The Santa Clauses Season 1 Episode 3 Review: Chapter Three: Into the Wobbly Wood

The Wood Wobbly show feels like it’s moving too fast, into Chapter Three, Episode 1 of Santa Clauses Watching Season 3. The Calvin-Claus family has a new home in Chicago, and we already have a new Santa.

As we reach the end of the episode, it becomes evident that everything seems to be going well in the North Pole, despite the intentional and completely shaky episode. There is a flickering of lights and a magical snow globe that proves there is more to the eye than meets the eye.

The Calvin-Claus family gets ready for the biggest change of their lives, taking us on an emotional roller coaster ride through the show to reach that point.

The Santa Clauses

Ever since the movies debuted, whether you’re a youthful, fresh enthusiast or you’ve been present, the humor hits the mark flawlessly. The Santa Clauses’ ability to be amusing in a clever manner is the standout aspect they’ve achieved since the start.

The elf is unaware of something — a humorous joke Betty commends Mrs. Clause on. And we mostly get to relish all of Betty’s remarks, which are tactful, similar to Santa’s sweater saying “Take a seat on my knees and inform me of your desires”.

Considering that we enjoy the jokes that aren’t only little nods, it makes perfect sense when Carey Mariah mentions that it’s a Christmas-themed TV show. Even though Santa doesn’t want a huge party, every holiday show needs the warm feeling of her cute rendition of the song given by the elves.

It is pleasant to witness her experiencing another joyful conclusion, a fresh start, in Chicago. Being an individual who made the decision to accompany the man she adored to the Arctic region, it is that heartwarming instance between the magical beings and the Claus-Calvin family that enables Mrs. Claus to attain resolution and embark on her upcoming expedition.

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The weather was extremely hot, so we decided to go for a swim in the pool.Output: The temperature was scorching, so we opted to take a dip in the pool.

The Santa Clauses Season 1 Episode 3 — Photo Courtesy of Disney

“The second and first episodes of Season 2, “Wood Wobbly,” seem to indicate that Santa Claus is the perfect candidate. However, this didn’t seem to be an easy task for Santa, as he needs to find a replacement in order to move his family, the Calvin-Claus, on to The Santa Clauses.”

It seems that the key word towards the end of the episode is “weird” because things take a strange turn. Simon is settling in as the new Santa while things take a weird turn towards the end of the episode.

We get to see different interviews with Scott, a former toymaker for Santa and a famous football player, allowing viewers to understand how Santa works behind the scenes.

There are challenges and pitfalls that Santa will encounter in order to know how to avoid or face the perfect candidate. It isn’t all about delivering toys, games, and fun on Christmas.

Despite not making the best initial impression, Simon ultimately becomes the top choice in Scott’s perspective.

The Santa Clauses Season 1 Episode 3 — Photo Courtesy of Disney

Even though Scott is ready to write his story off as his father’s choices, Simon moves him to make a more important parenting element in this episode of Santa Claus.

Here we have two fathers who have faced their own challenges in striving to become the best versions of themselves for their children, as depicted in the episode where they find themselves trapped in the Wobbly Wood.

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We happen to meet La Befana, the Christmas Witch, who prefers candy or coal in your stocking. She understands the idea of where things come from and gives room for different happenings at Wood Wobbly.

And it is she who allows Scott and Sandra to connect, giving us one of the most emotional moments of the episode.

“Scott struggles as a parent to connect with his daughter and is afraid to share what he is afraid of with Sandra, so it takes courage for him to move the acceptance of the real world and confess his fears. It is nice to see him watching this upcoming connection.”

The Santa Clauses Season 1 Episode 3 — Photo Courtesy of Disney

What does it mean when the lights flicker? We are happy to see Cal and Carol enjoying their new life, but we can’t help but be worried.

Does Simon begin to learn about his new job and see how interesting it will be, especially since Mrs. Claus needs to know? What does the magic snowball do that we don’t know?

What did you think of this installment of The Santa Clauses? Share your opinions in the comments section!

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The Santa Clauses is broadcasted on Wednesdays on ABC.

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