My Review: Does It Hurt?: by H.D. Carlton

  • Honestly, if it weren’t for Enzo’s spice and assholeness, I would have found this book quite boring. The rest of the elements in the story, such as the eerie sounds at night, Sylvester’s questionable intentions, and the mysterious island, tend to drag. While there are some spicy scenes, the focus is mainly on Enzo and Sawyer’s relationship, which becomes the center of attention. Their struggle on the island and their attempts to adapt dominate the narrative. However, after the initial 25% of the book, the plot significantly decelerates, creating a slow midpoint.
  • What I Like:

  • ENZO BRAVO, although I won’t discuss it in detail, you can discover more through research, which also delved into some intricacies. The flavor was extraordinary, and there were additional elements present in the narrative alongside the progression of their relationship, despite the undeniable chemistry between Enzo and Sawyer. Instant attraction can certainly be enticing because occasionally we don’t require a gradual buildup; immediate spice can also be an effective approach for storytelling. While I’m not particularly fond of instant love, The Insta-Lust!
  • I might still say that this book is not definitely for readers who prefer lighter rom-com toned stories, as it may be easier to get into for someone who is curious to try out a dark romance. However, being stuck on an island with a strange man and having traumatic pasts, the main characters have a gut-wrenching and dark experience, similar to a hurricane in the ocean. The setting of an island and the exploration of darker themes without going too much into detail make this story perfect for a few spots and even throw in a few horror-like elements. In fact, this book is definitely a type of thriller/suspense/mystery that explores some darker themes.
  • She’s absolutely incredible at portraying a character who is extremely likeable, despite being a thief. Even though she does some terrible things, people still fall for her charm. This book is a must-read, as Bennett Sawyer has managed to make her the most adorable identity thief imaginable!
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    Total Star Rating: 4 Stars

    There’s a place in the ocean, so deep, where not a single point of light penetrates through it. And for so long, I’ve been trapped there, unable to breathe. When I met you, you lifted me out of that darkness, and it was the first time I came up for air. You’ve become my oxygen, bella ladra, and I can no longer breathe without you.”

    – H.D. Carlton, “Does It Hurt?”

    The official summary:

    What is my identity?

    In the distant past, I cannot recall the response to that inquiry. Fleeing in a state of despair, I ran away from that residence and have not returned since. I am left with only socks on my feet and clothes on my back, as I desperately seek an escape. The only time I have ever walked was on the day my shoes were stolen.

    Instead, he took me, and brought me under a waterfall, where he made me forget my name. He stayed with me until all the moments became forgettable. I could be a girl who is searching for meaning in life, with faceless men.

    Enzo Vitale.

    I would have fled, realizing his intentions, as a massive storm would have shipwrecked us. He lured me onto his boat like a fish in the ocean, seeking vengeance for my crime. He is not so different from the monsters he feeds, but rather an enigmatic man who will only ever love the deep sea and its predatory inhabitants.

    I’m a girl who is seeking refuge in a decrepit lighthouse with a man who loathes me as much as he craves to hurt me, as he wants to hurt me because he has sinister and far more intentions of abandoning the old caretaker’s island.

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    It’s no longer a matter of my identity, but instead, will I endure?

    I wanted to dive into the darker themes of this book, and I must say it wasn’t overwhelming for the reader who wasn’t sure. There are plenty of other known authors who have delved into darker themed romances, but I must say this book by Carlton D.H. H.D. Is a great bridge into that genre. I’m not disappointed at all, in fact, I’m quite impressed with this popular work, which seems to be the first in her duet Mouse and Cat. Okay.

    This story is about a young woman named Bennett Sawyer who is on the run from her dark past. She has become a chameleon, stealing people’s identities in order to stay hidden and move around. At the last possible moment, she makes an impulsive decision to board a different plane, in the purest moment of paranoia.

    Dun Duh DUN!!! Enzo, a mysterious and enigmatic marine biologist who specializes in retrieving very valuable items from the deep and dangerous waters filled with sharks, runs a bar in Australia where she winds up.

    I won’t spoil the story too much if I stop before revealing any more, but I actually don’t want to spoil it too much because it’s a gripping tale about being stuck at sea during a storm and shipwrecked on a small island with an old caretaker and a lighthouse. In this situation, a confrontation leads them to realize that Enzo is a clever and quick-thinking guy.

    What happened to you does not define you. It only forged a new path that will take you to a different version of yourself. But no one can force you to walk that road; only you can determine who you will be once you get there. It’s your choice who you become, Sawyer.

    – H.D. Carlton, “Does It Hurt?”


    I definitely noticed how curious she made me about all the special limited edition books that people are willing to spend $1000+ on. I mean, as my first trek into bookland Carlton’s H.D, I really enjoyed this book and observed her loyal fanbase.

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    I recommend booking this opening before any warnings are issued regarding your research. If you’re a reader who is thinking about taking the time to read this book, be aware that there may be some content in it that is definitely not suitable for everyone or that may not be to everyone’s liking. Don’t worry, there’s definitely nothing wrong with the content that would cause anyone to feel overwhelmed. I would say that this book is an excellent choice for anyone who is concerned about triggering content.

    Thanks for Reading!

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