Sunday’s ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ may not be the last time we see one of the show’s main characters

We may not see Alicia Clark as the actress on the show for the last time, however, Sunday’s episode marked the 100th episode of “Fear the Walking Dead” and Carey Debnam-Alycia’s final episode in the series.

Despite Debnam-Carey’s future return to “Fear TWD,” fans may witness her departure in episode 15 of season seven, as revealed by Insider.

In the future, at a certain juncture possibly, Debnam-Carey is expected to return as her character, leaving room for the manner in which she exits the show. Nevertheless, as of now, the source familiar with the series states that Sunday’s episode wraps up Alicia’s narrative.

In a post shared on Instagram following the episode, Debnam-Carey made her departure from the show appear more conclusive.

“But the moment has arrived,” expressed Debnam-Carey in an Instagram message, “portraying Alicia Clark, the conclusion of an exceptional and transformative adventure signifies this evening, my beloved @feartwd relatives. It is both poignant and nostalgic.”

Unless you have access to AMC+ and watched the attached bonus feature episode, you may be a bit confused if you left a few minutes before the final 15 minutes of the first time you watched season seven, episode seven.

In the conclusion of the episode, Alicia appears to succumb to her mysterious affliction (which is never explicitly explained on the show).

Alicia has, more or less, looked like a ghost for the latter half of season seven.

When Alicia awakes, she looks rejuvenated and radiant. Her hair looks finely brushed. One interpretation of the scene is that Alicia may have died and we’re seeing an angelic representation of her marching off into the horizon, knowing that the people she loves saved her life, bringing peace. Under her dark circles, her eyes are gone.

“Fear The Walking Dead” announced in December that it would serve as a parallel and symbolic moment for Madison Clark and Kim Dickens in the final moments of Season 4, as they carry forward in the zombie apocalypse. Previously, Alicia believed that her mother had sacrificed her life for her friends and children, and now it is revealed that Kim Dickens will return to portray Madison in this significant moment.

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For those who were concerned that Alicia’s character perished at the conclusion of the episode, it appears that is not the situation.

In the concluding moments of the episode, coshowrunner Andrew Chambliss elucidates the occurrences. The supplementary content on AMC+ verifies that Alicia was still breathing by the episode’s conclusion.

We then see her walk off as a triumphant hero…Alicia believes that she’s going live, thinking that she has beaten this thing. We know that she has been saved by the bullet turning out to be a fear-saving act…She is now standing up and going into a new world with newfound strength, and we really wanted to build this kind of awakening for Alicia’s journey. Maybe this is just her subconscious trying to guide her again, whether it’s a real bird or an interpretation of her subconscious. I think we should open it up to whether or not this bird she sees flying over her is really freeing her. Whether or not she was really freed by the bird from the Tower, we should think about it.

At the end of season seven, episode 15, Alicia wakes from a fever looking completely rejuvenated.

If you were confused, it seemed like the show was just trying to give Alicia Carey-Debnam’s character a heroic exit, as her hair suddenly appeared more luxurious and vibrant in the final seconds of the episode.

Alicia once again witnesses the potential of the unfolding events, which undoubtedly leads to the culmination of the episode. This, in turn, serves as an additional source for Alicia’s story. It is now simply the conclusion of Alicia’s story, as we were informed that Alicia didn’t die at the end of the episode, which Insider also conveyed.

On “Fear TWD.”, When asked to clarify and confirm Alicia’s mysterious ailment, neither AMC nor Debnam-Carey representatives responded to a comment request from Insider.

Why is Debnam-Carey leaving ‘Fear TWD’ just as Kim Dickens is returning? A new role.

Alycia Debnam-Carey will star in Hulu’s upcoming “Saint X.”

In the upcoming week, Dickens, who portrayed Debnam-Carey’s maternal figure in the initial four seasons of the show, makes a comeback to the series. It’s incredibly vexing that Alicia’s last episode of “Fear TWD” — at least for the time being (whatever that implies) — takes place just before whether or not you’re content with Alicia’s farewell on “Fear.” Irrespective of.

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Madison’s appearance has been teased for the upcoming finale season in previews. The press cannot discuss it until it airs on television on June 5th, but it is currently available for streaming on AMC+.

Naturally, supporters would anticipate a reunion between the mother and daughter pair.

So why is Debnam-Carey departing from “Fear”?

In May, the actress joined Hulu’s upcoming eight-part series “X. Saint,” which is an adaptation of Alexis Schaitkin’s novel. The series follows a young woman’s journey as she tries to understand the death of her older sister, Victoria Pedretti replaced Carey-Debnam while on vacation.

The revival of the “Fear” series was announced by Dickens in December 2021. In January 2021, Chambliss and co-showrunner Ian Goldberg had a virtual meeting with Dickens on Zoom to present her with the idea of a potential comeback, as disclosed in an interview with Insider.

“It was a reality that we knew about for almost a year before we were able to tell anyone,” Chambliss told Insider.

It would be a mistake if fans don’t get to see Alicia on the show again now that Dickens is back.

What good’s a Madison Clark return to “Fear TWD” without her friend and daughter by her side? Fans want to see the three OGs back together.

Alicia was also unable to reunite with her daughter in “Fear TWD” upon returning to Madison, which was the main point of excitement and anticipation. However, Domingo, Colman, Strand, and Victor are not the ones to help her see this through.

Believing, fans of “Fear” would have been livid if Alicia, believing her mother had been alive this entire time, was revealed to have been killed off for the finale season.

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Sooner rather than later, it feels like that would need to happen if there’s a possibility that Debnam-Carey could return some day.

Despite the challenges of imagining how many more seasons AMC can squeeze out of the “TWD” spinoff, “Fear the Walking Dead,” which will be a regular series, it has been renewed for an eighth season in December 2021.

The demise of the former pacifist painter and random character, Hollman Colby (similar to Wes), resulted in a distraught villain emerging late in the seventh season (which has taken an unrealistic and abrupt turn). Other characters, like homework, often make silly choices throughout the years, putting themselves unnecessarily in danger and feeling like a slog to get through. Unlike the strong six seasons before it, the back-half of the seventh season has been surprisingly unlike the show.

At this point, “Fear” needs Alycia Debnam-Carey more than Debnam-Carey needs the show.

The series has struggled to maintain an average of 2 million viewers since the departure of Dickens, despite streaming episodes early in the week.

According to Deadline, Alycia Debnam-Carey could potentially be part of the eighth season of the show “Fear the Walking Dead,” which is set to start shooting this summer. Additionally, it was reported that “Saint X” is a series on Hulu.

That appears to be an optimal situation at this juncture.

The series requires Debnam-Carey more than she requires “Fear” currently. In order for Debnam-Carey to portray her character again, AMC would have to present a compelling argument. It appears that the actress is genuinely interested in reuniting Alicia and Madison for the fans, unless the show’s ratings continue to decline. However, is Debnam-Carey truly interested in making a comeback?

Do you want to witness a reunion between Madison and Alicia Clark on “Fear TWD”? Let me know on Twitter at @KirstenAcuna.

You can keep up with our continuous “TWD” universe coverage here.

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