Road Home Review

Home Road, also known as (归路), is a highly anticipated drama for 2023. It is an adaptation of a novel created by Bao Fei Bao Ma, who is not only a screenwriter but also the creator. Through the posters and clips, it is expected that this love story will be touching and give viewers the same feeling as past popular dramas like Ever And Forever and Squid! Go Go. The production is anticipated to be great, living up to the fans’ expectations and the hype surrounding it.

My score: 7.5/10Episodes: 30Genre: RomanceAir Date: March 2023Image Credit: iQIYI Taiwan Facebook.

  • Jing Bo Ran portrays the character of Lu Yan Chen / Lu Chen.
  • Seven Tan portrays the character Gui Xiao in the drama Song Yun.
  • Zhang Bo Jia, who is known as Baby, portrays the character of Meng Xiao Shan.
  • Li Min Cheng plays the role of Qin Ming Yu.
  • Zhang En Shuo portrayed the character of Qin Xiao Nan.
  • Zhang Qiao Er portraying the character Duan Rou.
  • Wang Hao portraying Hai Dong.
  • Guo Xiao Tian portraying Hai Jian Feng.
  • Liang Tian portrayed the character of Lu Zheng.
  • Sha Bao Liang plays the role of Gui Yan Shan.
  • Xu Rong Zhen portraying the character Shen Jin.
  • Li Mo Zhi portrayed Zhao Min Shan.
  • Road Home Review – Second Chance Romance

    Hence, when they meet again after 10 years, the drama begins and the tension between them becomes visible. The story immediately draws you in, as you wonder what happened in the past and why they broke up. Through flashbacks, the breakup is slowly fleshed out, revealing the early status of their relationship. Both of them still have strong feelings for each other, but there is a reason for the breakup. Essentially, “Home Road” is a very simple love story about a young couple who broke up earlier but now have a chance at a second romance.

    This show has two highly likable leads and the relationship between them is kind, mature, and understanding, especially after going through a painful breakup. For those who are looking for pure romance without too much silly quarrels and unnecessary angst, this drama is perfect. It has tons of lovey-dovey moments after the reconciliation. In comparison, Home Road is much more straightforward and positive. Actually, Heart To Here reminds me of this show, but without the schemings and melodrama.

    Perfect Couple

    The drama becomes exceedingly affectionate and romantic with such a masculine character, offering female viewers something to fantasize about. Although it only exists within the realm of fiction, I suppose a man in his profession as a police officer in special units could possess a well-toned physique with defined abdominal muscles. In addition to that, whenever he is in her presence, he treats her with utmost care and adoration, going as far as carrying groceries and washing her feet. He spoils his partner and is an excellent chef, taking care of all the household chores. Lu Chen, the male lead, epitomizes the ideal boyfriend or husband.

    The female protagonist, Xiao Gui, is independent in her own career and happily plays the role of a pampered lover to the man she loves. She enjoys his presence and attention, and only loves him. Whenever she is with Chen Lu, a lovestruck teenager, she becomes reduced, but she remains positive-minded, cheerful, and resilient.

    If you’re not bothered by the exceedingly shallow storyline, that is, they share a profound affection for one another and there are numerous moments that portray their everyday existence as a pair. Therefore, it can be said that this couple is ideal, or nearly ideal, for a romantic drama.

    Nothing Much To The Story

    So! I believe it’s been overdone. It’s definitely sweet. There is not a single complaint. The girl’s part has no drama on it, indicating that he has spent most of his time away. You will just be watching him leaving for his repetitive duties and coming home with the guy, acting all lovey-dovey. Especially the last 10 episodes, it is more of a slice-of-life kind of romance drama, with a lot of time spent on the daily interactions of the couple. Unlike Princess And Lighter and Husband Perfect Her And She, there is not much going on in terms of the plot. It’s a very heartwarming romance, Home Road for me.

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    Drama of a slow tempo, which is also a kind of Yourself Meet, gives me the feeling that it is unnecessarily extended. However, many people will find it sweet and heartwarming, and it is not awful to watch. It is practically littered with filler scenes that don’t add anything to the plot, especially in the third to last episode. Therefore, it can be seen as a drama that is unnecessarily lengthened to 30 episodes.

    Instead, this drama is not simply plot-driven, but it laser focuses on the main acting and chemistry of the couple, as well as their interactions. I’m not sure why they even introduce it in the first place when they have no intention to give proper closure, and the development of the couple’s story is also stunted. The ending for Home Road is a whole episode that takes place in one flashback, as well.

    Acting And Chemistry

    In the play, you can feel his pain and longing for his beloved. Jing Bo Ran executed this skillfully, communicating all his emotions through the actor’s gaze and facial gestures. Lu Chen is a man who speaks sparingly, thus embodying the masculinity that Jing Bo Ran brings to the character. He caught my interest in Road Home, but I find him more relatable in A League Of Nobleman. Jing Bo Ran’s depiction of Lu Chen is praiseworthy in my opinion.

    Tan’s acting in Seven is usually up to standard, and I know from watching enough of her dramas that she has always been able to bring the characters she plays on Home Road to life. Additionally, she has the ability to juggle both her roles as a mature woman working and a student, which is quite impressive.

    In “The Sword And The Brocade,” despite the significantly older Wallace Chung, Seven Tan has consistently displayed great chemistry with her co-stars. They effectively portray lovers, and the entire drama revolves around their chemistry. The main actors successfully exude a strong connection, portraying a loving couple onscreen.

    Not particularly passionate, but definitely sweet. None of the scenes feel truly awe-inspiring, but Road Home is sprinkled with intimate moments that are compared to a memorable one. However, the entire drama only has one such kiss in Flight To You, although Seven Tan and Wang Kai did a better job in that aspect. It would have been perfect if they were able to intensify the atmosphere a bit more. Despite the great chemistry in Road Home, the kisses should have had a slightly higher level of passion, I also somewhat felt the opposite way.

    Road Home Ending And Recap (Spoilers Alert!)

    Gui Xiao and Lu Chen were brought back together after Lu Chen regained consciousness following his coma. She hurried to visit him and gave birth to her baby at the very same hospital where Lu Chen was receiving medical care. In Episode 27, Gui Xiao welcomed a baby girl into the world while Lu Chen suffered a severe injury while working far away from home. The Road Home concludes on a positive note.

    Chen Lu and Xiao Gui had their second wedding ceremony in Episode 29, years later. After the ceremony, Xiao Gui wanted to wait until he had cleared all his debts with the leftover savings to give his family a proper wedding.

    Gui Xiao is the place he considers home because the resurgence of his life prompted him to believe that it was the right moment to return to Beijing. He was hesitant to depart but was on the verge of being relocated from Qining to a city near Beijing when Gui Xiao appeared in Qining in 2020. The series concludes with Lu Chen deciding that it was time to return home, back in 2020, when they initially encountered each other as classmates and how Lu Chen was captivated by Gui Xiao. The recollection is primarily narrated from his perspective, and Episode 30 essentially serves as a flashback to the time they first met as schoolmates.

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    When Did Gui Xiao And Lu Chen Get Back Together?

    Lu Chen, acting on behalf of his father, reluctantly signed a contract with Zhao Min Shan to settle the loan. Lu Chen was not pleased with the terms of the agreement, and he was completely unaware of this arrangement. Lu Chen’s father had borrowed money from the Zhao family and had agreed to their demand that Lu Chen marry their daughter as a means of repaying the debt. In Episode 8, Gui Xiao and Lu Chen reconciled to some extent after he reached a formal agreement with Zhao Min Shan regarding his family’s financial obligations.

    In Episode 15, he had a strong desire to marry her as soon as he could. He was in agreement with her suggestion and didn’t want to delay any further, especially after experiencing the fear of losing Lu Chen during his perilous mission in Episode 13. Lu Chen informs Gui Xiao in Episode 11 that he will wed her once he has completely paid off all the debts within a span of 2 years.

    Gui Xiao discovered that she was expecting a baby in Episode 19, and the pair officially tied the knot in Episode 20.

    Is There Any Breakup Or Love Triangle?

    Despite the time spent apart, they have also grown more matured over the years. Gui Xiao comprehended and embraced the circumstance, despite Lu Chen’s frequent job-related absences. There was no separation following Gui Xiao and Lu Chen’s reconciliation, absolutely not.

    Chen Lu and Xiao Gui had remained single all those years, still unable to forget each other. Although Xiao Gui was interested in her boss, she didn’t give him any chance to pursue her. In addition, there is no love triangle between them; they only have eyes for each other.

    Why Did They Breakup 10 Years Ago?

    Chen Lu and Xiao Gui started dating in 2009, shortly after their final exams in high school. They later entered university and embarked on a long-distance relationship. However, due to the nature of his work, Chen Lu was often uncontactable and they didn’t have much time together. When he returned after a few months of separation, she could see that he was still immature and young. Episode 14 partly revealed the break-up of their relationship, with a more complete picture given in Episode 16.

    He consented to ending the relationship via telephone when she grew exhausted and proposed it. Gui Xiao believed that it was inconsequential whether she had a partner or not, as Lu Chen was consistently absent from her life. Consequently, her bond with her father became tense when her parents’ marriage fell apart due to her father’s extramarital affair, and the final straw was when Gui Xiao required Lu Chen’s support. Furthermore, they had fewer and fewer topics to converse about.

    Chen Lu Episode 17 revealed that Xiao Gui did not know why he was overly emotional at the time when he later found out that her parents, both of whom were unwilling to give in to pride, were divorcing. He also told his colleague that he agreed to the breakup out of anger.

    Second Couple

    Qin Ming Yu and Duan Rou are the secondary pair. Occasionally, when Xiao Nan was being taken care of by Gui Xiao in Beijing, Duan Rou would assist in looking after the boy. This led to her having to communicate with Qin Ming Yu regarding his son. Gradually, they developed a friendship. In Episode 21, Gui Xiao expressed her desire to visit Lu Chen, who was on a mission in Qining. Duan Rou was encouraged to accompany her and meet Qin Ming Yu.

    Yes, Rou Duan was shocked by the sudden proposal, but instead of expressing his love for her, he merely proposed marriage. In Episode 28, he was playfully forced to express his feelings until he had the courage to do so. However, he didn’t think that he deserved her. Yu Ming Qin was interested in Rou Duan but didn’t believe that he was worthy of her.

    Supporting Characters

    Meng Xiao Shan

    Qin Feng is her present spouse, Xiao Shan previously dated Hai Dong before settling down with him. She manages an upscale eatery and hails from an affluent family. Xiao Shan is Gui Xiao’s closest companion from their school years.

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    Qin Ming Yu

    When it pertains to females, Qin Ming Yu may be indistinct but proves to be a commendable gentleman. He has gone through a divorce and has a son, serving as Lu Chen’s close associate and second-in-command within the SWAT unit in Qining.

    Qin Xiao Nan

    Xiao Nan is an intelligent and rational young boy who constantly moves due to his father’s job, as his father is the son of Qin Ming Yu. Xiao Nan is a student in primary school.

    Duan Rou

    Because of her own upbringing, Duan Rou possesses an innate empathy for individuals who come from fractured families. Additionally, she works as a financial investment executive alongside Gui Xiao. Duan Rou has a deep affection for children.

    Hai Dong

    Hai Dong is Lu Chen’s closest companion since their early years in school. He is also the former partner of Xiao Shan, as they ended their relationship because of his involvement with Zhao Min Shan.

    Hai Jian Feng

    She has been carrying a torch for him, and he has a crush on Xiao Gui. Feng Jian is Xiao Gui’s classmate and Dong Hai’s younger brother.

    Lu Zheng

    Lu Zheng operates a automobile repair enterprise. Due to a police officer’s passing from an illness, she had no choice but to come back to Lu Zheng for financial motives. He harbors resentment towards his spouse for leaving him and their children to be with a law enforcement officer in the past. Whenever he becomes intoxicated, he exhibits a quick-tempered nature, which leads to mistreatment of his family. Lu Zheng is the biological father of Lu Chen.

    Gui Yan Shan & Shen Jin

    Shen Jin, who lives overseas, is the wife who has departed from him. Gui Yan Shan, the father of Gui Xiao and the CEO of a publicly traded corporation, is a stern individual who lacks the ability to effectively interact with his daughter.

    Zhao Min Shan

    She would take advantage of a situation to get what she desires. She is a cunning lady. Additionally, she was a former classmate of Gui Xiao and Lu Chen. Zhao Min Shan is divorced and hails from a wealthy background.

    Main Characters

    Lu Yan Chen / Lu Chen

    Chen Lu is a leader of a specialized SWAT team, specializing in bomb disposal, located in a remote mountainous town called Qining. He is well-respected by both his subordinates and superiors, and he excels at his job. Despite appearing reserved and cool to outsiders, Chen Lu hides a warm heart. He has a complicated family background and a strained relationship with his father. Additionally, he has an elder sister who is married to a school principal.

    Gui Xiao

    Gui Xiao is the daughter of a prosperous businessperson, and her parents are no longer together. Gui Xiao is known for her generosity and compassion. She is a self-reliant individual with a joyful expression. Gui Xiao holds the position of a financial investment executive at a specialized capital investment company.


    Despite the passage of time, Chen Lu and Xiao Gui still have deep feelings for each other, but when they meet again, there is an awkwardness between them, like strangers. Chen Lu wants to satisfy her longing and curiosity for him, and he also wants to do the same for her.

    There are several reasons why they broke up in the first place, including unresolved issues between them. Their love will be strong enough to resolve all the issues, including the complicated family background of Chen’s Lu, which is also hindering reconciliation. Additionally, there are unspoken issues between them.

    My Verdict – Great For Romance Drama Junkie

    In comparison to the typical offerings, it possesses a distinct ambiance. However, it is anticipated that there will be ups and downs in the relationship as the plot develops. The yearning of the couple is truly palpable, and the beginning is captivating. Although the storyline is exceptionally thin, the romance itself is heartwarming and the interactions between the couple are endearing. Do not approach this with expectations of thrilling police operations. The emphasis, much like in Light Chaser Rescue, is placed on the characters, resulting in minimal action throughout all 30 episodes. Despite featuring a SWAT officer as the protagonist, Road Home is strictly a romantic drama.

    It will be found that going on for too long with nothing is boring and slow, but at the same time, there will be those who find it romantic. I guess many people will find it that way. Basically, what you are watching is a whole drama that showcases a perfect and happy relationship where two people should get together and fall in love once.

    It might end up being a big bore if you prefer more angst and happenings in your love story, but if you’re a junkie for drama and romance, you would rate Home Road a 10/7 in this review. I also feel that they are overdone in length, but I enjoy the sweet whisperings and romantic moments. It’s a case of being between for me.

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