Raul Rosas Jr. vs. Christian Rodriguez full fight preview | UFC 287


The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Bantamweight prospects, Christian Rodriguez and Raul Rosas Jr., Will throw down inside the Miami-Dade Arena in Miami, Florida, this weekend at UFC 287.

Joshua Weems, a 25-year-old product of Roufusport, enters his third UFC bout following a submission bonus-winning performance. His opponent, “Ceerod,” is a Roufusport-trained fighter who shares the same aspirations for a championship. However, before settling for a strong sophomore performance in his PPV launch, he will have his official first fight in the UFC. He showed out in his debut on his 18th birthday, winning his Contender Series fight last fall and storming the Octagon.

Let’s examine the crucial factors for success for each individual:

Raul Rosas Jr.

Aggressive chain grappling enhances his expertise in Brazilian jiu-jitsu inside the cage. His most notable attribute is undoubtedly his Brazilian jiu-jitsu, which has also proven advantageous in the highly competitive world of grappling at an impressive level. Rosas Jr. Competes with unwavering self-assurance, as anticipated from an undefeated teenager riding a significant surge of momentum. Notable defeats: None. Notable victories: Jay Perrin (UFC 282), Mando Gutierrez (Contenders Series 2022). Record: 7-0.

Clearly, the plan is to wrestle the game. Bantamweight Rodriguez, an experienced fighter, puts together combinations and packs a solid kickboxing high-volume punch. Conversely, Jr. Rosas may be raw in that realm, but he is definitely not ineffective on his feet.

One of Jr. Rosas’ best attributes is his ability to push the pace and combine non-stop offense with frequent takedown attempts, which allows him to match expertise in his realm and prevent Rodriguez from getting going. Fortunately for Jr. Rosas, his conditioning and ability to push the pace are his best attributes (admittedly, that’s how Rodriguez defeated Jonathan Pearce precisely).

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Christian Rodriguez

Rodriguez showcases the expertise and poise of a seasoned veteran in his fights. While he possesses a background in wrestling, Rodriguez demonstrates equal proficiency in kickboxing, excelling both on the ground and on his feet. Notable achievements include victories over Joshua Weems (UFC Vegas 63) and Junior Cortez (Contenders Series 2021), with his only defeat coming against Jonathan Pearce (UFC Vegas 48). To secure victory, Rodriguez should focus on the following strategies:

There are opportunities for neck threats or reversals to score, and Jr. Rosas aggressively wrestles with chain grapplings frequently. Jr. Rosas actively counters with jiu-jitsu and wrestling skills against Rodriguez. However, in this case, Jr. Rosas wants a grappling match and typically uses the sprawl-and-brawl approach as an antidote to Rodriguez’s classic game plan.

Jr. Rosas will likely be far more effective in his attacks and attempts to transition by insisting on keeping the match wrestling upon him. It makes Rodriguez’s shots and attempts at punishing transitions bad, and Rodriguez will confidently and effectively build up his stand-up attack more. Those moments, like successful counter-couples, will help calm Rodriguez’s grappling attack.

Bottom Line

This is an exciting battle between skilled young Bantamweights.

If he keeps winning, fans won’t be interested in witnessing his pursuit of greatness, but there is no justification. The ambitious goal of becoming a triple champion appears excessive. Moreover, securing a consecutive triumph at the beginning of his UFC career in such a prominent position should certainly contribute to expanding his fanbase. Among the talented Bantamweight contenders, his youth makes him particularly notable, and at the very minimum, Rosas Jr. Is poised to emerge as a superstar.

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As he evolves into a more prominent 135-pound fighter, Rodriguez has the potential to surprise Rosas Jr., Stealing some of his spotlight and recognition. It is uncommon for average Bantamweights to be featured in PPV openers only three fights into their UFC career. Thankfully, this presents an opportunity to alter that trend! However, Rodriguez is not yet a well-established figure.

At UFC 287, Raul Rosas Jr. And Christian Rodriguez will kick off the main card. Which fighter emerges victorious?

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Make sure to check out our comprehensive archive of notes and news on the latest and greatest UFC event, “Adesanya vs. Pereira”, to stay up to date.

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