Who is Joey Jones wife, Meg Harrison?

However, it is clear that Meg, the former wife of popular TV personality Joey Jones, prefers to keep herself out of the spotlight, despite being the first to become popular. Although we barely know Meg, who helped him through his tragic story as Joey Jones’ militant wife.

Who is Joey Jones wife?
Meg and Joey Jones attend AT&T Audience Network Celebrates the “Religion of Sports”. (Photo by Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images for DirecTV)

Today, explore further into the life of Meg Harrison. However, they are each other’s second partners with a remarkable love story. Their affection didn’t blossom until they were older, despite having crossed paths in high school. His spouse is his second partner and the mother of two of his kids, Joey Jones.

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Interesting facts about Meg Garrison

Meg Garrison is an American

Meg Garrison earned her bachelor’s degree in early childhood education from Dalton State College in 2010. During her teenage years, she pursued her studies at South East High School. Coming from a family with a military background, Meg’s father served as a lieutenant and a helicopter pilot in the Vietnam Army. She was born in Dalton, Georgia, USA. Meg is married to Johnny Joey Jones.

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Joey Jones’s wife is a program director

Joey on Fox News wife
Joey with his family during Christmas. Photo: @johnny_joey. Source: Instagram.

The main aim of the organization is to offer life-improving programs to families and military veterans in order to enhance their existence. Campaign Boot, founded in 2009, aims to restore the lives and honor of ex-militants. Joey, the wife of the program director for Campaign Boot, is currently working at the non-profit military-focused national organization in Dallas, Texas, USA.

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Meg Garrison is married to Joey Jones

Did you know that Joey’s first wife was Jones Garrison Meg, who is not well-known? However, not much is known about his second wife, Meg. Meg and Joey were high school sweethearts, but they went their separate ways shortly after graduating. In 2010, Joey reached out to his old friend for some guidance and inspiration after recovering from a journey of his own, following a veteran’s accident.

On December 30th, 2012, the couple tied the knot at a military wedding in the Marine Corps Barracks in Washington D.C., After two years of transitioning from friends to lovers.

Meg Harrison’s husband served in the military

Joey, a military technician who served in the military for 8 years as an Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician, was taken for treatment to the National Military Medical Center. During his time there, he lost both of his legs and damaged his hands when an improvised explosive device (IED) exploded. Jones was sent to Afghanistan and Iraq, where he disposed of and disarmed over 80 explosive devices.

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Meg Garrison is a mother of four

Joey Jones, a Fox News anchor, has a total of four children. Two of these children are biologically his, and the other two are from their previous marriages. Joey and his wife also have a child together.

The couple live in Georgia

Currently residing in Newman, Georgia are Joey Jones and Meg Garrison. They appear to live happily as a family. They have a family of four children, whom they have sired together.

Garrison’s husband is a renowned TV personality

Particularly on current political matters, Jones provides his expertise in the military field. He has made appearances on numerous TV networks like Fox News as both a guest presenter and a contributor, in addition to his experience as a former soldier. Joey Jones has assumed the responsibility of discussing matters related to military duty.

Meg and her husband own an NGOs

Joey Jones, the Chief Operations Officer, is the first representative of the organization to be promoted as a public affairs speaker. While working together at the Campaign Boot Garrison, Joey Jones joined NGO Meg’s organization. Although they may not necessarily own their own couple business.

Meg Garrison’s husband is a famous motivational speaker

Meg Garrison’s husband
Photo: Michael Tullberg. Source: Getty Images.

In the company of various prominent political figures, the well-known war veteran has recounted his encounters with former presidents Barrack Obama, George Bush, and Donald Trump. He achieved fame by recounting his personal journey to political leaders, activists, and media organizations. He initiated a program where recently injured veterans would receive visits from those who had already recovered, forming a support group. Joey Jones transitioned into a motivational speaker during his recuperation period following his difficult experience in Afghanistan.

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Fast facts about Joey Jones wife

Is Joey Jones still married?

In December 2012, Meg Garrison and Joey Jones tied the knot. When he was recuperating from his combat wounds, Meg and he reunited in 2010.

How many kids does Joey Jones have?

Joey Jones has four children, two of whom are from his marriage to Meg Garrison, and his eldest child is from his initial marriage.

Who is Joey Jones married to?

Meg Garrison is the spouse of Joey Jones. Together they have fathered two children.

What happened to Joey Jones?

In the ordeal, unfortunately, both his legs were lost by Joey Jones when an IED exploded on him during war in Afghanistan.

Meg Garrison is also one of the incredibly popular and stunning veteran wives. She is well admired for her unwavering support for her husband. Although she prefers to keep her husband Joey Jones’ profile low, she is widely recognized as his wife.

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