What chocolates are in a Quality Street tub?

But what chocolates can you enjoy and what is the most popular pick of the tub? Here’s everything you need to know.

Quality Street tubs contain 12 different chocolate flavoursCredit: Alamy

If you are planning on picking up a tub from Quality Street, you may then enjoy a slight notice change to enjoy the festive season with two.

In October 2022, Nestle declared that Quality Street would eliminate its iconic vividly colored packaging after 86 years since they were introduced.

The brand of chocolate wanted to become more environmentally friendly, so it now treats the recyclable waxed paper in a less shiny form.

Only the two sweets covered in foil – the green triangle and orange crunch will stay in their original packaging.

However, what remains unchanged is the selection of chocolate available for everyone to enjoy.

Here’s all the information you need to know about the types of chocolates included in a Quality Street tub.

The Purple One

The Purple One is a fan favouriteCredit: The Sun

First on the list is The Purple One.

This popular chocolate treat includes a complete roasted hazelnut, enveloped in smooth caramel and covered in a shell of milk chocolate.

The Green Triangle

The Green Triangle is one of 12 chocolates you can find in a Quality Street tubCredit: The Sun

The next destination is The Green Triangle.

This Quality Street chocolate is crafted with a creamy hazelnut filling and is enveloped in a delectable coating of chocolate.

Orange Crème

The Orange Crème makes for a tasty but tangy treatCredit: The Sun

If you’re a fan of orange chocolate, then this high-quality candy is perfect for you.

The Orange Crème ensures a zesty and smooth orange taste, while being covered in rich chocolate.

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Toffee Finger

The Toffee Finger is one of 12 chocolates available in a Quality Street tubCredit: The Sun

If you enjoy a more chewy delicacy – then Quality Street offers the ideal choice for you.

Included as one of the 12 delightful desserts in the tub, the Toffee finger is made with caramel and milk chocolate.

Milk Chocolate Block

The Milk Chocolate Block is one of two green chocolates in a Quality Street tubCredit: The Sun

The Milk Chocolate Block can be seen covered in a green wrapper.

This delicious dessert is straightforward but delightful and is crafted with a compact slab of silky and luscious milk chocolate.

Strawberry Delight

The Strawberry Delight can be spotted wrapped in a red paperCredit: The Sun

The chocolate company calls this treat their “crimson Quality Street”.

It is created with a fondant flavored with strawberries and wrapped in decadent dark chocolate.


The Fudge chocolate is the only pink wrapped treat in the tubCredit: The Sun

If you search in the bathtub and discover the pink chocolates, then you’ve stumbled upon a delightful fudge delight.

This chocolate is crafted with smooth fudge and is enveloped in milk chocolate.

Orange Crunch

The Orange Crunch is one of two orange flavoured chocolates in a Quality Street tubCredit: The Sun

The second orange chocolate listed on the menu is the Orange Crunch.

This chocolate is crafted with orange ganache and crispy orange bits.

Toffee Penny

The Toffee Penny is a famous Quality Street treatCredit: The Sun

One of the most renowned chocolates to be included in the assortment is the Toffee Penny.

This dessert guarantees to be soft, shimmering, and made with high-quality caramel.

Caramel Swirl

The Caramel Swirl is one of two chocolates to caramel sweets in the Quality Street tubCredit: The Sun

If you’re a fan of The Purple One, then chances are you’ll enjoy this chocolate as well.

This delightful dessert, which also includes smooth caramel, is crafted by encasing it in a cup made of milk chocolate.

Coconut Eclair

The Coconut Eclair can be spotted wrapped in a blue paperCredit: The Sun

The next item on the list is the Coconut Eclair.

This chocolate is created with soft coconut enveloped in creamy milk chocolate.

Lemon Zing

And finally, we have the latest Lemon Zing chocolate.

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Developed as a component of the spring bundle, this fresh delight includes lemon cream and rich chocolate.

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