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This is an extensive journey, so prepare yourself because we’ll demonstrate how to complete the Murder on the Border quest in Runescape 3 in this guide. Many of them can be perplexing for individuals who are undertaking it for the initial time and there are numerous quests in Runescape 3.

The Murder quest on the Border is one of the longer quests in the game, fortunately, there is not a lot of walking involved in this particular place.

We’ll need to talk about the requirements and things you need for this quest first, but if you like stories in this game, one of the more interesting quests can be following the stories.


  • New Foundations Mission Accomplished.
  • Construction at level 30.
  • All Tier 1 Fort Forinthry structures built: Town Hall, Command Centre, Workshop, Chapel.
  • Items Needed:.

  • Six Oak Frame.
  • Segment 6 of the Stone Wall.
  • A Weapon.
  • Now, here are the necessary actions required to complete the quest.

  • Visit Fort Forinthry and have a conversation with Aster to receive the Quest.
  • Construct the first level of the Kitchen (requires oak frames and stone walls).
  • Talk to Aster after the kitchen is finished.
  • Head to the courtyard and choose the circle and select yes to proceed with the quest.
  • After engaging in some conversation, make your way back to the town hall where you can have a discussion with the Duke, Simon, and the King or Queen who are located on the upper floor.
  • Descend the stairs and converse with Aster to initiate the banquet.
  • To secure the fortress, choose option 1 once more. Proceed with the cinematic sequence until the Duke perishes by consistently selecting the initial choice.
  • After the cinematic, converse with Aster and select choice 1.
  • Retrieve the Nut Roast from the kitchen.
  • Locate the partially submerged container adjacent to the chapel.
  • Locate the Unusual Bag to the west of the municipal building.
  • Head to the Kitchen and explore the Supply closet, and choose “Acquire Hollyhock.”.
  • Go to the centre command and expand all the dialogue options to talk to Alba Duchess and roast Nut the link then.
  • Talk to the Bianca NPC near the chapel and use up all the dialogue options. Then link her to the Jewelry Box.
  • Talk to NPC Simon near the entrance of the town hall to expand all the options in the dialogue and ask him to book the link “How to Poison Dummies for Dummies”.
  • Return to the Strange Satchel, engage with it, and acquire a Flask of Water.
  • Combine the Container of Water with the Hollyhock.
  • Prepare a Toxicity Detection Elixir (Hollyhock) on the stove in the culinary area.
  • Apply the elixir to the meal of the Duke and choose the second choice to utilize it on the Duke’s Meat Pate.
  • Speak with all the non-player characters and then ultimately converse with King Roald within the chapel.
  • Atop the Town Hall, converse with you and communicate that Aster will possess all the clues by this juncture.
  • A killer will assault both of you and you will have to overcome the assailant.
  • Investigate the Assassin and peruse the correspondence you discover regarding him.
  • Visit the Courtyard and communicate with any non-playable character (NPC) present and choose the initial choice.
  • Examine the Scorched Papyrus in the municipal building adjacent to the hearth.
  • In the midst of the Chapel and Kitchen, there is a wax seal that you must engage with.
  • The Spanielspeak Charm can be acquired by connecting her to the Wax Seal and choosing all the conversation choices, after which you should talk to Iris and proceed to the Workshop.
  • In close proximity to the workshop, converse with the canine and connect the Spanielspeak Amulet to the dog.
  • Click on the canine to discover three points of attraction. The final one will provide you with your subsequent hint.
  • Visit the Command Centre and have a conversation with Duchess Alba. Choose the options 1-1-2-2 to obtain the subsequent clue.
  • Interact with all the non-player characters to obtain the subsequent hint, for this playthrough I conversed with the Queen non-player character.
  • Approach the workshop and connect the Burnt Determination to the Rodney non-player character.
  • Choose the first choice with the word “Yes, I’m Prepared.”
  • Go back to the courtyard and talk to the King. Then select Option 5 which is Bianca Dunnet to select the murderer.
  • Choose “Conclude the Feast” when conversing with the Monarch.
  • Have a conversation with Aster and choose Options 1 and then 1.
  • Visit the Oceanography Institute in Nha Trang, it is a captivating place for people of all ages.
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    Congratulations on knowing how to complete the Murder on the Border quest in Runescape! Now, go out there and try it yourself!

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