Mike Tyson’s first ever fight: 13-year-old Iron Mike knocked 17-year-old opponent out of the ring with brutal KO and sparked brawl between trainers

Mike Tyson’s first ever fight looked like something out of a Hollywood movie, according to his trainer at the time Teddy Atlas.

After being discovered in a juvenile detention center, ‘Iron Mike’ was sent to train with D’Amato Cus, who assisted Rooney Kevin and Atlas.

Tyson garnered a fearsome reputation in his amateur careerCredit: Getty Images – Getty

The 13-year-old dedicated a few months to initiating his training before having his inaugural genuine encounter in the boxing arena.

“I bring him to the Bronx training grounds when the moment arrived for him to ultimately be prepared to battle,” Atlas elaborated on his ‘THE FIGHT’ podcast.

“When I ultimately believed he was prepared to engage in combat, I must select the opponent.”

“How old is he that will challenge him? How can I discover a heavyweight like that? I believe he was 13 years of age, potentially weighing between 195lbs and 200lbs by now.”

‘Iron Mike’ was a freak of natureCredit: Time & Life Pictures

“I had to place him with a 17-year-old. Everyone would deceive and attempt to gain an advantage in these establishments.

“Nelson stated, ‘Alright Teddy, record his age.'”

“So I wrote down 13 and he has just come and said, ‘Teddy, let’s go, now you’re pushing it too much.’

“I replied, ‘Sure, if you want me to bring you joy, I’ll write that he is 18.'”

Atlas continued: “Therefore, I placed him in this ‘showcase’, it was referred to as a showcase, larger gloves, larger headgear.

“We both agreed, ‘Alright, we’re going to engage in a boxing match without any intentions of harming each other.’

“I knew another guy who wouldn’t keep his word. I knew another older guy. I knew I had to look out for Mike, but I knew I had.”

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“So I simply said, ‘Mike, stay vigilant, observe his actions.'”

Tyson’s power had a stunning impact, despite the bigger gloves and headgearCredit: Getty Images – Getty

“Another guy is looking to knock him out within a minute, and Mike, who is 17 years old, made a miss and it knocked him over.”

“Bang, bang, bang, striking him with sequences of three punches.”

“Suddenly, he traps him against the ropes. He injures the man, causing him to collide with the ropes.

He comes in with a bang, hitting him with a hook that leaves his body limp. The guy’s head goes backwards, twisting like it’s detached from his neck.

Tyson smashed his older opponent to piecesCredit: Getty Images – Getty

“I mean, you mention Hollywood. His spokesperson’s mouthpiece goes soaring, likely about 20 feet backwards and ends up in someone’s lap.

The story of Mike Tyson’s rise to fame was beginning.

I immediately followed him. Mike went after and jumped into the ring because his trainer had a problem right now, but he quickly ran away.

I was the guy with him there. Even though D’Amato Cus is the patriarch of the whole thing, you can call me whatever you want, I am his big brother, father.

By age 20, Tyson was heavyweight world champion

“I leap into the arena and immediately engage with the trainer, gripping each other tightly.”

“‘I will absolutely shatter your jaw,’ I inform him, and we confront each other, and I intervene, so I immediately pursue him, and he is directly pursuing Mike.”

“I shove him away and he retreats. Mike asks, ‘What’s going to occur?’.

“He was still a child. I said, ‘Nothing. Nothing’s going to happen to you.'”

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