Laura Goldin Bio, Age, Mother, Job, Ken Goldin Daughter

Netflix’s King of Collectibles: Meet Laura Goldin, Ken Goldin Daughter

The Goldin Touch: Netflix captures the behind-the-scenes footage of King of Collectibles as he is followed by cameras. Ken Goldin, the owner of the company, has been auctioning collectibles for decades now.

Laura always had her dad, who said that whenever he boarded a private jet, she would join him. However, during one of these trips, Laura joined Ken’s episode 4 to secure some rare basketball memorabilia. If you need to buy them, you first need to sell your collectibles.

Throughout the episode, the two appeared to have a strong bond and were frequently teasing each other.

IG promoted Laura on her show, @kengoldin @netflix are so excited to get All episodes dropping on Netflix in April. Swipe for a little sneak peek, but they clearly don’t want to spoil the best scenes (mine). Here is the official trailer!

In 1986, Ken Goldin, the founding father of Score Board Inc., Began his journey in the sales and marketing of entertainment and sports merchandise, specifically as a manufacturer and licensee of trading cards for television. However, after fourteen years of founding Sports Goldin Inc., In January 2012, he went back to his roots and founded the leading marketplace for trading cards, memorabilia, and collectibles, known as Goldin Auctions. Ken Goldin, Laura’s dad, serves as the Founder, Chairman, and Executive of Goldin Auctions.

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Ken, one of the most widely recognized leaders in the collectibles industry, has routinely sold over $1.3 billion worth of memorabilia, including sets of records and trading cards, from many of the biggest names in pop culture and sports. His career highlights include selling the most expensive rookie card, the Bowman Trout Mike card, for $3.9 million, as well as other memorabilia such as autographed patches from Michael Jordan and the most expensive jersey card, the Kobe Bryant card, for $2.7 million.

Who Is Laura Goldin Mother?

Jennifer, the mother of Laura Goldin, and her father made the decision to separate when she was a young child. After the separation, her father Ken proceeded to enter into a new marital union.

Last February, we saw Laura with her mother. We were celebrating at the Syracuse University tailgate, and you brought your mom along.

Jennifer, a licensed social worker, has accumulated over 14 years of experience working at Caring Hospice and over 6 years working as a hospice social worker at Lighthouse Hospice. Throughout her career, she has gained diverse experience in providing home care for aging-in-place, as well as working with families, teenagers, and individuals in foster care and mental health systems.

Prior to this, Jennifer was an assistant in the activities department at CCRC Gate Lions Center for 4 years, and for another 4 years she worked as a clinical social worker at Philadelphia Child Guidance Center, providing care and support to youth in foster care through Inc. Services Youth.

Jennifer celebrated her 58th birthday in December 2022. Connect with her on Instagram at @jennifer.Goldin.16 and on Facebook at @jennifer.A.Goldin.

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Laura Goldin Siblings

Laura Goldin has only one biological sister named Lindsey Goldin.

Lindsey was born in July 1996 and currently works as a Content Acquisition Coordinator at the Community Dispute Settlement Center. Before that, she used to be the Midday Show Host and Music Director at FM 88.9 WERS, where she was also an Outreach Coordinator for the Community Center.

Connect with her on Facebook @lindsey.Goldin.

Paul and Carleigh Goldin are Laura’s half-brother and half-sister respectively. Paul was born on August 7, 2013, while Carleigh entered this world on October 23, 2017.

Is Laura Goldin Dating Anyone?

Laura Goldin did not disclose her relationship status. However, based on appearances, it seems that she was probably unmarried in 2023.

Laura Goldin Age

Laura Goldin was 23 years old when she made an appearance on King of Collectibles: The Goldin Touch in 2023. Nonetheless, she was a year less in age when she recorded the show.

She is 35 years junior to her father Kenneth.

Laura Goldin Job

Laura Goldin, who recently graduated from Syracuse University with a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Psychology and a minor in Economics, had applied for 15 jobs before she considered working in his business. She mentioned to him that she had touched base with The Collectibles: King and he had even asked her if she would be interested in any of the available positions. She was particularly interested in a job that was a perfect fit for her, so she was actively looking for opportunities in 2022.

Laura, a media assistant at Merkley + Partners, recently checked for any job openings within the company. She told Ken, her colleague, that if there were any, she would love to work on her own project. However, there were no such opportunities available at the moment.

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