Jayson Tatum’s 8 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Let’s examine the intriguing tattoos on Jayson’s body, exploring the meanings they embody and the ones he possesses.

1. ‘Portrait’ Tattoo

Tattoo: On the left lower leg of the player, there is a depiction of a woman and a child’s visage.

The significance behind the portrait tattoo on his leg is a representation of himself as an infant, alongside his adored mother, Brandy Cole.

2. Quote on Leg

Below the banners, there are the phrases “Hussle Man” inked and also a set of patterned banners, as well, beneath the phrase “I JUST DIDN’T QUIT” tattooed on Jayson’s left lower leg, Tattoo.

The tattoo serves as a homage tattoo for the deceased rapper, and the inscription on his leg originates from the words of Nipsey Hussle, “I simply never gave up. That’s the sole characteristic that sets me apart.”

3. ‘Jersey and 98’ Tattoo

Written above it, Chaminade has the number 22, while Duke has the number 0 written above it. Additionally, he has a tattoo of two jerseys on the inside of his left leg. The player’s left knee has a tattoo of a star, with the number 98 tattooed on it.

He represents Duke University with his college basketball jersey, adorned with the number 0, which he wore when he played for them. The jersey also represents Chaminade Preparatory College, where he attended high school. The number 98 on his knee represents the year of his birth.

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4. ‘Father and Son Tattoo

Also, the tattoo below depicts the words “son, like father”. The tattoo shows a portrait of a man holding a baby in his arms. Tatum has another tattoo on his left thigh, wearing a jersey.

The significance of the tattoo on his thigh is that it portrays him cradling his adored son, “Jayson Christopher Tatum Jr.,” And he harbors a profound fondness for him.

5. ‘St. Louis’ Tattoo

The tattoo on the right thigh of the player also shows a smoke cloud after an explosion with the words “St. Louis” tattooed above it and the world blows below it.

The tattoo is a homage ink to Jayson’s birthplace, St. Louis, Missouri.

6. Back Tattoo

The words “Proverbs 3:5-6” are also inked on his back, specifically on the right side. Additionally, the player’s upper back displays the tattoo “GODS WILL.”

“He shall direct your paths and acknowledge him in all your ways. Do not lean on your own understanding and trust in the LORD with all your heart.” “The bible verse represents his faith also his back.” “The tattoo received a lot of criticism from grammar Nazis on the Internet due to the missing apostrophe in the words.” “The tattoo represents his religious faith and views on his back.”

7. ’24’ Tattoo

Tattoo: ’24’ ink on his left leg.

Meaning: Jayson got the tattoo of the number ’24’ in the Mamba design to honor Kobe Bryant. In an interview, he said,.

I remember that first team when I was hoping, wishing, that I got No. 10. Kobe, everyone knows that was my favorite player. I was 15 years old and got to wear the number of my favorite player. It just felt like I had some level of connection with him.”

8. Tattoo on his back

Jayson, being a native of St. Louis, decided to get a tattoo of U. City (University City) on his back.

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