Trader Joe’s Butter Chicken with Basmati Rice Review

Surprisingly elevated for a microwavable dish, we discover that it takes a total of nine minutes to cook. Cook it on the standard setting for four minutes, then activate the defrost mode for five minutes and insert it if you choose to use the microwave. The cooking duration of this meal is quite impressive.

We also found the film on top of the tray to be too difficult to remove. One of our pet peeves is that it becomes a hassle when preparing frozen food. Why can’t all frozen food film be easy to peel off? It would save us a lot of steam-burned fingertips.

We have the freedom to combine them as we like, but we truly enjoy the opportunity to savor these servings as a whole. Until you’re prepared to consume it, the chicken and rice are divided into two portions in the tray to prevent any overlap. A piping hot Indian meal awaits you once you have completed all your tasks.

The Korma Fish Curry is as flavorful as it gets, although we didn’t find it to be particularly spicy. It has a slight kick and a wonderful taste — the sauce is the true highlight of this dish. The chicken is cooked in a creamy and spicy tomato sauce, and that’s what really matters in terms of flavor. It’s not too dry or too bland, and the chicken itself is tender and white.

It’s strangely watery and slightly tasteless, but it’s not terrible; we opted to consume it. You’ll probably have to either eat the rice as is or discard it at some point because the separation between the sauce and the rice is quite significant and there’s not quite enough sauce to cover all of the rice. We believe it fulfills its purpose in this specific meal, although we wouldn’t want to have a whole serving of it on its own. It acts as a satisfactory base layer for this dish, but it’s not really intended to enhance any flavor — it’s a plain basmati rice that precisely matches what the package specifies.

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This frozen meal has a relatively low sodium content of 450 mg. In comparison, the Korma Fish Curry only contains 380 mg of sodium. While it was anticipated to have 270 calories (with 60 calories from fat), this meal actually contains significantly fewer calories.

Instead, give the Butter Chicken a try to reduce your calorie intake; if you prefer a flavorful option, go for the Curry Fish Korma. The curry sauce in the Curry Fish Korma is richer in flavor compared to the tomato cream sauce in the Butter Chicken, and the fish in the Korma is more tender than the chicken. We can confidently say that the Curry Fish Korma is a superior meal. If you’re craving Indian food without loading up on calories, Trader Joe’s Basmati Rice with Butter Chicken will satisfy your cravings.

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