Meet the Female Barbers Who Are Changing the Game

We are proud to say that we have been working with these trailblazing women for years and we are excited to share their talent with you. To kick off Women’s History Month, we wanted to showcase some of the brightest female barbers in the growing cohort of women.

In the past decade, the world of barbering has witnessed a significant shift, with more women challenging outdated norms and breaking stereotypes through their persistence and confidence. They are specializing in grooming men and are seen picking up clippers more than ever before.

It is not surprising that the industry, which is predominantly male-dominated, has not welcomed the change, as it offers a wider skillset and more creative approaches to serving clients, highlighting the ways in which one can learn hairdressing and barbering from each other. However, this diversity makes the industry stronger.

Women often face challenges when it comes to being the only ones in the room. They aspire to cut men’s hair with additional scrutiny. Female barbers often have to deal with gendered expectations on how they should look. Regardless of their work ethic and skills, these stereotypes can exclude and discourage women who do not fit into a certain mold.

The statistic of 25 percent represents the latest data provided by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The actual number is probably somewhere in between. Estimates suggest that the number of female barbers ranges from a surprising 44 percent to a conservative 16 percent. These figures only include individuals who have obtained permits and licenses within the beauty and personal service industry. Finding reliable statistics for the gender breakdown of the barber industry is challenging.

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Despite facing numerous obstacles, these women are breaking traditional industry norms and forging their own unique path in their careers. They are proud to be Booksy Ambassadors and are four talented female barbers who strive to inspire and empower others.

Brandi LaShay

Brandi LaShay

Brandi, also known as Doll Barber Original and LaShay, was awarded Best Female Barber of the Year for 2019 at Barbercon. She owns The Doll Barber House, a grooming studio based in Atlanta, and has over 25 years of experience in the industry. Additionally, she is an Educator for the Barberology Platform and a Barber Master for BaByliss.

Your passion and dedication will be the catalyst for your success, and the biggest competition you face is the female barbers. Brandi is a huge advocate for women’s empowerment in the beauty and barbering industry, and she is a pioneer in her field. She is especially known for her clean design style and attention to detail, and she offers education on hair placement and HD hair design techniques with a keen eye for symmetry. In addition to owning her salon, Brandi is also an educator at the forefront of the cutting-edge beauty and barbering industry.

Tina Sapia

Tina Sapia

Tina Sapia owns and operates Salon Bella Ciao and Barbershop Sapia’s in Clearwater, Florida. Her shop follows a professional and inclusive approach, and she takes pride in running it herself. The philosophy of her shop is to combine the old-school traditions of a trade school with a fresh and modern twist.

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Tina, a Wahl educator and a Booksy Ambassador, not only offers free clipper classes at local schools but also actively seeks opportunities to donate her time. In addition to her passion for barbering, Tina is dedicated to giving back to her community. She has taken charge of Barber Battles throughout Florida and has educated new barbers, as she is an expert in her craft. While she enjoys working behind the chair, Tina has also designed her own logo, brand, grooming products, and merchandise in a span of just ten years.

Taylor Leven

Taylor Leven

Despite facing rejection and using it as fuel, she persevered and continued to climb uphill. When Taylor was just 25 years old and starting her first barbershop in Chicago, she was rejected from every barbershop she applied to. However, she never gave up on her dreams, and that spirit led her to open her own barbershop. Remember, if you hear the word “No,” especially when it comes to your dreams, never give up.

On social networking sites, Taylor promotes her brand and is also an experienced expert. Taylor is an instructor and a skilled hairdresser, besides being the proprietor of Headspace Barbershop. Taylor asserts, “The hair we sport on our heads is unrelated to our gender,” and caters to everyone’s hair needs. Headspace is characterized by its emphasis on the individual, rather than their gender, in other words. Taylor’s establishment strives to be a contemporary, all-encompassing establishment that combines the realms of hairstyling and barbering, and it is situated just outside of Chicago. Taylor took a chance on herself and established her own business when she realized she couldn’t find her specialized field in someone else’s salon or shop.

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Christy Clips

Christy Clips

Christy Clips is a licensed cosmetologist and independent boutique owner based in San Antonio, Texas. She has 14 years of industry experience, including a decade of running her own business. She learned the ropes while working as an apprentice at her aunt’s salon. It was during this time that she developed an interest in male grooming and history. Her business caters to modern gentlemen, helping them build their own masculinity and confidence.

Christy always impresses us with her creative reels on Booksy, showcasing the benefits of using it. She is a great example of how to establish a feminine yet professional online presence in a biased, male-dominated industry. Additionally, Christy is a successful online influencer and social media marketing maven with over 34,000 TikTok followers and 63,000 Instagram followers.

Booksy is available here to help you discover and book service providers and talented female barbers in your community, in order to show appreciation for them during Women’s History Month.

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