Rochester Hills District Court (52-3 District Court)

The Court District 52-3, situated in Rochester. Hills, serves the surrounding communities and the city of Rochester. Hills. The Court District 52nd is divided into four divisions to efficiently handle crimes occurring in the area. The Court District 52-3 in Oakland County, specifically handles a significant number of drunk driving cases, as well as various other cases including probation, traffic enforcement, and minor criminal matters.

It is crucial to collaborate with a criminal defense lawyer if you have been arrested and accused of driving under the influence or any other criminal offense within the jurisdiction of the 3rd division of Oakland County’s 52nd District Court, especially one who specializes in drunk driving offenses and possesses extensive knowledge of the Rochester. Hills court system.

The court system of Oakland County, known for its strict enforcement of drunk driving laws, has gained a reputation for imposing severe penalties and sentencing notorious offenders to lengthy jail time. This is particularly true for Division 3 of the 52nd District Court, located in Rochester. Hills.

If there is a strong likelihood of charges being filed, you may be prosecuted for a first offense OWI in the jurisdiction of the 52-3 District Court, in accordance with the law.

Rochester. Hills District Court Location

The 52nd District Court (Division 3) is located in the City of Rochester. Hills. Rochester. Hills is a city in Oakland County north of Detroit spanning around 12 miles long. The court itself is located at the crossroads of Barclay Circle and Hampton Circle. You can obtain the specific address and directions below.

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52-3 District Court – Division 3 (D52-3)Address: 700 Barclay Circle Rochester. Hills, MI 48307Get DirectionsPhone: 248-853-3277Website:

Court Jurisdiction

This court serves a wide variety of communities in the northern area of Oakland County. These specific areas include the following:.

  • Rochester.
  • Rochester. Hills
  • Auburn Hills.
  • Lake Angelus.
  • Lake Orion.
  • Addison Township.
  • Orion Township.
  • Oakland Township.
  • Oxford Township.
  • 52-3 Rochester. Hills District Court Judges

    This section contains information regarding judges within the 52-3 Rochester. Hills District Court Court System. This publicly available information is also available on the courts official website in the about section.

    The Honorable Judge Julie A. Nicholson – Julie A. Nicholson was chosen for the court in the years 2000, 2002, 2012, 2014, and 2016. Within the jurisdiction of the 52-3 Court, Julie Nicholson introduced the court supported Critical Life Choices initiative for all of the educational districts in September of 1997.

    In 2002, Governor appointed Judge Nancy T. Carniak and she was added to the court. Within this judicial system, Judge Carniak introduced multiple initiatives such as the Leading Change and Mock Trial programs, providing students with the opportunity to gain valuable life lessons by witnessing real-life court cases. The respected Judge Nancy T. Carniak is none other than Nancy T. Carniak herself.

    Asadoorian Lisa L. Judge, the Honorable, took office in January 2001 after being elected in November 2000. Judge Asadoorian has extensive experience within the local area, having previously served as a Trial Attorney and Assistant Prosecutor for Oakland County. Additionally, she is an active member of several community organizations, including the American University Women’s Association and New Haven.

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    52-3 District Court Resources

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