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Bob Neal & Sons – Brinkley Funeral Home

Brinkley is located on Interstate 40, halfway between Little Rock, Arkansas, and Memphis, Tennessee. The firm, now in its 48th year, has a modern and up-to-date display room for the comfort and convenience of our families. Over the years, the building has had several additions, including a large chapel/stateroom that allows for large groups of people to visit and gather. The Victorian-era home with an old magnolia tree in the front yard lends a southern charm to the front of the building. The house, known as Hemlock, was built in the late 1800s and is located on the corner of North Main Street and McCreight Avenue, in the historical district of McCreight Home Funeral Son & Neal Bob.

Brinkley Services

iStock_000002722809SmallWhen a loved one dies, family members and friends are suddenly confronted with all kinds of decisions about the funeral arrangements. Often these decisions must be made quickly and during a time of grief and loss. Who must be contacted first? When do we make funeral arrangements? What information does the funeral home need? What about the cemetery?At Bob Neal & Sons our professional and caring staff is here to guide you through every step of the way. It is our job and our privilege to help you during your time of need. We are a family owned and operated, full service funeral home and crematory. It is our goal to provide your loved one with care and dignity from the moment of their passing until well after services are completed. It is also our hope to provide you and your family with caring support and counsel while designing services that fit your needs and the wishes of your loved one.Planning any funeral service requires many decisions during a difficult and painful time. You want to organize an event that honors and highlights your loved ones life. We can provide you with the knowledge, high-quality service, and experience necessary to help you plan the best funeral possible.No two people are alike so why should funeral services be alike. A funeral service that?s both meaningful and memorable should be as unique as the individual being celebrated. It should be a ceremony, reflecting personal values, interest and experiences.A meaningful funeral service is an essential life occasion that truly helps family and friends begin the healing process. Our staff is passionate about personalization. We want to get to know your family and help you honor the loved one that you have lost.Our Services:

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  • Conventional Burial Ceremonies.
  • Graveside Services.
  • Memorial Services.
  • Cremation Services.
  • Military Recognitions for Veterans.
  • Sending and Receiving Funerals from Outside the City.
  • Cremations.
  • Direct Burials.
  • In addition to our services, we provide commemorative merchandise items that are accessible to you.

  • Memory Candle.
  • Video Memorial Tribute of your beloved.
  • Customized Family Bible.
  • Obituary bookmarks that are laminated.
  • Customized Poem Print.
  • Memorial plaques representing life symbols.
  • Commemorative Brochures for Ceremonies.
  • Customized Gratitude Notes.
  • Image Devotional Cards.
  • Online tribute & guestbook.
  • Display stands with photo boards.
  • Customized Commemorative Wall.
  • We also provide the following:

  • Providing compassionate, respectful, and expert assistance to families from various religious and cultural backgrounds.
  • Help the family reach out to churches, newspapers, and other relevant organizations.
  • Assistance with Insurance Claim documents, Pension documents, Social Security, and Retirement documents.
  • Please request Military honors if eligible.
  • Individual care from a Funeral Director to the household.
  • Personalized focus on particular desires, traditions, or spiritual beliefs.
  • We welcome payments via Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.
  • Monuments.
  • Advanced Planning.
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