Revisiting Ron Livingston’s Coffee Shop Scene from ‘Loudermilk’

Thanks to all the netizens, the specific coffee shop scene that has been making rounds on social media platforms is once again gaining attention after a few years.

Many viewers find the relatable video, especially those who do not appreciate it. A particular coffee shop scene from the American TV comedy-drama series Loudermilk has become popular on Twitter.

In a clip shared by Twitter user @ginacarano, Livingston is portrayed as his character Loudermilk, imitating her and noticing the seemingly bothersome accent of the coffee shop worker while placing his order at the counter.

“He says, isn’t it irksome?” He declares. Today, I opted to speak in this manner. Therefore, I am aware that you opt to speak in this manner. Nobody truly speaks like this. Loudermilk’s unique way of speaking, highlighting while defending herself, eventually dawns on the employee who then confronts the coffee shop worker.

He continues to explain that it’s a pretentiousness employed by annoying adolescents and wealthy individuals to appear unconcerned.

Fans’ reaction to the coffee shop scene

After the show was cancelled, internet users have shared, reposted, and maintained the clip’s existence on Twitter, and it goes without saying that the scene is extremely humorous. Following the clip’s circulation, individuals discovered it to be uproarious.

User one on Twitter said, “It frustrates me when a wall comes up. This hits a little too close to home,” agreeing with the character’s response. Another user wrote, “The levels of awesomeness here are unprecedented.”

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Fans’ response to the coffee shop scene. (Credit: Twitter).

“#Fakeaccent.” “It is genuinely irritating 🙆‍♂️,” one user expressed. Whether they’re trying to be fashionable or project an indifferent demeanor, the accent can be exceedingly bothersome. Numerous individuals have come across people who employ an artificial accent while engaging in conversation, examining the comments in the videos.

Another person stated, “I was utterly perplexed as to why some people nowadays have that vocal quality! Now I comprehend, all thanks to Loudermilk.”

Will there be a new season of ‘Loudermilk’?

Despite the uncertain fate of the remaining episodes, Amazon is picking up the critically acclaimed series “Loudermilk,” which centers around sobriety. The original network shut down before the third season completed airing.

Although it is uncertain whether the show will be renewed for a fourth season, the cast and creators of the show have expressed their desire to continue the story, and fans have provided hints about what may come next.

Ron Livingston stars in the TV series ‘Loudermilk.’ (Credit: IMDb).

Although there is no official release date for Season 4, there have been several developments for the show that could lead to another set of episodes. During the initial run of the show on Audience Network, Farrelly, the creator, saw an opportunity to express his happiness in a show that found second life on Prime Video. However, the show faced challenges in reaching viewers.

Despite the cancellation of the show, Farrelly remains determined to find the right home for it, just as they were saying. However, the actors’ contracts were released from their meaning, so more work might be needed for the 4 Season film.

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If the 4th season becomes a reality, fans can expect the creators to have several plans for the upcoming seasons. The character of Loudermilk could potentially experience both the lowest lows and the highest highs, while also facing severe threats to his sobriety and mental health.

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