Is Gang Beasts Cross Platform? (PC, Xbox One, PS5)

Is Beasts Gang cross-platform? But when they offer cross-platform gameplay, these multiplayer games become even better and beat ’em. It brings you pleasure and simplicity to play the game with your friends.

Further along in this article, we will discuss whether the game is compatible across different platforms, but it is certainly a game that can be played on multiple platforms. Gang Beasts can be enjoyed on any platform you can imagine.

The game is available to play on systems running Linux and macOS, as well as Windows. The game can be played on both the last-generation Xbox and PS4 consoles, as well as on the Nintendo Switch. The game begins with these consoles.

However, if you are ahead of the crowd and own the latest generation of console, namely the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, you can play the respective variants of the game on these consoles, namely the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Is Gang Beasts Cross Platform? 

Indeed, there are limitations, but the concise and straightforward response to that query is that Gang Beasts is cross-platform. Now, let’s address the obvious and prominent concern.

If you have been waiting long enough for the game, especially for cross-platform games like Beasts Gang, where there is no fun in joining if your friends can’t be a part of it, there is always that one friend in the group who owns a different console, where multiplayer is the only option available.

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The developers have been talking for quite a while now about the future updates for the game, which will offer a cross-platform gameplay experience that I’ve recently seen the owning of their promise.

If you’re roaming around within the Microsoft environment, it means that the game Gang Beasts can now be played across the current and previous generations of Windows and Xbox consoles, allowing you to finally play with your friends on a cross-platform.

However, the cross-platform feature is not available in the Steam version of the game. In order to utilize this feature on a PC, you must purchase the game from the Microsoft store.

Reason Why Gang Beasts Isn’t Cross Platform?

While cross-platform game development is still involved and there are a few complications, it brings a large user base and a diverse audience to the game.

To put it in simple terms, creating a game for multiple platforms is both more economical and easier compared to developing it exclusively for one platform.

This can prove to be quite time-consuming and expensive for developers. They have to code again using a common code that can run across all platforms, especially for games that were initially developed without any intention of making them cross-platform.

Engaged in creating a game that is compatible with multiple platforms are political and marketing strategies. Competitors would never want their exclusive console title to become the top-selling console worldwide. Additionally, there are other factors to consider.

Therefore, these are the explanations why we are unable to witness Gangs Beast that can be enjoyed on all platforms.

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Is Gang Beasts Available on PS5?

You can still play games on your PS5. However, the game is not available for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, which means that developers have not yet released any version of the game for the latest generation consoles.

@Triyansh Gill

It is not the case that one might assume to play the game as if it were a play. The game that was originally offered for the PS4 can also be played on the PS5, fortunately.

Although it is the identical game, engaging in it on PS5 will result in noteworthy enhancements in graphics and overall performance.

Gang Beasts Will Add Cross-Play When It Joins Xbox Game Pass, But Not With PlayStation?

If you have friends, you can all play the game together from the Microsoft store, whether it’s the PC version or the Xbox version for Xbox One, Xbox X/S. The game can be played across Xbox consoles and windows platforms, at the moment.

However, the reason why Xbox players are only available to join the cross-platform party with Beasts Gang is that it comes to PlayStation consoles when cross-platform feature is available with Beasts Gang on PlayStation.

PlayStation has been charging developers a substantial fee for a considerable period to enable them to provide the cross-platform functionality on their gaming console.

By doing this, certain developers may find themselves at a financial disadvantage, whereas popular games such as Warzone and Fortnite have been willing to compensate and provide the cross-platform capability on PlayStation consoles.

Therefore, the issue of whether cross-platform will be accessible for PlayStation users will only be resolved over time.

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Final Verdict:

It is now reported that cross-platform play has begun, and it is expected to grow even more in the coming years. Despite being an 8-year-old game, it still has a large and expanding user base.

If you own an Xbox console or a Windows PC, you are in luck since the feature of cross-platform is already available on these platforms. However, if you are a PlayStation user, you will have to wait a little longer with your fingers crossed.

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