6 Top AI SpongeBob Voice Generators with Text to Speech

We will discuss apps that can do the same. We will discuss a few online tools that can effectively change voice and do the job. There are different AI voice generators and text-to-speech tools that allow the user to make Spongebob’s voice AI.

1) VoxBox

VoxBox can be utilized for any objective, offering a wide range of options such as over 100 AI character voices, 100+ accents, and 77+ languages from around the world. In addition to obtaining the Spongebob AI voice effortlessly, it also serves as an AI voice generator.

spongebob ai voice on voxbox

Free Get SpongeBob AI Voice :

First, you need to download and install VoxBox. After installation, open the application.

Step 2: Select the “Spongebob” voice of your choice from the left sidebar under the Text-to-Speech option.

step of make spongebob ai voice

Step 3: Select “Convert” , and then you can export the speech into various formats.

2) Baviux

If you’re looking for an application that is feasible and highly effective, then Baviux is the perfect smartphone application for you. With this tool, you can record and modify your voice, and even share them with your family and friends. Baviux also offers various effects that can be added to the voices, allowing the user to change their voice into different variations.

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baviux app store interface

3) Google Text to Speech

By default, it will be installed as the selected option. A small yellow icon will appear with it. Users can scroll down to find Spongebob and choose Google TTS under the Speech to Text option in General Management > Settings. Users can also find Spongebob by going to Settings > General Management > Language and Input. Once the user selects the option to speak, they can open any app and speak. Click on “Select” to choose your selection and speak. To go to Accessibility Settings, the user can go to Settings > Installed Services. There is no need to download it as it is readily available on every Android device. Another way to get Spongebob’s voice is through Google Speech to Text.

googel tts interface

Part 2: Top 3 Text-to-Speech Online Toolbox for Spongebob AI Voices

1) FakeYou

You can use SpongeBob’s voice. The tool takes a few seconds to generate the displayed voice. The user can click on “Speak” and type the dialogues or lines in the box. You can choose from a list of voices and categories to clone SpongeBob’s voice using Fake Voice, which is an online speech to text tool.

fake you website interface

2) Uberduck.ai

The user can sign up with a Google account to email or communicate through Discord. The user just needs to click on the generated audio to synthesize the character’s voice and choose the desired voice. However, Uberduck requires the user to sign up before generating the audio.

uberduck.ai interface

3) 15.AI

The final section of it discusses how we should not ignore the issue. Before we start running, we need to prepare and fix some bugs. It will take a few seconds to convert. To generate the speech, the user simply clicks “Generate” or presses “Enter” after entering the text. The website has a very user-friendly interface. 15.Ai is the most convenient text-to-speech tool available.

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Part 3: Latest Trends of AI Voice:Let AI Spongebob Cover

AI is increasingly employing a growing number of individuals to create remarkable songs. This is just one instance from the early 2000s where iconic hits were transformed into captivating performances by singers, using AI to train familiar voices from SpongeBob SquarePants, for example, Adam Fneiche, a TikToker who goes by the handle @skapresident, skillfully utilized AI. Although there are many instances where artificial intelligence can be used for positive purposes, it is important to remain cautious. Unlike passing trends such as straight heat-damaged bangs and uncomfortable skinny jeans, technology-powered AI is proving to be more than just a passing trend.

spongebob ai cover on youtube

How to do an A.I. Cover :

IMyFone-Musicai has a new AI music generator that also supports covers, making popular the latest songs and modeling them with a singer.

Step 1: Visit the Musicai homepage to acquire this software.

Step 2: Select the “AI Cover” feature, and then select the AI cover featuring Spongebob.

Step 3: Drag or export the vocal file, wait a minute, you can obtain a Spongebob cover track.


To obtain the authentic SpongeBob AI voice, simply download it without delay. If you find yourself unsure about which one to choose after reading this article, I would highly recommend iMyFone VoxBox, as it offers both supported voice records and a user-friendly interface. Numerous AI voice generator tools can be found online, which can effortlessly transform text into SpongeBob’s distinctive voice.

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