Onlyfans para hombres: ¿Cómo empezar como hombre?

Many male creators earn a lot of money; there are many examples on the platform. The competition will be tough, but it is not impossible. The majority of content creators for adults are women, and the majority of content creators are women as well. Onlyfans is saturated with content creators, so it’s challenging to start. In this article, we will briefly explain how you can earn money on Onlyfans as a man.

When you ask, “How can a man earn money on Onlyfans?”, We have widely discussed it, and there are many other categories in which you can earn money, such as being a gay man. This is not true, but most of the time people think that only a gay man can earn money on Onlyfans.

En primer lugar, debe crea una cuenta en Onlyfans y regístrate como creador contenido. A continuación se enumeran otras cosas que hacer:.

1. Seleccione un nicho

Your followers will reward you more the more niche-oriented you are. Discover the category in which you can create great content and do your homework. Think carefully and be specific when selecting your niche.

These are some of the niches or categories to make money by targeting these categories.

  • You can create any type of content on Onlyfans, regardless of your gender. There are many male creators on Onlyfans who are gay. He is a gay man.
  • You start selling your videos. Boom! You can record it by asking for the couple’s consent. The husband wants to see his wife having sex with another man (you). There is a lifestyle called Hotwife Lifestyle in which a couple wants to involve a third person in their life. Entering adulthood.
  • Onlyfans could be a great platform to earn a lot of money in different ways, if you have many followers on other platforms like Instagram and if you are good at modeling or playing the violin: among other creative skills.
  • You can still try it, but women’s feet have more demand. You can earn money and generate income by selling photos of your feet full time. He sells photos of your feet like a man.
  • Being a sports coach is a great way to monetize your content, using platforms like MYM or Onlyfans, where you can create a personalized fan program in exchange for a monthly subscription fee. These subscription platforms offer valuable advice to majority of men who are interested in bodybuilding.
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    Don’t forget to create accounts on your social media platforms to engage your subscribers and convert them into more followers.

    Onlyfans para hombres: ¿Cómo empezar como hombre?

    For instance, Killiantraining provides guidance as a sports coach in MYM. You can also begin in Mym.

    Alternativa a Onlyfans como hombre

    The first 12 months during a 15% commission are carried out by Fanvue. Fanvue also offers the advantage of easy verification and quick payment options. Selling PPVs and subscriptions, Fanvue is a good alternative to Onlyfans where you can earn money and create content in any possible way.

    Diferentes formas de ganar dinero como hombre en Onlyfans

    Here are some tips below to help a man like you learn different ways to make money on OnlyFans.

    Siga a otros creadores de contenidos masculinos

    You can find inspiration by following other creators on OnlyFans, who can help you discover niche ideas and content to motivate your own creations.

    You should follow a well-known physical trainer who earns money by using the process and tactics learned and Onlyfans. You should follow a physical trainer who creates content and uses the content created as a way to learn how to create content in an easier way.

    If you are a content creator for adult audiences and want to learn about methods and content creation, you will learn about it by connecting with fans. You continue to be a creator of content for famous adults. If you don’t know how they relate to you and if you are a content creator for adults.

    Onlyfans para hombres: ¿Cómo empezar como hombre?
    Johnny Sins está en Onlyfans

    Crear dos cuentas Onlyfans

    Are you seeking a costless promotion suggestion? Then we have a recommendation that can aid you in advertising your Onlyfans account without any charge.

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    Create two accounts as a content creator on Onlyfans. Create a free account and a second one for paid subscriptions.

    By publishing teaser or promotional videos on the free version, you can attract the free account audience to a paid one. Encourage them to purchase your subscription or paid account and try to build suspense among your followers with promotional videos.

    Nunca ignore los mensajes directos

    Depending on their popularity, people can pay strong sums of money, ranging from $400 to $100, to request customized photos or videos from their fans. You may not know that the majority of creators on OnlyFans earn money by directly receiving requests from their fans.

    Muchos creadores de contenido en Onlyfans nos dijeron que ganan un tercio de sus ingresos a través de mensajes directos. ¿Estás buscando una manera menos agotadora de ganar dinero en Onlyfans como hombre?

    Crear un vlog en YouTube

    Most Onlyfans content producers are primarily females, and the vast majority of their followers are heterosexual males. Nevertheless, as a male content producer on Onlyfans, it may prove challenging for you to generate income. Nonetheless, leveraging various social media platforms such as YouTube, Reddit, Instagram, and Twitter could potentially assist you in expanding your follower base and acquiring more supporters.

    YouTube can be the best method to increase your fan base and popularity, as it is considered one of the most important search engines. Taking advantage of it can give you a vision of your daily life and content niche by uploading a video.

    Únete a los grupos y foros de la comunidad Onlyfans

    Conectar con otros creadores de contenidos te ayudará a desarrollar tu página y a aprender más sobre el sector de los contenidos.

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    In these groups and forums, you can promote your Onlyfans page. There are many support forums and groups for Onlyfans content creators.

    Publicar fotos adicionales en Reddit

    ¿Cómo puedes promocionar tu cuenta de Onlyfans? Aquí te daré más detalles sobre cómo hacerlo. Reddit es una de las mejores plataformas para promocionar y comercializar contenido para adultos de creadores.

    The internet has revolutionized the way we communicate, making it easier to connect with people all over the world. Output: The internet has transformed the way we communicate, facilitating easier connections with individuals from around the globe.

    On Reddit, you can share unique photos and videos, and promote the content you create to your fans. Additionally, you have the option to share adult photos on Reddit, which can assist you in attracting new fans and earning payments on Onlyfans.

    Rendimiento con otros modelos

    If you are open to having sex with other creators on Onlyfans, you can utilize this as a way to attract more fans and leverage their user base (whether they are women or men). However, the best strategy to retain subscribers and gain more is by constantly providing entertaining content and regularly visiting other creators on Onlyfans.

    Using this method, you can earn a lot of money. You can earn money by taking exclusive photos with a famous model and recording sex videos. You are struggling to make money on Onlyfans as an adult content creator. Let’s say you are an adult content creator.


    To sum up, here is an overview of how to begin as a male on Onlyfans. Identify your specialization. The specialization refers to the type of content you aim to create. Join Onlyfans and commence uploading content to your page. Utilize platforms such as Reddit, YouTube, Twitter, and other promotional channels to advertise your Onlyfans page. Maintain consistency on the platform and ultimately achieve greater success.

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