How God Opens the Eyes of the Heart

How can a person who is visually impaired perceive the magnificence of God and truly comprehend His essence?

Jesus said in Matthew 13:13, “They do not see.” This natural ability to see, hear, and use our brains is something that must happen. However, it is important to note that simply seeing the glory of God does not guarantee a clear understanding. Without the aid of Scripture, the gospel, the incarnation, and the creation, we are unable to properly interpret or perceive the natural things that reveal God’s glory. Our natural abilities of seeing, hearing, and using our brains are indeed a crucial part of this process.

However, it may not be incomprehensible. The heart possesses vision! This aspect is also peculiar — the apostle Paul phrases it as such, so that you can understand “the enlightened perspective of your hearts” (Ephesians 1:18). The manner.

Most people are at home speaking of the “heart” as something more than just the organ in our chest, which we intuitively know is more than just bones and flesh. We know that there is more to us than mere chemicals in a sack of skin if we don’t talk the way we do about things like love and justice.

Is there a natural reasoning that goes beyond and discerns the spiritual. Is there a natural reasoning that goes beyond and hears the spiritual. In a thousand things, we feel it in Pensées. Pascal said that the heart has its own reasons, which reason does not know. Does this person, who sees and knows the real us, know that the things the body sees with its eyes are not identical? Is it strange then to add the notion of immaterial personhood to the immaterial idea of “the heart’s” eyes?

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How can we conceive of what happens in the heart when we see the glory of God? Paul found a clue in the way he speaks of the knowledge of our glory of God, saying that we all should “Know God.”

Although God knew, they did not give thanks or honor to Him. It is astonishing that God knows everyone! In other places, Paul emphatically says that God does not know people’s nature. However, God does not know the wisdom of the world. God does not know the Gentiles either. You were not known by God before.

Who Knows God?

Since the creation of the world, the divine nature and eternal power of God have been clearly seen in the things that have been made. God has shown them to us, making his invisible attributes known. In the book of Romans, Paul quotes, “What can be known about God is plain to them because God has shown it to them.” So, what does Paul mean in Romans 1:21 when he says that all human beings “know God”?

“It is evident that the functioning of the legal system is inscribed within their innermost being.” Paul expresses this by stating that their moral sense testifies to the divine desires. According to Romans 2:14-15, individuals who are unaware of God’s law occasionally adhere to its principles, as Paul explains. However, does Paul’s statement of “knowing God” solely pertain to this? I believe there is a deeper meaning.

So here is my suggestion: Romans 2:15 includes a deeper experience of the heart, which also encompasses Romans 1:21 – “Knowing God”. The analogy that I find helpful is that every human heart is designed by God with a template or shape that corresponds to the glory of God, which can be seen with the eyes of the heart. If words were to describe the glory of God, they would perfectly fit into this template.

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Deep within our souls, it lies buried, a hidden longing and anticipation. We bear witness to this glory in our hearts, knowing that in every waiting heart, there exists a template-shaped glory, a divine manifestation for us to receive.

Hearts Packed Hard

People, instead of embracing the light as stated in John 3:19, actually preferred darkness. In Romans 8:7, Paul mentions that God is opposed to the mindset of the flesh. This mindset involves self-exaltation and a lack of love for God, along with a strong aversion to righteousness, as mentioned in Ephesians 4:18. The reason for not perceiving the shining glory of God is not due to a faulty template, but rather our own inability to comprehend it.

Our problem is not that we lack the light, but that we love the dark. This is the hardness of our hearts.

It is not fitting to perceive or feel it. It does not find a place — the gospel or Jesus or incarnation or creation — when God’s glory shines into the heart. Instead, it means that the hollowed-out shapes of other things are filled with love, which satisfies the glory of God shaped perfectly for all. This means that the shapes of the mold are perfectly shaped to satisfy the glory of God, as I explained in my analogy of the template.

(1 Corinthians 2:14) The splendor of God is considered foolishness by the mind that is guided by worldly desires and false gods. It does not align. Jesus addressed those whose hearts were hardened to the extent of wanting to murder him, stating, “You aim to take my life because my teachings do not resonate with you.” Although they could interpret and recall his words, they were unable to perceive them as magnificent or irresistibly exquisite.

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They loved the template that was designed for the brightness of the God of glory. Although they did not love them, they heard the words.

Supernatural Excavation

Within the framework of our inner being, there exist rigid, worshipful replacements for God’s magnificence, which God could potentially remove, provided we are aligned with His will. This removal represents our sole chance of perceiving God’s splendor as depicted in the Scriptures.

The realm of God (Luke 8:10) is the covert bestowed upon us, with the illumination of the innermost being (Ephesians 1:18), distinctive unveiling from the Father (Matthew 16:17) and the Son (Matthew 11:27), rebirth through the spoken word (1 Peter 1:23; James 1:18), resurrecting us from spiritual death (Ephesians 2:5-6), bestowing faith (Philippians 1:29), granting truth and repentance (2 Timothy 2:25), radiating divine glory into our hearts (2 Corinthians 4:6), portrays this supernatural intervention, for instance, the Bible depicts this supernatural occurrence in various manners.

This miraculous event occurs when God removes, melts, burns, and cuts away the suicidal template of the alienating and cementing love and takes its rightful place. We were created for this witness of the glory of God’s authenticity, which is overwhelming in the Scriptures. We saw only foolishness before, where we only perceived the beauty and satisfaction of God.

No one simply decides to experience the all-compelling and satisfying truth of the Christian Scriptures as a mythical, foolish, absurd, or boring concept; rather, it is a gift from God that opens the eyes of our hearts to the real and self-evident reality of the Spirit.

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