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Behind the Ear Tattoos Men

Here are some tattoo designs that are both simple and bold, which can be considered the coolest and most classy. When it comes to suggesting classy and bold designs, it is often targeted towards men.

Anchor Tattoo
1. Anchor Tattoo for men
Tattoos for men
2. Cross on A Spider Web

The placement of your tattoo on the side of your head will depend on the available space, regardless of the design you choose. Additionally, there is another factor to consider.

Cross Tattoo

People have been using a tattoo of a cross as a strong talisman to protect themselves from the evil shadow and to keep it near them as a way to ward off minimalistic tattoos. Additionally, during ancient times, soldiers who were Christian used to get a cross tattoo as a symbol of their strong faith in their religion. This tattoo not only protects them from satanic traps, black spirits, and ominous dangers in the world, but also prevents them from getting hurt.

Minimal Cross Tattoo
3. Minimal Cross Tattoo

4. Individual With an Inverted Cross.

5. Tattoo with Purple Cross and Floral Design.

6. A Collection of Crosses.

Angel Numbers

Many people like to get tattoos with numbers that are also referred to as ‘angel numbers’. These numbers can be a source of guidance and inspiration, and many believe that they can bring good luck. Each number holds a different meaning, for example, the number ‘444’ is known for its protection and ambition energies, while the range of numbers from 999 to 000 has its own significance. Some of the ideas for behind-the-ear tattoos include angel numbers like ‘555’ and ‘333’, which symbolize new beginnings, change, reassurance, and hope. Both women and men are suitable and applicable for designing these tattoos.

Behind the ear tattoo for women

7. Angel number- 444.

8. Angel number 777.

9. The angelic number 222.

10. Angel number 333.

11. Angel number-111.

Flower Tattoos

Now, let’s check out some of the most exquisite and elegant minimalistic tattoos. It could be a subtle representation of adoration and loyalty, or a delicate symbol of peace and grace, such as a sunflower or lavender. You can also personalize your tattoo based on the multitude of meanings and colors available. Each flower carries a different meaning, including love, hope, purity, courage, success, growth, and friendship. Floral tattoos are incredibly popular and can be easily inked.

behind the ear floral tattoo
Source: Instagram

12. Traditional Lily.

13. The Ideal Blossom Tulip.

14. Floral Koi Fish.

15. Bouquet in shades of blue and purple with a personalized label.

16. Serotonin flower tattoo.

17. Placing a rose behind the ear.

18. Sakura.

19. The tattoo of Daisy.

20. Chrysanthemum accompanied by the foliage.

21. Watercolor tattoo featuring Tiger Lily.

22. Petite Sunflower.

23. Lily and The Spider Web.

24. An Image of a Hand Skeleton Clasping a Marigold.

25. Flower of Purple Iris.

Celestial Tattoo

Celestial tattoos are a popular choice among individuals who are drawn to the spiritual realm or astrology, as they provide protection and promote the amplification of positive vibrations and inner soul healing. These tattoos often feature a combination of galaxy, stars, and moon-sun elements, making them a unique and fashionable option in today’s world.

Sun-Moon Tattoo
26. Sun-Moon Tattoo

Music Note Tattoos

Listening to music is a love of yours, so here are some tattoos that represent your passion for music. You don’t need to be a musician to appreciate music or get music-themed tattoos! Musical tattoo designs are among the most unique and everlasting.

Music Note Tattoo
27. Music Note Tattoo

28. Tattoo of a Hummingbird with a Musical Note.

29. Tattoo with Four Musical Notes.

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30. Tattoo of the Treble Clef.

Skull Tattoo

Some people get tattoos in order to show their fearless trait. This tattoo, Skull, is another popular and common style that showcases the bold personalities of others.

Behind the ear tattoo
31. Small Skull Tattoo
Skull Tattoo
32. Bold Skull Tattoo

33. Sword Embedded Within a Skull.

Skeleton Hand Rock On Tattoo

Can you also get a small tattoo of a skeleton hand rock on, expressing your fun-loving and humorous attitude? The tattoo on the rock hand skeleton is also known as the love gesture emoji, which gives off a chill vibe.

Skeleton tattoo
34. Skeleton Hand Rock on Tattoo

Moon Tattoos

Every new beginning or new chapter symbolizes a phase of the moon. Every phase of the moon includes the full moon, first quarter, and waxing crescent, including the new moon. People use the moon for spiritual beliefs, as well as for other elements and manifestations of nature. The Moon is a feminine symbol that resembles a couple of things, including fertility, enlightenment, immortality, and motherhood.

Moon ear tattoos
35. Moon Phases Tattoo

Cat Tattoo

Who doesn’t adore this lovely creature with its short nose, large eyes, and small paws? If you adore this charming cat face tattoo, it is for you. Cattoos or cat tattoos are popular for a variety of reasons, including expressing unconditional love for their feline companions and representing the adventurous and exotic attitude of Asian and Chinese, Japanese cultures, many of whom see the cat as a symbol of good fortune, prosperity, and happiness.

Cat Ear Tattoo
36. Cute Cat Tattoo

Suki Dayo Tattoo

You can get any Japanese tattoo phrase, including “Futou fukutsu” meaning “Up give don’t,” or “Isshin” meaning “Heart one,” or “Daisuki Da Yo” meaning “You love I.” It is not necessary to get the exact word “Sukidayo” behind your ear, well, that phrase means “you like I” in Japanese.

37. Suki Dayo Tattoo

Little Bowie Bolt Tattoo

Many people have inked this tattoo on their bodies, starting from fans of Bowie and since then it has become a remarkable place in the hearts of tattoo lovers. Do you remember where Bowie David, the famous rock icon, wore a lightning bolt across his face on the front cover of ‘Aladdin Sane’?

Bowie Bolt tattoo
38. Little Bowie Tattoo

Angel’s Wings

If you are considering getting a tattoo of an angel’s wings, then you can consider getting a tattoo of an angel. Angels are sent to guide people and provide them with divine energy and positivity. They are also sent to protect individuals from sorrows and evil. It is said that if someone is suffering, angels from heaven are sent to them as God’s messengers. Angels are known as messengers from God and symbolize protection, allowing them to travel across the world with their wings.

Angel Wings Tattoo
39. Angel’s wings Tattoo
Angel wings Tattoo
40. Angel’s wings with the Crown

One Word Tattoo

Choose any of your favorite words that uplift your confidence. Your tattoo can be ‘Expectation’, ‘Faithful’, or ‘Grateful’. Similarly, words like ‘repent’ meaning ‘metanoia’ or ‘beautiful thinking’ like ‘eunoia’ can be an option! Tattoos with a single word that gives you confidence and inspiration can be. The writer of the international.

Lettering Tattoo
41. One Word Tattoo
Lettering Tattoo
42. Grateful Word Tattoo

43. The Term: Anticipation.

Semi-Colon Tattoo

Have celebrities like Selena Gomez gotten tattoos? How do you choose to live your life, and similarly, when an author decides to keep the ending of his sentence by using a semicolon instead of a period. Do well-known tattoos with a deep meaning about suicide prevention and mental health awareness in 2015 went viral? Have you ever wondered why people get semicolon tattoos?

Minimal Tattoos
44. Heavy inked Semicolon Tattoo
Semicolon Tattoo
45. Semicolon Tattoo with Butterfly Wings

46. Sun Tattoo with a Semicolon.

Clover Tattoo

You can always get a tattoo of this Irish symbol of luck, whether or not you can find a four-leaf clover in your life. The four leaves represent success, love, hope, and faith. The four-leaf clover is a rare variation of the well-known Celtic charm, which is often associated with prosperity and good luck.

Clover Tattoo
47. Four Leaf Clover
Clover Tattoo
48. Three Leaf Clover

Snake Tattoo

Whether the tattoo is small or large enough to intimidate someone, we have you covered. If you’re considering getting a tattoo around your ear, we’ve got you covered. Celebrities such as Cara Delevingne and Skyler grey also sport snake tattoos, but it has become a popular trend among many individuals, including celebrities, to have a snake tattoo. Snakes embody both resilience and predatory instincts, which is the underlying concept behind getting a snake tattoo – symbolizing transformation and new beginnings.

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Snake Tattoo
49. Screaming Snake Tattoo

50. Serpent with the Dagger Tattoo.

51. Tattoo of a Serpent on a Witch.

Scorpion Tattoo

Do you belong to the Scorpio zodiac sign? Scorpions, with over 2000 different species, have the intense ability to adapt to harsh environments. They have two venomous glands for self-defense and are independent creatures. A tattoo of a scorpion expresses traits such as strength, powerful sexuality, fearlessness, and the ability to control. It is a strong symbol that carries a bold reputation and does not intimidate easily. Among all the zodiac signs, Scorpio is the strongest sign. So, is Scorpio your zodiac sign?

Minimal Tattoos
52. Scorpion Tattoo

53. Intrepid Scorpion Tattoo.

Deafness Alert Tattoo

This type of tattoo, which is highly sought after, occupies a remarkably small area. Individuals opt for a mute button tattoo like this one to raise awareness about hearing impairments.

54. Deafness Alert Tattoo

Starry Night Tattoo

You can attempt to incorporate the celestial night sky inside a butterfly or triangle design, or perhaps with star-shaped dots or a tiny crescent moon, but it may not be feasible to tattoo the entire painting of the starry night behind your ears due to the substantial space it necessitates. You might be wondering, is it even possible to have a tattoo depicting the starry night?

Starry night tattoo
55. Starry Night Inside A Triangle

Star Tattoos

People like to get star tattoos because they serve as a reminder of our common ancestry and represent good vibes and optimism. Stars are used by our ancestors to find their way back home by looking up into the sky, where the North Star points towards the direction. We are also composed of stardust, which further emphasizes the spiritual meanings of stars based on their looks, colors, and size.

Minimal Star Tattoos
Source: Instagram

56. Star Tattoo featuring the Half Crescent Moon.

57. Line Work Star Tattoos.

58. Star With A Disco Ball Created Using Handpoking Technique.

59. Two Glittering Stars Tattoo.

Heart Tattoos

You can make a heart tattoo decorated with flowers or spiritual items, or you can make it with the name of your lovers. Each of them holds a special meaning and has different variations. This tattoo is suitable for both women and men. We are all aware of the symbolism of the heart shape tattoo, which symbolizes passion and love for friendship.

Sacred Heart Tattoo
60. Sacred Heart Tattoo

61. Handcrafted Mini Heart Tattoo.

62. Until Death Heart Tattoo.

63. Small Heart Tattoo.

Strawberry Tattoo

Did you ever wonder about having a cute little tattoo of a strawberry, which is also the symbol of Venus, the goddess of love, and represents both good health and righteousness, if you are an extrovert who enjoys every moment in your life because you have the wonderful skill of leadership?

Strawberry Tattoo
64. Strawberry Tattoo

65. Simple Black and White Strawberry Tattoo.

Jellyfish Tattoo

They should not stand back when their enemy attacks with deadly stings, especially when the species feels threatened. Just like jellyfish, they are relaxed and calm, with no backbone, jiggling like gelatine. It would be wise to avoid getting stung by a jellyfish behind your ear, then you may find yourself embodying the peaceful and serene characteristics of a jellyfish. Righteous people always defend them and stand up for their friends and family.

Jellyfish Tattoo
66. Jellyfish Tattoo

Starfish Tattoo

Mara Stella, also known as starfish, is recognized as a symbol of profound affection for a beloved person. A popular tattoo design features a sailor wearing a starfish, signifying protection. Moreover, the starfish is also considered a representation of the goddess Venus, similar to a strawberry. While it is not just mentioned in Greek mythology, it also holds significance in Christian and Egyptian mythology.

Starfish Tattoo
67. Starfish Tattoo

Koi-fish Tattoo

In Japan, the samurai warriors also symbolize carp, known as Koi. If you are a Pisces sign in the zodiac, it is recommended to get a tattoo of a Koi fish. This living creature is not only a symbol of wealth and good health, but also represents strength and reminds us not to give up in the face of difficult challenges. The Koi fish tattoo signifies the strong representation of overcoming obstacles and the ability to swim against the current.

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Ear tattoo
68. Koi-fish Tattoo

Cartoon Tattoos

Don’t you feel nostalgic all the time for the saddest and best classics of Disney? Bambi is one of them! Check out this strong tattoo of the deer Bambi. It doesn’t matter how old you are, it’s never too late!

Disney Tattoos
69. Bambi The Strong Deer

Spider Tattoo

Individuals are attracted to its visual appearance, not just one but two of them! Demi Lovato, one of the most renowned vocalists, sports its tattoo. The arthropod is highly sought-after in the tattoo community, even though individuals may not encounter it in reality. The spider tattoo symbolizes hardship and serves as a captivating and significant tattoo.

Shadowed Spider Ear Tattoo
70. Shadowed Spider Ear Tattoo

Animal Tattoos

The output is:Output: What is your favorite animal of all time? Is it a fox, known for its cunning, a bear, known for its walking abilities, or a cute rabbit? According to your taste, you can choose any kind of animal that appeals to your ears. Is it an elephant, symbolizing prosperity and luck, a dog, or a cat?

Elephant Tattoo
71. Elephant Tattoo

72. Fortunate Hare Tattoo.

73. Tattoo of a Walking Bear.

74. Laying Fox Tattoo.

75. Tiny Rabbit Tattoo.

Dragon Tattoo

Throughout various cultures globally, the dragon consistently carries significant symbolic significance. The tattoo is often linked to robust masculinity and wisdom. Women also opt for dragon tattoos to showcase their internal strength and unwavering belief in themselves. It remains a highly favored choice among both genders. Whether it be Western dragons, Chinese or Japanese dragons, or the universally acclaimed television series “Game of Thrones,” you have the freedom to select any dragon of your liking.

Shadowed Dragon Tattoo
76. Minimal Dragon Tattoo
Chinese Dragon Tattoo
77. Chinese Dragon Tattoo

78. Exquisite Line Twin Dragon Tattoo.

Mandala tattoo

‘Circles’ are called ‘Mandalas’ in Sanskrit and are used for meditation, prayer, and healing purposes as well as representing the universe. Mandala Tattoo

79. Mandala Ear Tattoo.

80. Mandala Dotwork Tattoo.

81. Simple Mandala Tattoo.

Butterfly Tattoo

According to Irish folklore, it is said that butterflies are the souls of the dead, waiting to pass through the gate of the other world. These butterflies, like other tattoos of butterflies, are stuck and waiting, resembling beautiful and strong beings with brightly colored wings, unlike anyone who does not have tattoos like this.

Butterfly ear tattoo
82. Butterfly Tattoo
Minimal Tattoo
83. Minimal Butterfly Tattoo

Honey-Bee Tattoo

During ancient times, the bee was used as a symbol of creativity and wisdom, believed to bring messages from the divine and attract prosperity and wealth. It is also said that bees are the tears of Ra, the Sun God, according to ancient Egypt.

Small Tattoos
84. Simple Honey Bee Tattoo

85. Adorable Neo Traditional Bee Tattoo.

86. Honey bee pursuing lavender.

87. Tattoo of a Bumble Bee.

Cherry Tattoo:

“Tattooing cherries is a popular choice among women because it represents being in a relationship and love. This tattoo also symbolizes fertility, virtue, and innocence, among other meanings that are related to women. So, do all cherry tattoos symbolize anything? You might think that every cherry tattoo has a symbolic meaning.”

Minimal Tattoos
88. Cherry Tattoo
Cherry Tattoo Ideas
89. Red Inked Minimal Cherry Tattoo

Dream Catcher Tattoo

If someone sleeps in a room with a dream catcher hanging inside, it is said that person is protected from having any kind of negative thoughts or bad dreams. Dream catchers are known to work as Indian amulets that protect one from nightmares.

Dream Catcher Tattoo
90. Dream Catcher Tattoo

Fairy Tattoo

If you are someone who likes fairy tales and believes in witchcraft or magic, then you might consider Disney Fairies or gothic fairies for tattoo designs. It is more likely for someone like you to have a fairy as their guardian angel.

Fairy Tattoo
91. Little Bloody Fairy

Bird Tattoo

People with free minds often try to express their specific character or inner nature by portraying tattoos of birds, which are not dependent on any other living species besides freely flying. These are individuals who call themselves great lovers.

Dove Tattoo
92. The Flying Messenger of Love
Swallow Tattoo
93. Small Swallow Tattoo
Bat Tattoo
94. Bat Spider Web Wings

95. Tattoo of an Origami Bird.

96. Raven Tattoo.

97. Furious Owl.

Dagger/Sword Tattoo

What you want to achieve is to get stronger and fight, and I can help you with that. If you want to express the warrior inside you, getting a tattoo of a sword would be appropriate. People wear tattoos of daggers or swords to represent authority, power, freedom, and honor.

Sword Tattoo
98. Sword Tattoo

Chinese word Tattoo

“The term ‘beauty’ refers to something that is 美丽的. We have included an example for your reference. Additionally, you may choose to use Chinese expressions. Similarly, words like ‘tattoo’ or ‘Japanese’ can also be used.”

Chinese Tattoo
99. Chinese Word with Butterfly Tattoo

Cover-up Tattoos

If you want to go for a tattoo that covers the entire area behind your ear, we have some options for you to check out! We have chosen only those tattoos that are covered up too!

Crow ear tattoo
100. Angry Crow Ear Tattoo
Daisy Tattoos
101. A Covered Up Daisy
Rose Tattoo
102. A Covered Up Rose Tattoo
Moth Tattoo
103. Covered Up Moth Tattoo
Octopus Tattoo
104. Happy Octopus

Final Thoughts

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