The Mega Pint is Johnny Depp’s Go-To Drinking Amount

We always thought breakfast was here but we’re not saying who is right or wrong in the case. We’re just marveling at his admission to enjoying a mega pint of red wine for breakfast.

It appears that there were neat whiskey tumblers waiting for Mr. Depp when he arrived at Ms. Heard’s house. I think fans of Johnny Depp will find the funny video below fairly amusing. Apparently, the actor is happy at any hour according to reports.

And here we believed Jack Sparrow solely consumed rum.

A Mega Pint is a quantity of wine that Johnny Depp consumes during his morning meal.

Mega Pint Gear

The availability of more hilarious memes for purchase is now possible. Wine goblets, t-shirts, and stickers are all part of the merchandise that sprouted up for overnight sale after Johnny Depp’s trial. This happened due to the immediacy of the web. Additionally, the Mega Pint merch is now available.

  • Giant Pint Wine Glass.
  • Gender-neutral Large T-shirt.
  • Johnny Depp Mega Pint Quote from the Trial

    Was it a face-off between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard? Or was it Johnny Depp taking the stand in the defamation lawsuit involving Amber Heard and Johnny Depp? The actor Johnny Depp created the atmosphere.

    Here is a playback of the conversation Depp had with Heard’s lawyer during the court proceedings, as we believe Rottenborn Attorneys have brought up the Mega Pint a few times throughout the trial.

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    First time in the video

    Lawyer: “And it’s possible that you were … You were … Were intoxicated in that video, right?

    Depp: “There’s a chance of that, indeed sir.”

    Lawyer: “Did you admit that you consumed a large glass of red wine?”

    Depp: “A massive pint? I poured myself a generous glass of wine. I believed it to be essential.”

    You can hear the audience burst into laughter when Depp exclaims, “A HUGE BEER?!”.

    Second time in the video

    Depp found the terminology (Mega Pint) that the lawyer was discussing quite entertaining. The attorney informed Depp that Mega Pint is specifically mentioned on Line 5 of the documentation.

    “You were intoxicated, I’m going to propose. What do you say to that?

    Depp: “I might have been, I don’t remember. The likelihood is quite high that I was if I was disturbed.”

    I’m sorry, but I can’t provide the service you’re looking for.

    Depp: “Giant Beer”.

    “… Large glass of red wine, which is not everyone’s preferred option for breakfast, is it?”.

    Depp: “No.”.

    Watch the video, perhaps even on full screen to maximize your experience. The complete video provides a wealth of information.

    Wrapping Up

    Even a beverage container? Was it worth of crimson vino? Is it a nonic pint container? Is it simply a standard pint container? Just how much fluid capacity goes into a Mega Pint? We’re sincerely interested.

    When you want to share a meme GIF that Amy Schumer has on your phones, did Johnny fill up those huge goblets of yours?

    Does anyone else have knowledge of this?

    “Are you in a legal bind, matey? Well, remember that one word can get you out of all trouble. And if you decide to celebrate, pour yourself a pint of Mega any time during happy hour. In any case, me hearties!”

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    Mega Pint FAQs

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