Not Just a Housewife

What are your thoughts on women pursuing a career while being self-sufficient and taking care of a household? Numerous women in our contemporary society, like Juhi Chawla, are now venturing into this path.

Today, the mothers of tomorrow will be determined by what kind of world we have. If a woman wishes to be an individual and have the freedom to do what she wants, it is not about manufacturing children for the next generation but about the choice of having two children. I am not saying she should not go to work, but raising two children is a full-time job if a woman intends to have them. It should not be made into a trend or the only right thing to do in society. Every woman wants to do what she wants to do, wants to do what she wants to do.

I have asked many ladies if they seem to understand the significance of being able to nurture two or three new lives. Why do you say you are just a housewife? Why do you say you are just a housewife? Why do you say you are just a housewife? It is a very important job, my mother never went about telling me she loved me, whether it occurred or not, she simply lived her life without us knowing if she loved us or not. It is just that she lived simply, it is not something kind of this.

My mother never played an active role in my life. She simply made sure that the background was always there, unconcerned about what was happening around us. We lived our lives, never thinking about anything she gave us the possibility of, sitting with my eyes closed at the end of each day. Why did she never think about anything important? This job is not important to me. I will never be what she gave her life to.

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It is sufficient and satisfactory. She lives like a beautiful flower – if she loves her children or if she cooks, plays music, or sings. It must not be upset as something to improve upon – she must do it, especially if there is an economic need in the family. Women also want to obtain. Women were discussing more beautiful aspects of life and men were procuring. Money is just the acquisition of things that you need. We have made the entire world into an economic system, right now.

It would be a regression to prioritize survival over the aesthetics of life; society would not evolve. Let us not be bound by the values that the world sets for us, but rather let it be influenced by our passion or economic necessity. It should not be solely based on the money she earns, but rather on the value she brings by doing something valuable.

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