traction.

    Unique Features

  • High-top style for additional ankle assistance.
  • Padded midsole for extra comfort.
  • Rubber sole for grip on outdoor surfaces.
  • Pros

  • Thanks to the high-top design and cushioned collar, the ankle support is excellent.
  • Sturdy construction that can withstand the roughness of outdoor basketball games.
  • Excellent grasp and adhesion on different types of terrain.
  • Cons

  • The shoes might not be appropriate for players with broader feet.
  • The size might be a little small, so it’s crucial to try them on before making a purchase.
  • What People Are Saying

    Many reviewers have praised these shoes as the best outdoor basketball shoes for their exceptional ankle support. They offer great relief, stability, and support for my ankle problems.

    The footwear remained undamaged despite the uneven texture of the cemented playground. “I have been engaging in outdoor basketball activities while wearing these sneakers for several months and discovered that they have maintained their quality remarkably,” the individual expressed. Another user emphasized the resilience of the footwear.

    Honorable Mentions

    These choices are unquestionably excellent, but let me suggest two more recommendations that I think are outstanding:

    Under Armour Curry Flow 9 Team shoes.

    AND1 Delta Men’s Basketball Sneakers.

    Best Ankle Support Basketball Shoes for Kids – AND1 Showout Boys’ Basketball Shoes

    Shoes that provide adequate assistance to the ankles can help prevent ankle injuries, which are common among young basketball players.

    Additionally, children’s shoes need to be designed with their growing feet in mind, providing enough room to grow and ensuring a comfortable fit.

    The best basketball shoes are those that strike a balance between durability and comfort, providing ankle support to help young players perform their best while staying safe.

    Here’s my top choice for the finest basketball shoes with ankle support for children.

    AND1 Showout Boys Basketball Shoes

    These sneakers are for children who enjoy playing basketball. They were crafted with the AND1 emblem prominently showcased on the sides.

    The design and construction of the footwear are tailored to provide young sportspeople with the stability they need to participate with assurance and safety.

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    Unique Features

  • Synthetic substances for long-lastingness.
  • Non-scuffing sole for long-lastingness and grip.
  • Cushioned collar and tongue for extra comfort and assistance.
  • Pros

  • The upper of synthetic leather and mesh provides both durability and breathability.
  • The silhouette of the shoes is mid-top with a lace-up closure to guarantee a snug and safe fit.
  • A non-marking sole that offers excellent grip on both indoor and outdoor surfaces.
  • Cushioned tongue and collar for extra comfort and support.
  • A padded insole that aids in absorbing shock.
  • Cons

  • Color may not be attractive to children who favor more vibrant footwear.
  • Footwear can still feel warm and suffocating during prolonged periods of usage.
  • What People Are Saying

    Comfortable very overall are “and kids” for support ankle great “having them praised have kids their for shoes these bought who’ve parents.

    One parent’s feedback stated “these shoes offered the essential assistance for my child who has fragile ankles.”

    Another parent mentioned that the footwear was cozy and lasted well during numerous matches and training sessions.

    Honorable Mentions

    Under Armour Preschool Lockdown 6 is a shoe designed for both boys and girls.

    Adidas Kids Postmove Mid.

    Best Budget Basketball Shoes For Ankle Support – Adidas Men’s Postmove Mid Basketball Shoe

    Affordable basketball shoe choices are available here that won’t exceed your budget. It’s important to note that superior quality doesn’t necessarily come with a higher price tag, as demonstrated by certain footwear options in the market.

    Adidas Men’s Postmove Mid Basketball Shoe

    While being priced lower in a range, these Adidas shoes provide you with the best value for your buck. Budget-friendly shoes don’t necessarily mean the cheapest ones out there.

    These shoes come in a white and metallic color scheme and are crafted with a synthetic leather upper and a rubber sole.

    They feature a classic lace-up fastening and are crafted with Adidas’ iconic three stripes on each side.

    This is particularly crucial for players who must execute rapid movements and sudden stops during gameplay. One primary characteristic that distinguishes these basketball shoes from others is their remarkable ability to provide adequate ankle support, in addition to their range of price.


  • A reliable lacing system can aid in the prevention of ankle sprains and various other injuries.
  • Crafted with a synthetic leather upper, which is lightweight and allows for breathability.
  • Economical when contrasted with various other basketball sneakers.
  • Cons

  • Accuracy of sizing may vary, thus it is crucial to measure before placing an order.
  • A mid-top style might not offer sufficient support for individuals with fragile ankles.
  • What People Are Saying

    One individual who purchased these shoes commended them for being “economical in terms of excellent overall quality.”

    Another individual observed “they are sturdy and maintained their quality even after several months of use!”.

    Honorable Mentions

    While those choices are impressive, here are two additional outstanding suggestions that I believe are worth considering:.

    AND1 Slam Basketball Shoes for Men.

    AND 1 Men’s Tai Chi LX Basketball Sneaker.

    Basketball Shoes with Ankle Support – Buying Guide

    Here are three crucial elements to take into account when purchasing basketball sneakers with ankle stability:.


    The shoe’s design is essential when it comes to providing ankle support. High-top or mid-top basketball shoes offer additional protection around the ankle, so it is advisable to search for them.

    On the contrary, athletes who do not need extensive ankle protection or possess stronger ankle muscles are more suitable for low-top shoes, as they provide lesser ankle support.

    A well-designed basketball shoe should also allow you to adjust the tension of the lacing system, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit.


    The material’s quality used in the basketball shoes with ankle support is also crucial.

    These materials provide more stability and support for your feet and ankles. If you want basketball shoes that are made from durable synthetic or leather-like overlays.

    Avoid using delicate materials like mesh for footwear, as they can lead to twisting of your ankles and potentially cause injuries.

    Shoes equipped with a sturdy, long-lasting sole can also assist in absorbing force and protecting your feet from jolts while participating in physical exercise.


    Finally, it is important to consider the cushioning in the shoe, which can help reduce the risk of injury and absorb impact. Basketball involves a lot of jumping and running, which can put a strain on your ankles and feet.

    Seek out footwear with a well-padded midsole, which can offer comfort and assistance to your feet during the entire match.

    Some basketball shoes even offer specialized cushioning technologies, such as Boost from Adidas or Air Zoom from Nike, to provide exceptional comfort and support for your feet.


    What should I look for in basketball shoes with ankle support?

    When searching for basketball shoes that provide ankle support, you should look for shoes that have a snug fit and good cushioning. These shoes can also assist in preventing and supporting lateral and traction injuries.

    Does the cost of the shoe affect its quality?

    The focus should not be on the satisfaction, but rather on the price of the shoe. A higher price does not always mean better quality. Sometimes, you can find better shoes for a lower price. It is not always the case that an expensive shoe is of better quality.

    Choosing Your Shoes

    Nothing is worse than sitting on the sidelines because of a preventable injury; I’ve had my fair share of being sidelined, and having solid ankle support is an absolute game-changer when it comes to basketball shoes.

    This is why I am incredibly excited to recommend some of the best basketball shoes with ankle support that are currently on the market.

    The Under Armour ’21 Jet Basketball Shoes and the Nike Lebron Men’s PEAK Top High Basketball Shoes offer unbeatable style and comfort, providing top-notch ankle support. Not only are these shoes amazing options, but they also provide incredible support.

    What are you waiting for to take your game to the next level and get yourself a pair? With these shoes on, you’ll feel like you can throw anything on the court your way.

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