Phantom Brigade: Weapons Guide (Variants and Damage Types)

Within a singular category of weaponry, the AR1 Astra and AR2 Burst epitomize the contrast found in the majority of armaments, and the game only includes two assault rifles.

The AR2 is a common type of weapon that lacks precision while moving. Unlike the AR1, it does not deal any concussion damage and has a slightly longer range.

Unless you’re deliberately avoiding concussion damage, the AR2 is the better choice as it offers a remarkable package of 17 concussion damage, sub 1 second activation duration, and minimal heat.

If you find a rare DC1 with the Stabilized perk, you can bring down enemy rifle marksman levels by shooting directly at them. Even if you miss, the DC1 still allows you to deal damage, making it effective in knocking out enemy pilots. However, the DC1’s range is optimal only at a close radius, and it fires explosive rounds with a large scatter. Additionally, there is only one cannon in the Impact class for this type of craft.

Handguns can be used as light weapons that are often enjoyed by most people. They have a low average heat and a duration of 1 second for activation. Additionally, shooting them allows you to keep your right arm intact in a fight, even if your mech is too heavy without adding much weight.

The Blast SGC is a mini shotgun with a very short range, maximum scatter, and minimal heat. If you keep the pellets on target, you can get a lot of kinetic damage without any other type of damage.

The Granite HG1 is a weapon that can be useful for dispatching low-health enemy pilots without risking civilian buildings or causing a lot of collateral damage. While its primary function does not cause any concussion damage, it does have a low activation heat and can deliver good concussion damage with a second activation. However, it does have very low kinetic damage. In terms of scatter value and range, it is comparable to assault rifles and has an excellent range.

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Although the HGS does possess a more limited range of optimal effectiveness in comparison to the HG1, it is important to acknowledge that having a lower range is not necessarily negative. Both the minimum and maximum range will equally impact your experience. Despite its lower range, the HGS Stand boasts a significantly longer activation duration of 1.8 seconds and inflicts approximately the same level of concussion damage as the HG1, while delivering over twice the amount of kinetic damage.

The Spark HGA is probably your best option for damage. It has a similar scatter and range as a handgun, but it also values impact with up to half the damage of an assault rifle. Additionally, its activation duration is half as long as that of the HGS, but it has the same kinetic value.

I rarely use handguns, but if I had the chance to use one, it would be on Granite HG1, an off-the-zone carpet bomb missile mech that I don’t want to ruin or salvage.

The attractiveness of an object is determined by the duration of its activation, which is at least 4 seconds long. Both arms require the use of heavy weapons to operate. I, as a living pilot, was unable to construct a suitable cooking apparatus without the Solarburst UHB, which I managed to use. Additionally, there are two heavy weapons: the Vulcan UHMG and another one.

The introduction of UHMGs may make you an attractive option for wrecking enemies by always keeping these heavy mech weapons ready, even with an underleveled and disappointingly never-ending supply of them. If you keep using the same UHMG for a long time, you won’t end up dealing much damage. Putting an expanded magazine mod on one of them is actually a trap that will give an enemy pilot a concussion and destroy your entire mech until you keep shooting. The Vulcan UHMG will punch through any structure and destroy any entire mech.

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Quickly note the UHMG heat. Liquid cooling can be applied to mitigate the excessive heat generated by rare UHMGs, which cannot be customized due to their unique and severe heat requirements. Additionally, it is worth mentioning that a three-tiered liquid cooling system can effectively manage and reduce the considerable amount of heat produced by common UHMGs.

It is a worthy sacrifice, but the game allows you to move by using Dash actions, so the speed will be as low as the capacity heat allows. You have got all the heat capacity you need on the reactor Charger R1. Slap the Arms Vidar and the lower body Elbrus, which are rare (9+?) Level. This means you need the rare mod slots and 4 Capacitors to equip them, otherwise.

The Tracer IR The Repeater Incendiary is the only weapon in its class. I didn’t find it particularly useful for thermal damage, but it is still a guided marksman rifle of sorts. It has excellent speed and low heat when it comes to guided projectiles, with an activation duration of 1.8 seconds. The Tracer IR The Repeater Incendiary is the only weapon in its class, similar to the Astra AR1 in terms of respectable kinetic damage.

The Dragon Whirl is the ideal choice for shotguns, providing excellent impact and thermal damage. It excels at closer ranges, where the kinetic damage it deals is similar to that of the Semi SG4 shotgun. Additionally, it boasts a large area of effect in front of your mech, actively carpet bombing the enemy with 20 incendiary pellets in 3 shots. It is worth noting that this gun falls under the category of Splitter Incendiary and is the only one of its kind in the Dragon Whirl lineup.

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In comparison to assault rifles, machine guns exhibit greater dispersion, reduced distance coverage, lengthier activation periods, and generate greater amounts of heat.

The MG1 Typhoon, which has the shortest range and is similar to an AR1, is a variant that deals concussion damage. Its activation duration of 2.5 seconds falls between the MG2 and MG3, making it a balanced option. Additionally, it inflicts kinetic damage.

The MG2 has the longest activation duration at a full 3 seconds, the Impact damage of an AR1 and the worst scatter.

The MG3 exclusively inflicts kinetic harm, boasts the briefest activation duration of 1.9 seconds, and delivers exceptional kinetic damage.

The gap becomes extremely agonizing when foes deploy two or three UHMGs or MLs, and countering the damage by attacking requires enduring a significant amount of punishment. Your face is directly in the line of fire from many adversaries, making short-range firearms like machine guns highly effective. I find myself utilizing a plethora of machine guns to avoid employing concussion damage, having minimal spread, and experiencing a brief activation time, as these are my three favorite elements in this game.

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