Tatuajes de CRUCES ⋆ Significados ⋆ Tendencias

Tatuajes de cruces con flores

The magnificent display of birth or flourishing through trust and conviction.Output: The splendid exhibition of birth or flourishing through trust and conviction.



Tatuajes de cruces para mujeres

If you are thinking about getting a tattoo, we can show you more popular designs with crosses to choose from, in case you are undecided.

You can make combinations or draw inspiration from some designs to create a unique one for yourself.

Tatuaje de cruz en el cuello

In this area, they usually put tattoos on their necks, as veterans are the only ones in the world who have tattoos of crosses on their neck.

Keep in mind that it is an extremely noticeable region and concealing it may prove to be quite arduous.



Muñeca tatuada con cruces

Although they may lack a significant meaning, small crosses are great for placing on the wrists, as minimalist tattoos will always have a great significance.

Un bonito recuerdo les traerá y siempre lo tendrán a la vista, para parejas de cruces de tatuajes es una zona predilecta.



Tatuajes de cruces en el brazo

Placing crosses is one of the most common areas for the arm, since it is a zone where you can play more with the different designs and styles of tattoos.

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Significado de los tatuajes de cruces

For tattooing, the favorite design is the wooden cross. Just as you wish, you can choose the tattoo that can be done with some examples of cross symbols, these are tribal, Irish, Irish, Catholic, Celtic, known as designs of various types of cross tattoos.

This is the symbol of Christianity thousands of years ago. The cross represents the sacrifice of Jesus Christ for our sins with its own life.

If you prefer getting a custom tattoo and going to any nearby tattoo studio to select a design, then you will love having a cross tattoo design on your body. However, if you are not a Christian, there won’t be any problem.

You should take a look at tattoos of some crosses, which can appear very cool when mixed with designs of other tattoos, before deciding. For example, some tattoos of crosses can resemble flying doves and butterflies, or hands praying like roses.

Your tattoo design will look great afterwards. You can try mixing it with some interesting quotes and you can also add your name to make your tattoo even more beautiful.

Cruces Pre-Cristianas

There were many symbols across ancient pagan religions. Some people may be surprised to know that crosses were not always a symbol of Christianity.

Los dibujos de tatuajes de cruces provienen de muchas tradiciones diferentes.Output: Los diseños de tatuajes de cruces se originan de diversas tradiciones.

  • In some pre-Christian cultures, the vertical bar was seen as the male phallus, and the horizontal bar as the vagina.
  • The Celtic druids also saw the cross as a phallic symbol.
  • The ancient Babylonians possessed a symbol of the cross linked to their lunar deity.
  • The Assyrian cross was associated with the four cardinal directions.
  • In ancient Egypt, the symbol of the “ankh” cross was a representation of the union between Isis and Osiris.
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    Tatuajes Cruz Celta

    The Celtic tattoo is a popular type of tattoo, and this particular symbol is a beautiful representation of the Celtic cross, also known as the Celtic cross.

    The Celtic cross appears as a basic cross with a circle (symbol for the sun) around it, adorned with Celtic knots and surrounded by the intersection. It is impressive with these tribal tattoos of green or blue plain black.

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