German Shepherd Coyote Mix: Be Careful With This Breed!

Is it even possible? What is it even? Is it even possible that… You are perusing through the rescue boards of your local animal shelter and you come across a dog that looks a lot like a German Shepherd mixed with a coyote.

A German Shepherd mix with a coyote usually has a very high-spirited and energetic nature, as dogs raised in captivity rarely encounter this hybrid of the two species. In rare instances, the mix results in a larger and more muscular version of a coyote, creating a unique combination.

If you’re looking into adopting any dog that is mixed with a coyote, a German shepherd is probably a pretty good pick.

The following article will also discuss the physical prerequisites and health considerations of this particular breed. We will examine the temperament of the two animals individually and how they behave when combined together.

The dog and coyote are closely related species, but they are two distinct blends of the canine type. They can be a mix of German Shepherd and coyote or a mix of coyote and shepherd.

When these two creatures unite, they form a highly energetic being that is affectionate but necessitates strong guidance.

Unlike coyotes, these coydogs will be bred in captivity rather than in the wild. Human interference is the primary factor in their breeding, and they are commonly referred to as “coydogs,” which is a combination of a coyote and a dog that does not occur naturally.

A coyote shepherd is an appealing canine and typically possesses the following characteristics:

  • Upright ears.
  • Sloped back.
  • Coat of medium length.
  • Long tail.
  • Shrill screech and yelp.
  • Mixed coat of coyote tan with German shepherd brown or black.
  • What to Expect With the Coyote German Shepherd Mix

    Now, we can begin to see how each of these animals have characteristics that are similar to other influences, just like their own.

    With both creatures being lively and clever, you’re practically assured those two qualities at the very minimum.


    You should leave with an extremely lively pet and make sure to put these two animals together every day. They require at least two hours of exercise every day, which amounts to approximately 14 miles (or 24 kilometers) while encountering coyotes. German Shepherds need this daily exercise.

    Over the course of the following decade, you will not be granted any breaks from physical activity. Prior to acquiring a coyote shepherd, ensure that this is a commitment you are willing to make. Anticipate dedicating numerous hours each day to training your coydog without rest.


    Coydogs are often very fond and affectionate, wanting to be near you all the time. While German Shepherds may not be overly cuddly, they do love your company. Even though they are wild animals, coyotes are highly affectionate.

    In the comfort of their own residence, they will exhibit a great deal of fondness. Although your coydog may appear to disregard you and have a desire to wander outside, if granted permission, a coydog would gladly relax on the sofa or slumber in your sleeping quarters.


    During the winter season, coyote shepherds make an excellent option for individuals residing in the northern United States who desire their canine companion to feel at ease. These pets possess a dense coat that enables them to endure extremely cold temperatures, and this attribute is inherited from both of their parents.

    Prior to welcoming your furry companion into your home, it might be wise to consider purchasing a new vacuum cleaner, as these canines tend to shed excessively.

    We discover that the Bissell MultiClean Allergen Pet Vacuum with HEPA Seal System performs the task quite effectively.

    Shepherd coyotes can have variations in almost any color, ranging from grey, tan, white, black, to brown, and often have markings or a gradient of colors. The range of colors can be quite extensive.

    Some of these dogs could have a mask around their face or a lighter colored chest as a result of this peculiar mix of genes.

    Health Concerns

    A more resilient combination has the potential to create a hybrid creature, which is distinct in its role as a coyote herder. There are certain health considerations that are exclusive to this particular breed, as is the case with any canine.

    Hip Dysplasia

    The top issue when it comes to German shepherds is hip dysplasia. Up to 19% of this breed will develop the disease.

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    Dysplasia is a congenital disorder where the bones of the hip and elbow joints are loose, resulting in impaired movement. This condition, similar to hip dysplasia, is hereditary and should be taken seriously. However, the exact prevalence of this condition in coydogs is still uncertain.

    Make sure to read the linked article below to give you an idea of what you may be dealing with if you choose to breed mixed German Shepherds, and to understand all about other joint problems and hip dysplasia.

    German Shepherd Joint Issues: Everything You Should Be Aware Of.

    Elbow Dysplasia

    Dogs are at a higher risk of developing injuries and becoming over-exercised and overweight in their litter. This is a hereditary disease that affects the front legs of many large dog breeds.

    Ensure that your diet is rich in protein and vitamins to provide you with the necessary nutrients. While it is possible to overfeed, it is unlikely to occur if you exercise regularly, especially with a coydog.


    Inflammation of the joint, known as arthritis, is caused by the depletion of cartilage and can occur as a result of hip or elbow dysplasia. Similar to humans, arthritis is characterized by joint inflammation.

    Sometimes coydogs who are affected with dysplasia will eventually get arthritis, as movement away wears the cartilage and the joint is used, leading to painful and stiff joints.

    Make sure to read 10 Ways to Help a German Shepherd with Arthritis in order to get a better idea of what it means to diagnose arthritis in your dog.


    Bloat, also known as Gastric Dilatation-Volvulus (GDV), is a condition that occurs in many large dogs, posing a health risk to their parents and increasing the chances of passing it down to coydogs.

    When a dog is not very active, it usually occurs that organs restrict the flow of blood to itself, twists the stomach, and allows an excess amount of air to enter the stomach. This fast-eating can gulp down its food at high speeds and allow for the entry of excess air.

    If bloat occurs, it is crucial to promptly take your coydog to a veterinarian for emergency surgery to untwist the stomach and save their life.

    You can decrease the likelihood of bloating by providing your canine with two or three smaller meals per day rather than one.


    Certain dog breeds have a higher susceptibility to heartworms compared to others, and coydogs are among those breeds.

    How exactly does this disease sound, infecting the blood flow and heart with worms? Heartworms have been found in wild coyotes in Cook County, Illinois, accounting for 41% of cases.

    Throughout time, the worms mature and expand as the larvae of these worms penetrate a dog’s bloodstream through the sting of an infected mosquito.

    Regular administration of oral medication can help reduce the chances of coydogs contracting heartworm infection.

    K9 Advantix II, a fantastic medication for Extra Large Dogs, is highly effective in preventing heartworm infection, as well as providing protection against fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes.

    Use it once every 30 days and discover its remarkable convenience. It starts to take effect within a few hours and is effortless to administer as it is a topical remedy.


    Although these animals are wild, they possess great intelligence and can learn many commands. To properly train a coyote shepherd, you will need a firm tone, as well as a lot of knowledge and patience.

    The combination of clicker training and treats will be effective in motivating these wild dogs. Training can be difficult due to the strong presence of the coyote gene, making the German Shepherd and coyote mix 50/50.

    Though their instincts rather than you to listen choose will they that guaranteed be never are you coydog, well-trained a with Even.

    You should never leave an unattended child with a coyote shepherd in an off-leash area, as it could get them into trouble.

    If you catch them, they might be able to run even farther than you; otherwise, make sure to instill good recall in them so that they will love to run around in the woods with your coydog.


    The cost of a German shepherd coyote puppy can vary greatly, ranging from $300 to $1000 US, depending on the breeder. It can be difficult to determine the exact price and locating one may pose a challenge.

    Once you have a puppy, you will incur costs for various accessories and gear such as food, vet visits, medication, vaccines, and other necessary items for your dog.

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    For a coyote herder, specifically, you will likely want to invest in a sturdy crate.

    You won’t need to buy a bigger crate ever – as your coydog grows, this crate is perfect for accommodating him with a heavy-duty divider and sliding bolts. Check out the iCrate from Midwest Homes, for example.

    It would be beneficial in the long term to train a wild dog like this using crate training, as they have a tendency to become destructive when they are feeling bored.

    How much does it cost to get a German Shepherd puppy? I want to make sure I have an idea of the associated cost with this mix.

    This will give you a plan detailing the precise quantity of funds, duration, and effort that will be required for the coydog.

    Is a Coyote Shepherd the Right Breed for Me?

    If you lack comprehensive expertise in canine training and have no prior experience as a dog guardian, the answer to this question would be “unfavorable.”

    The coyote shepherd, if it is truly a mix of 50% coyote and 50% shepherd, is an exceptionally high-maintenance breed.

    These creatures are extremely energetic, highly intelligent, but should not be relied upon around young children.

    These untamed animals are not suitable for individuals who are new to owning dogs. The ideal candidate for a coyote shepherd is someone who is extremely active, patient, and well-informed.

    Are You Active Enough?

    To ensure compatibility with a coydog, it is essential to engage in daily running or hiking sessions lasting a minimum of two hours. The coydog requires significant physical activity to prevent destructive behavior, and both these creatures possess exceptional athleticism.

    A content and confident coydog will require extensive exercise, cognitive engagement, and a large backyard with a sturdy barrier, all of which are essential for this breed combination.

    Are You Highly Experienced With Animals?

    You should be well versed in handling and training animal language control. Coydogs are extremely active, but they can also be challenging animals.

    Going into owning one of these dogs without the requisite knowledge is trouble, simply for asking. You need to know how to recognize the signals of both coyotes and dogs.

    German Shepherd and Coyote Basic Facts

    A German Shepherd coyote hybrid, which is quite unusual, would be the ideal choice for someone who is ready for a highly intelligent and incredibly energetic dog, as these hybrids are not very widespread and require a very special owner.

    Let’s take a look at some of the aspects of these animals on their own so we can better understand their mixture.

    German Shepherd Basic Facts

    The German Shepherd is the second most popular breed of dog in the United States. They are part of the herding group, which naturally inclines them to control and try to manage other animals.

    In Germany, they were used to protect sheep herds by guiding them through fields and protecting them from predators such as coyotes, wolves, and foxes.

    German Shepherds are a medium to large-sized dog, with the females weighing in between 50-70 pounds and the males being 65-90 pounds.

    However, some German Shepherds can exceed this size, and the bigger canines are rather daunting.

    They were showcased in 1907 in Philadelphia and Newcastle when they were entered in the open class. This breed made its way to the United States in the early 1900s.

    Only six years afterwards, the American German Shepherd Dog Club was established, and they have increased in popularity ever since.

    The German army heavily used dogs in World War, spreading courage and loyalty through their words. German Shepherds are highly intelligent and well-trained.

    Over the years, many families have saved the lives of these dogs, and for decades, Americans have relied on German shepherds as guardians of their families and property.

    Owning a lifelong guard dog comes with its rewards, provided you can tolerate the untidiness and high energy levels. Their coat easily clings to mud, and they have a tendency to shed excessively. These dogs can be easily identified by their long snouts, shaggy fur, and pointed ears.

    To learn more about shedding and training in German Shepherds, make sure to explore the following two outstanding articles linked below:.

  • Do German Shepherds Shed? Everything You Need to Know.
  • German Shepherd Training Manual: Everything You Need to Understand.
  • Coyote Basic Facts

    Jackals and wolves, foxes, and similar relatives, are incredibly intelligent mammals. These animals are a wild species whose traits reflect that of the coyote, which is unlike dogs but still a part of the canine family.

    They utilize various modes of communication to interact with fellow members of their group, although they primarily journey independently.

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    The coydog progeny is frequently inherited by this distinctive noise. Howls and cries reverberate across canyons and slopes, and they frequently wail at the moon. The melancholic howl of a coyote can be heard at night in many parts of North America.

    German Shepherds are typically smaller in size compared to wolves and foxes, weighing between 50 and 20 pounds. However, they are only slightly smaller than Coyotes.

    Coyotes can be white, tan, brown, or gray, with the warmer shades being found in the southern regions.

    These canines are highly adaptable, which is why they have been able to reside and survive in many different climates, from urban sprawls and deciduous forests to plain deserts.

    The infants protect the females who carry it to the males retrieve nourishment and bring it to both male and female coyotes are engaged in nurturing when it comes to their offspring.

    The coyotes greet each other by licking their faces and cuddling together, showing affection towards one another. They also groom each other. These animals are very affectionate with each other. They spend around 60 days together, which is similar to the gestation period for female dogs.

    Nutritional Requirements

    Coyotes are not picky eaters, but they do need a lot of meat. A mix of German Shepherd and coyote would greatly benefit from a high protein diet.

    To maintain optimal health and ensure a smooth coat, incorporating fish oil into your pet’s diet can support joint health. When selecting a diet for your dog, you may want to consider a raw meat option or opt for a dog food that lists meat as the primary five ingredients.

    Watch this video to discover additional information about the components in your canine’s nourishment.


    With both parent animals being predominantly even-tempered, you’ll likely discover that your coydog is serene – the majority of the time.

    These canines are also highly perceptive. They will remain vigilant, consistently monitoring for prey and potential hazards.

    To ensure the dogs don’t become startled or aggressive, it is important to minimize sudden movements around them, as coyote herders will swiftly respond to any positive or negative occurrences.

    Proper socialization at a young age is crucial for every dog, but for a German Shepherd coyote mix, it is particularly essential.

    You will have to bring your coydog puppy with you everywhere to acclimate them to different individuals and environments. Due to being a hybrid of a domesticated and wild animal, they may exhibit unexpected behaviors.

    If needed, you have the ability to redirect your pet’s focus towards you, thus it is advisable to have treats on hand at all times. Introduce your puppy to unfamiliar individuals and motivate them to investigate, while ensuring your puppy remains restrained by a leash.

    To avoid overfeeding, it is important to note that these treats are only 3 calories each and they are quite small in size. However, it is important to mention that we love their size as well. These treats are made with real chicken and whole berries, making them highly nutritious. If you are looking for new calming dog treats and mini training treats, you can give Zuke’s hemp treats a try.

    With unfamiliar individuals, they might exhibit a slight aloofness, although your coyote shepherd will take pleasure in receiving affection from you. They would greatly appreciate a cozy bed adorned with a blanket and they derive great joy from creating nests. Your coydog will be exceedingly affectionate in the comfort of your home.

    One characteristic of a coyote is the act of licking the faces of other canines as a form of greeting, which can lead to positive interactions with other dogs, provided that they have been properly socialized during their early stages as a young dog.

    Other dogs may not appreciate this, however, so be vigilant when encountering unfamiliar canines.

    Exercise Requirements

    As mentioned, a coyote shepherd will need to include hiking or running as part of their daily routine. They will require a significant amount of exercise.

    Aim for approximately two to three hours of daily physical activity for your coydog. It is also important to provide mental stimulation in order to exhaust not only your dog’s body but also their mind.

    Final Thoughts

    A coyote herder is a distinctive canine that would be a suitable choice for a highly skilled and energetic owner.

    Disobedient, capricious, and delicate can be a less than ideal coydog. Clever, faithful, and daring will be the perfect dog of this breed.

    You should anticipate putting effort into training your dog and being open to hiring a professional at the first indication of hostility.

    Essential elements include training, physical activity, and appropriate nourishment. If you decide to acquire one of these mixed breeds, be prepared for the significant effort they require. Remember these guidelines.

    But if you are up for it, getting one of these dogs might just be the adventure that you’ve been looking for!

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