Sephora Friends and Family

Sephora Friends and Family Sale 2023: The Holiday Savings Event!

Sephora VIB Discounts 2023

When it comes to shopping for the holiday season, it could be the most effective approach to guarantee that all of those fantastic holiday-themed value collections are available. The VIB (Very Important Beauty Insider) shopping occasion typically takes place in mid-November 2023 and offers the same 20% discount as the F&F sale. Beauty Insiders and VIB members will have access to discounts leading up to the Holiday 2023 shopping season. No need to worry! Seriously, just wait until mid-November!

***NEW Sephora F&F Rules***

I have been writing about beauty for a very long time, allowing me to provide some background on sales like the Sephora Family and Friends sale. In October 2023, it is expected that there will be a discount code for the Sephora Family and Friends sale. If you want to take advantage of this discount in the future, you can start by using your personal one-time promo code now. If you know someone who works at Sephora and can use this deal, you should be aware that there are some brand exclusions that may apply. In September, the actual Sephora Family and Friends sale will start, offering a 20% discount on a single purchase with a one-time use code. Sephora employees can also share the discount with their family and friends through a unique code. Since 2012, if you know someone who works at Sephora, you can receive the Sephora Family and Friends discount. In 2011, Sephora decided that the sale should only be for the family and friends of employees, causing some confusion and resulting in a change of policy. However, soon everyone started getting this discount and word quickly spread about the annual October Sale and Family Friends event at Sephora.

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Sephora Beauty Insider Holiday Sales Event 2023

This was a massive shift, but we expect that in the future. Sephora decided to offer a discount to both Insider Beauty shoppers and other consumers in 2023. You can read about it as well. Then, VIB members and VIB Rouge members can enjoy the first rewards in the shopping system and this sale offers a tiered discount. So, what is this new customer-facing sales event called? It’s called the Sephora Beauty Insider Sale. It’s all about loyal Sephora shoppers.

***NEW Sephora F&F Rules***

Attention Sephora shoppers! Click HERE to shop the drop until you check out. When shopping in-store, simply mention to the associate that you have a gift card, coupon, or a “SAVINGS” code. There’s no need to remember, everyone will receive a 10% discount with the promotional code. Beauty Insiders and VIB members will enjoy a more generous offer of a 15% discount on all purchases. After a few days, Rouge members can start their shopping spree with a whopping 30% discount on selected items from the Sephora Collection. And let’s not forget about the huge 30% discount offered during last year’s Holiday Savings Event, known as the Sephora Family and Friends Sale. It’s equivalent to the Sephora Sale 2023 happening now. Don’t miss out!

When is the next Sephora VIB Discount in 2023?

Unbelievable! An exceptional 40% price reduction could actually be yours, as long as you exercise self-control and limit your purchase to $50. This essentially translates to receiving a complimentary $20 gift card that can be utilized for any purchase of $50 or more (**how incredibly generous!**). Over the past two years, the company has also consistently provided an astounding VIB “thank you” gesture in early December. These have been reliably recurring events in the past and are anticipated to continue in 2023. The second Sephora VIB Sale takes place in November, offering a discount of 20%. Last year, they provided a discount of 15%. The initial Sephora VIB Sale is held in April. Sephora typically organizes two distinct VIB bonuses.

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