German Shepherd Floppy Ears FAQ: The Complete Guide

Disconnect a as us strike ears floppy. Confidence and intelligence generate the qualities we associate with them. The erect position of their ears is a perfect picture of these puppies. Suffice it to say that the dog has come a long way from its herding roots. The quintessential picture of the German Shepherd speaks to the breed’s poise and courage.

It is essential to put the context in the matter to address the most common concerns people have about floppy ears. You may realize that there is a list of FAQs to address, and it is more likely to apply to your German Shepherd’s floppy ears. Nonetheless,

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The time of importance could be just. Smaller dogs, like the German Shepherd, mature more slowly than larger breeds. Speaking comparatively, these dogs have a dense coat that puts a lot of weight on their ears. If the cartilage isn’t strong enough, it may simply mean that it’s a puppy. There are several reasons why a German Shepherd’s ears flop down instead of standing upright.

german shepherd dog with ears down
Image Credit: Nature_Blossom, Pixabay

It’s In the Breeding Stock

If you choose a dog from a championship line, you may have to pay up to five figures. A purebred puppy will cost you approximately $1,000. The availability and cost of the dog will be influenced by this information. The German Shepherd is ranked as the third most popular breed by the American Kennel Club (AKC).

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If your pet has floppy ears, it may have inherited that trait from one or both parents. This characteristic may be genetic and could be a disqualifying trait. If you are considering getting a dog that doesn’t show this quality, the chances are that you might be getting a dog with erect ears.

Injury or Trauma Damaged the Cartilage

If that’s the issue, patience is essential. Additionally, extended recovery periods frequently result in this outcome. Various regions of your canine’s anatomy are rich in blood vessels that provide nourishment, unlike cartilage. It is not heavily supplied with blood vessels, distinguishing it from the skin. Occasionally, the ears bear the main force of it, and they nip at one another. Young dogs occasionally engage in vigorous play.

Supporting your dog during its recovery from an injury can make a significant difference. Certain dog breeds, like the German Shepherd, have specific dietary requirements, which some manufacturers cater to by producing custom-made pet food. By providing a nutritious diet to your puppy, you can aid in its healing and ensure its proper growth and development.

vet checks the health of german shepherd dog
Image Credit: VP Photo Studio, Shutterstock

An Ear Infection May Be the Cause

Due to their thick fur, German Shepherds are prone to ear infections or mites, creating an ideal environment for ear canal issues. These conditions can be extremely uncomfortable for your dog. When affected, the dog will frequently paw at its ears or shake its head. If left untreated, it can lead to swelling and potentially cause a hematoma.

Consistently maintaining proper hygiene for your German Shepherd’s ears can help prevent the recurrence of any discomfort. Surgical intervention, such as aspiration or drainage, is among the recommended options to address this issue. Seeking veterinary assistance is essential in managing this condition.

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What Percentage of German Shepherds Have Floppy Ears?

German Shepherds have floppy ears as puppies. The difference depends on when they start to change position as they grow into adulthood. It can take several months. The number of adult dogs with floppy ears is about one in five. One of the culprits, which we have already discussed, is typically the cause.

Is It Bad to Touch a German Shepherd Puppy’s Ears?

The puppy’s ears may get upright standing quicker. You may find it helpful to gently massage the puppy’s ears to encourage blood circulation. If you create a positive association with grooming tasks, especially with cleaning your pet’s ears, it’ll make it more manageable. On the contrary, handling your pup’s ears isn’t bad, it’s beneficial.

german shepherd puppy sitting on the table outdoor
Image Credit: M J, Pixabay

Is Taping the Ears a Possible Solution?

The healing process of dogs’ ears usually occurs when they get their ears cropped. The AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association) opposes this cosmetic practice, noting that it is worth considering. It is sometimes done for medical purposes with pets with chronic ear problems. You can use taping to provide extra support for your German Shepherd’s ears, but there are a few caveats.

Due to the potential for spontaneous changes in ear position, we do not advise using this method for younger animals. Another factor to consider is the correct execution of the procedure. When taping the ears, it is unlikely that a puppy will remain stationary. This presents a dilemma as it can both hinder and potentially encourage the ears to stand upright.

If you opt for this approach, we recommend having your vet handle the task. Ingesting the substances may result in ear injury or intestinal blockage. Without employing an Elizabethan or e-collar, it will probably attempt to scratch or bite the bandages.

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Final Thoughts

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