QAnon and the Great Awakening: How the Deep Web Rewrites Ideologies and Beliefs

How do we explain some aspects of a fundamental process that molds extremism in virtual realms? We must ask if it is possible for technology and extremism to interact without an underlying structure that acts as a source: To examine the possibility of a complete conceptual model. However, if one attempts to conceptualize the relationship between technology and extremism, something crucial is missing, which creates this correlation. Some examples are the storming of the Capitol Hill and the shootings in the Christchurch mosque and El Paso. There is empirical evidence that indicates the existence of digital extremism that spills over into real life, creating a hybrid form of extremism that exists both offline and online. To better understand the use of technology by extremists, we need to raise an urgent question on how to adapt to this virtual climate of extremism. The advent of Web 2.0 technologies has paved the way for an easily accessible virtual topography, opening up countless people worldwide to an interactive web.

This article aims to analyze how the wider agenda of QAnon, known as the Great Awakening Map (GAM), demonstrates the evolution of digital ideologies and beliefs, making online extremism possible. The GAM serves as an illustrative example of the extensive range and depth of digital ideologies and the beliefs that contribute to the relationship between extremism and technology. Extremism needs to adapt and incorporate characteristics necessary for success in this relatively new and distinct virtual landscape. In order to thrive in the virtual realm, extremism must be compatible with the virtual climate. Ideologies and beliefs, which act as all-encompassing systems, rapidly spread both online and offline, undergoing modifications in virtual realms. Understanding the extent and reasons for the technology’s role in propagating extremism is deemed to be an impossible task.

The Map of the Great Awakening (GAM).

Before delving into the real world, it is crucial to grasp this digital ideological transformation in order to fully understand how extremism can establish itself online. GAM illustrates the core principles, mechanics, broader perspective, and underlying procedure that enable extremism to flourish in the digital realm. Why is GAM significant in comprehending internet-based extremism? It encompasses a plethora of ideologies, convictions, political declarations, conspiracies, popular culture, and even imaginative fantasies, fused together to create a comprehensive alternate reality that unequivocally rejects and condemns the current dominant socio-political, economic, ideological, and cultural structure. Regrettably, the phenomenon of amalgamating extensive ideological and belief systems, similar to the one depicted in the Great Awakening Map, has yet to receive substantial scholarly scrutiny. The Great Awakening Map (GAM) offers a glimpse into a noteworthy phenomenon and process, which can be referred to as the digital ideological evolution of extremism.

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Fantasy attracts followers to the genre for the same reason that it attracts creative individuals. The internet, with its maverick and unconventional nature, is well-suited to this genre. It decorates this massive narrative with anything and everything, casting and molding it into a digital foundry where conspiracy, cults, UFO religions, and ancient elements from Tibetan, Egyptian, and Hindu beliefs are absorbed. It taps into the old thousand-year religious belief systems of messianism and millenarianism. The current fight seen by GAM’s system is a metaphorical march forward for the protagonists and truth-seekers who emerge online as conspiracy theorists. Once shunned, they now find a new lease on life thanks to the popularity of conspiracies. GAM’s movement, known as Disclosure, evolves like a hydra, associating with various aspects of the New Age movement. GAM’s alternative system is referred to as God or ‘the return’ in simple terms. It acts as a metaphorical ‘matrix’ that allows users to immerse themselves in an entirely new alternative reality. This monumental red pill serves as a mother tool, creating a one-of-a-kind chart page that contains all types of memes and serves as a learning tool. It must have been instrumental in creating this new age oracle, California-based Jagat, who is associated with Guru and acts as the god of this alternative reality.

GAM, the digital magician, is like a creator concocting narratives, matching and mixing everything, even to the extent of linking the biblical scripture with the mark of the COVID-19 vaccination. It goes as far as associating the beliefs of the millenarian Rothchilds and Rockefellers with conspiracy theories, triggering an endless parody of deep state fables. Despite the irrationality of such outlandish claims, GAM inscribes the liberal democratic system as a metaphorical, ancient, and religious root of evil, even going so far as to figuratively name it Satanic. It unapologetically marks the current system as the embodiment of evil, manipulating life and pulling strings behind the helm of power on Earth, attributing this to a so-called “deep cabal.” GAM takes callously a hundred-year-old conspiracy theory and further magnifies it as a metaphorical and cultural evil. How does GAM gain the ability to instigate political actions based on New Age spirituality, initiating a political cause against the socio-political mainstream rooted in liberal democracy and neo-liberalism? This is the most important aspect of GAM’s role in inciting extremism. The damaging work of GAM lies in its mixing of fantasy and conspiracies, savagely disfiguring cultural and religious wealth, and mutilating reality.

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QAnon’s strategy is concisely outlined in the blueprint that GAM is equipped with. Interestingly, the strong gust of wind serves as the backdrop that drives forward GAM-style grand narratives. This authoritarian resurgence supports anti-democratic elements and undermines democracies, fostering the emergence of a populist nationalism mindset worldwide, where people oppose the existing power structure. GAM embarks on this journey within this particular context. It is intriguing how such a peculiar blend of unreality or something that transcends empirical evidence manages to gain traction, not only on the Internet but also in the real world. GAM assaults the cultural consciousness of liberal democracy, linking it to malevolence and demonizing it as Satanic. This is how GAM distorts cultural foundations to the point of being unrecognizable and directs its focus towards culture through metapolitics. At its finest, metapolitics embodies GAM. However.

Ideas in Chaos.

The integral aspect of the digital revolution produces a canonized genre of fantasy that exploits the character of the Internet. GAM, the inventor, exists in an alternative cinematic reality where he comprehends the character as a phenomenological “being” similar to Heidegger’s concept. The digital narratives of GAM come closer to Heidegger’s phenomenology of genre fantasized, producing a digital evolution. The main plot of GAM is not very different from a pretty alternative cinematic reality where he fights extra-terrestrial patriots to save the world and destroy the current evil system that enslaves humans. It is like saying that GAM, a fictional character loved by superhero fans, is trying to comprehend a fictional worldview that fails to be understood by many. In the end, GAM finds himself dead, which goes beyond academic analysis and empirical explanations. If we consider Freud’s explanation of the uncanny, GAM can be seen as a theory that blows up the foundations of reason and goes beyond anything and everything. It is a triad of digitally molded narratives, memes, and technology that influences the probability of extremism. This digital narrative revolution shows an unmissable aspect of the relationship between technology and extremism, as evidenced by how GAM molds existing ideologies and beliefs into bizarre ideological systems.

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Many elements of authoritarian regimes, far-right anti-democratic zealots, religious and spiritual theorists, conspiracy populists, and anyone enticed by the current anti-democratic and authoritarian revival, defy the reasons for setting forth democracies. It gives stones to the hands of many anti-democratic elements and zealots, enticed by the authoritarian regimes, far-right anti-democratic populists, conspiracy theorists, and religious and spiritual zealots. The Internet begins the revolt, symbolizing it as a villain in the battle between good and evil, not ending upon democracy but setting it on fire. GAM aids the ‘Revolt against the Modern World,’ imagined fervently by traditionalist radical Julius Evola as a mass dissent against the Digital Revolution. It shows what happens when technologies are in the hands of the wild run masses, letting their imagination run wild, with deadly consequences. It explains how QAnon, a movement created to invade the US Capitol with its influential explanation of how cults are becoming influential in Internet environments, adapts to defy reason and show the evolution of ideological belief systems beyond their usual forms, blending digital ideological blends. In brief, GAM is a spiritual movement, a political cause, and a conspiracy universe project that charts the meme cult saga of red pill ideology, causing an ideological cacophony.

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