The Last of Us 2: Abby & Owen Boat Romance Scene Explained

Fireflies, the main character Ellie continues her story in the second title of the franchise, The Last of Us Part 2. The game is considered darker, more graphic, and violent, hence earning an ESRB rating of +18. Naughty Dog, the developer, decided to bestow the sequel with the success of the first game, The Last of Us.

If you are interested, stay with us until the end. We will explain the relationship between Owen and Abby before the scene on the boat and why they sleep together. This article will discuss the scene on the boat where Owen and Abby romantically get involved. Some fans find it confusing when Abby makes impactful decisions, especially the one where she sleeps with her former romantic interest, Owen. In the meantime, Abby seeks revenge for her father’s death.

Let’s introduce the first characters, City Lake Salt and Hospital Mary St., Who are supposed to operate on Ellie at the request of Doctor Mary. Abby Anderson, daughter of surgeon Jerry Anderson, is a part of Fireflies. Before we explain the scene on the boat, we must establish the relationship between Abby and Owen.

Joel, however, doesn’t realize that his actions would kickstart the rage of a distraught daughter who wants to avenge. Nevertheless, he decides to flee Salt Lake City and proceed to kill the doctors in order to protect Ellie. Joel and Ellie’s arrival in Salt Lake City, when Marlene, the leader of the Fireflies, spreads the word that the young girl is immune to the infection, changes everything in that moment. He truly was in love with one of those boyfriends, who wanted to get on Jerry’s good side. Owen, a young member of the Fireflies, who was romantically involved with Abby, was also involved.

FEDRA toppled the paramilitary organization that the WLF, a liberation front in Washington, had joined. They decided to relocate from Seattle to Salt Lake City, and Abby chose to involve herself with another member of the crew. Owen’s distancing himself from Abby led her to plot revenge against Joel. Ultimately, their relationship ended, leaving Abby filled with anger and sadness, which made her cold and jaded towards Owen.

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Abby discovers a lead that will bring her brother Tommy, along with Owen and Joel, on a journey through Wyoming, four years later.

He agrees to go with her, visibly concerned about Abby. Let’s just say that he decides to go. However, Owen puts his foot down and wants to kill Mel and Jordan, accompanied by Joel’s brother, a teenager named Tommy. Eventually, Abby murders Joel violently, while Ellie screams for her father, watching from the side.

During their patrol, Danny and Owen, an exhausted and elderly pair, encounter Scar, a member of the Seraphite cult, who Owen orders not to kill the old man. Owen shows mercy and refuses to carry out the kill. The encounter takes place in the territory that was at war with the WLF, a group that Owen and Danny belong to. Owen is visibly distraught by the actions of Abby and the crew when they return to Seattle from Wyoming, where he distances himself from the group as proof of his distress.

The leader of WLF, Isaac, still manages to get word that Danny is fatally injured, but he hides and escapes in fear of hunting by the WLF. Owen, prompted by the desire to kill him, doesn’t appreciate that soldier from WLF, of course.

What does this mean for Owen and Abby’s relationship? Even after their breakup, Owen still supported Abby from afar, and they knew and loved each other well when they were young. Abby was notoriously always trying to repress her feelings by venting her rage and anger at the gym, where she spent a lot of time. It was even more complicated because Abby didn’t find anyone after she was too busy trying to avenge herself.

In the article’s subsequent segment, we will further elaborate on the increased dynamism. Even when she becomes pregnant with their child, she does not stop explaining this. Mel exhibits suspicions and jealousy about Owen’s relationship with Abby, and this reveals her feelings of intimidation and insecurity in the presence of Abby. Owen, who was already involved with their mutual friend Mel, got involved with Abby at the same time.

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Let’s explain the infamous boat scene, which is one of the most controversial parts of Game 2. Now that we have established the foundations for Abby’s relationship, we can move on to the main topic of this article.

The boat scene between Abby and Owen explained

Owen and Abby were in each other’s company when they were assigned a specific place for Owen and Abby outside the aquarium, which happened to be on the sailboat situated just beyond the aquarium. Being the person who knows Owen the most, Abby quietly leaves and starts searching for him after Owen escapes from WLF. Mel informs Abby that Owen has been absent for a duration of two weeks.

Owen, who explains the situation to Danny in detail, finds that everything has been happening since the disbanded Fireflies lost his love and saw her fall deeper into darkness while trying to love another woman. Owen looks fed up with everything and can no longer kill Seraphites.

Abby, who sought revenge for her father’s death and the destruction of other people’s lives, expresses her rage towards Owen because he lost his family, just like Abby lost hers, and venting to him lets out her anger. The next interesting moment is when Owen snaps, expressing his rage towards Abby for the first time. Abby dismisses his idea as wishful thinking and childish, telling him that going to California as soon as possible is not a possibility. He also tells Abby about a supposed lead on a group called the Fireflies, who are allegedly alive and led by Barbara in Santa Barbara.

The moral compass of Abby’s change kickstarts it because this scene is important. It stirred a lot of discussions and is one of the controversial scenes in Part 2 of The Last of Us. They soon transition from kissing into a physical fight. Abby and Owen get into a fight. Although Abby still has nightmares that her father’s murderer killed her, she still hunts for them every night.

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WLF and fanatics are rescued by Yara and Lev. Yara, a young former Scar, decides to help them and guides them on the right path. However, Abby feels detached but it bothers her deeply that she is still a monster. She is still loved by Owen obviously. Nothing has changed – she doesn’t feel anything and Abby wakes up every morning after nightmares.

She wants to protect these innocent children. Abby finds her purpose and bonds with Lev, and she goes to the dangerous territory to get medicine for the injured Yara – it seems like a kickstart for something in Abby before the previous night. Abby dismisses his advances, but Owen wants to discuss the previous night.

Due to her, Mel personally will not accompany Owen to Santa Barbara if she chooses to go. Eventually, Mel informs Abby that their friendship has come to an end. Words that wound more deeply than she comprehends, Mel persists in making accusations and emotionally tearing Abby apart. With the intention of gaining favor from Owen, she aids Scars. Eventually, Abby confronts Mel and accuses her of being a “fake”.

This scene is the final moment between Abby and her companions, who perished at the hands of Ellie.

Why is the boat scene so important in the Last of Us Part 2?

Despite the rough and uncomfortable dirty scene of sex, Abby realizes that she has done everything over the years to distance herself from the people she loves. In her path of revenge to destroy her relationship with Owen, who has always supported her from afar, she realizes that she has only made herself distant from the affection that Owen had always shown towards her.

Abby and Owen, both broken and jaded, soon realize that they are trying to revive their relationship and find a lasting connection by finding solace in each other’s arms while Ellie’s purpose is to protect Lev and Yara, even though her hands are sparking with conflict and her heart aches as Owen dies. They have been missing for years, but they find a spark between them when they sleep together.

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