‘Michael In The Bathroom’ Lyrics By Be More Chill Ensemble

Published in 2015, “Michael In The Bathroom” – a musical on Broadway – was created by Kurt Deutsch, Charlie Rosen, Joe Iconis, and Ghostlight records. The full words to “Michael In The Bathroom” by Be More Chill Ensemble musical group, with George Salazar, can be accessed for reading.

ENJOY & LISTEN TO: Michael In The Bathroom By Be More Chill Ensemble & George Salazar.

Lyrics for “Michael In The Bathroom” by the Be More Chill Ensemble.

I am hanging in the bathroom at the biggest party of the fall, Michael. Nobody even noticed and I could stay here right and disappear.

I would rather pretend to check a text on my phone than awkwardly stand or fake pee because a creeper is left alone with me in the bathroom, kinda my buddy.

Everything felt great when I was involved in a pair. Now, due to no fault of my own, there is no counterpart available.

Alone, completely alone, in the restroom, Michael remains solely as himself in the restroom, Michael at a gathering. I mourn quietly, I fiddle with the grout and patiently endure until it’s time to depart. You are not allowed to enter, no, you are not. The gathering takes place in a restroom, with Michael being the sole occupant of the restroom, simply Michael.

Nowadays, I don’t feel like making girls drunk for fun anymore because it brings up negative emotions for me. I want to dance with someone and sing along to Whitney through the door, but I hear a drunk girl. I’ll get a newer and cooler version of myself, replacing and erasing all our memories, while ignoring the fact that he’s out there but I’m hiding.

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Michael, who is alone in the bathroom, is flying solo. I don’t know who Michael is, I just have a feeling in my eye! Instead of blaming it on weed, I’ll just wait until my face is dry and I don’t need to choke back tears anymore. Michael, who is in the bathroom, is the reason I regret half of the beers I had at a party. Right now, it’s all about Michael in the bathroom.

, Knock, knock, knock, knockI can’t wait to break free

I can’t hear any more knocking, but I am in a better place to go open the door. And I will throw some water in my face.

I am delighted to attend the party. It is great to meet all of you and learn your awesome names. Michael, who rides a PT Cruiser, seems to be a loner and a stoner. I wish I had never been born and instead ended my life. I spend my nights at home, watching porn and lying in bed. This party is terrible, with Michael humming in the bathroom. It is even sadder to see myself in the mirror. I long for a different time, but I cannot find any help.

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