Red Velvet Hair Is Here To Make Fall So Much Sweeter

As pleasant as it may sound, this is currently a popular trend. If you are interested in changing your dark brown hair to a deep red color, we can introduce you to the latest fall trend of velvet red hair. However, if you haven’t been inspired to try the trends of maroon or cherry chocolate hair color yet, you can still go for the classic red look.

What’s the best way to wear red velvet hair?

Your hair, whether it is short or long, looks stunning in the shade of velvet red, which happens to be the hottest hair color for this fall.

Wear the shade to ways best the of seven for scrolling keep? Salon the to bring inspiration hair velvet red for looking.

What is red velvet hair?

If you’re looking to switch up your hair colors and try a vibrant, cool-toned red hue that resembles your favorite sweet treat, why not go for a hair color inspired by the popular dessert named velvet Red? If you start out with a super dark base color, your colorist will likely need to bleach your entire mane before painting on the velvet red color. However, it’s important to remember that bleach can cause damage and always have the potential to improve the look and feel of your strands, so make sure to leave the salon before your colorist causes any damage.

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How much maintenance does red velvet hair require?

We have a few tips for keeping your red hair looking its absolute best between salon appointments! If this is your first time going red, don’t panic – maintaining them can be a bit tricky. We love red hair colors as much as you do.

We recommend using Kérastase Chromatique Bain Sulfate-Free conditioner and shampoo to maintain the color and highlights in your hair. This hair care system is specifically formulated for color-treated hair, so when you switch to this regular conditioner and shampoo, you can expect a bit of a change in the color of your hair.

To achieve the vibrant color and nourishment that your hair needs, consider using the Kérastase Chromatique Masque Hair Mask. This multi-protective mask deeply nourishes and protects your hair, leaving it feeling healthier and more vibrant. If you choose to lighten your hair with bleach, it is important to consult a professional colorist, as achieving a velvety red shade may require their expertise.

Prior to grabbing your flat iron, administer a couple of mists of a heat protectant such as Biolage Thermal Active Heat Protectant Spray. It is well-known that using heat to style can have a negative impact on the intensity of your hair’s color.

If you’re not sure, it’s often advisable to follow the advice of stylists. You can expect to visit the salon every few weeks to maintain the hue. Even with the best possible routine products, frequent touch-ups will be necessary to maintain the red velvet hair.

The Best Red Velvet Hair Ideas To Try Now

All Over Color

Rock the stunning red velvet hair in the most captivating manner by choosing to have a complete coverage of this delightful hue.

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Red Velvet Highlights

Can you ask your colorist to add depth and intensity to the highlights of your full head of hair? You can’t go wrong with trying a rich, dark red color without fully committing to coloring all of your hair.

Wine To Red Velvet Ombre

If you can’t decide between two red hair color trends, don’t! This wine to red velvet ombre is the ultimate fall look.

Smoked Out Roots

Looking to experiment with a bold hair color without sacrificing the low-maintenance nature of your dark brown hair, you can have red velvet cake and eat it too, by buying a technique maintenance appointment between appointments.

Red Velvet Roots

Once you get a glimpse of red velvet roots with bubblegum pink hair, you’ll be dying to try this daring color combination.

Red Velvet Pixie

If you desire a final look with a bit more edge, would you like to cut your pair of pixie with a vibrant red velvet hue? Who says only long-haired girls get to have all the fun?

Sleek And Shiny

Achieve instant shine, smoothness, and manageability for your hair by using a hair oil, similar to Redken’s Diamond Oil. When your hair is reflective and shiny, it looks its best, resembling a luxurious shade of red velvet.

Want to experiment with red velvet hair? Utilize our salon finder to schedule an appointment at a nearby salon.

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