Spanish Pick Up Lines You Should Try!

Spanish pick-up lines or puns are a surefire way to break the ice and get the girl, regardless of the lost-in-translation effect. Usually, they don’t translate well, as metaphors in a different language tend to run along the same lines.

To the invaluable information, let’s work through it fast so we can get some grammar here. We’ll go over some bad news.

Using the Past Subjunctive

The past subjunctive is employed to convey desires or, as is often the case in pick-up line scenarios, improbable events.

Speaking, which signifies ‘to converse’, let’s provide an illustration utilizing the Spanish verb, to swiftly traverse what you require to comprehend regarding past subjunctives.

To start the somewhat “complicated” process of conjugation, begin with the third-person plural of the preterite, which in this case is hablaron.

After completing that, proceed to trim the -ron portion and then select one of the two verb endings.

The past subjunctive is utilized in pick up lines when you’re alluding to these situations.

Talking to someone about a longing, desire or, um, necessity. You should utilize it when conveying sentiment in the previous.

I wanted you to dance with me.

Discussing your present feelings or uncertainties regarding past events with someone.

I was anxious because you appeared so stunning.

Speaking and utilizing the term ojalá, which is commonly employed to convey a sense of uncertainty.

If only she would say yes.

In these cases, you might find yourself using the past subjunctive tense, including the verb “to be.” Sometimes, when you flirt, you may find yourself discussing improbable situations.

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If I didn’t have homework, I could bring you to have dinner.

They are efficient, although some things can be extremely cheesy (warning: let’s move on now, the grammar has been covered, and it is good to focus on the important stuff). Okay.

If it was sinful to kiss you, I would gladly stroll through the depths of hell.

Are you lost? Because the sky is quite far from here.

If water symbolized beauty, you would encompass the entire ocean.

If I were a flight attendant, I would not carry my heart in you, but I would carry you in my airplane.

If being attractive was deemed a criminal act, I would sentence you to a lifetime of imprisonment without any chance of parole.

If your eyes were the mouth and the horizon was vast, I would adore witnessing the ocean and the heavens.

Honey, if you let me, I will prepare and serve you a delicious meal.

I would like to be appreciated as a diamond by everyone one day for a jeweller.

God must be preoccupied, for Angels are descending from Heaven.

If you were only a firefighter, you would be able to put out my desire for fire.

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Mami, you possess an abundance of voluptuous curves while I, unfortunately, lack the ability to restrain my desires.

If only half of the stars in the sky shine as brightly as your eyes.

I don’t need to be able to see the stars at night.

You are the guiding star of my heart.

What does a star do flying so low?

I would not prefer to wear contact lenses that could potentially harm my eyes.

I am ready to fulfill my penance if you are willing, honey!

To you looking at her/him mine he fell me himself Because: with answering you can, why do you ask them when. And a drink I owe you believe I excuse myself, Excuse me.

Your lips look lonely, would they like to meet mine?

These Spanish pick up lines can assist you in getting the girl or guy you desire, as well as providing a small amount of practice in the Spanish language.

Liked this article? Take a look at polyglot and LingQ cofounder Steve Kaufmann’s blog entry for some advice on mastering Spanish!

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