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What is the net worth of Matt Kaplan? Is Matt Kaplan currently married?

The Origin Story

Kaplan was born in the USA on April 14, 1984.

Showing interest in film production from an early age, he started dabbling with short video production and film mediums as a kid.

He went to college for a bachelor’s degree in history and film studies after graduating from Columbia University with a Bachelor of Arts.

He is well-known for his efforts in working with the youth and his YA-centered films, which have become beloved projects for fans all over the globe.

A prosperous entrepreneur, one of his most recent romantic partners decided to terminate the relationship and pursue a connection with, were a bit turbulent his previous relationships.

Kaplan stands at a height of 5 feet and 9 inches and has an approximate weight of 145 lbs.

He has typically not been very open in sharing details about his family, as there isn’t much information that can be found on the subject.

He is recognized for practicing the Jewish faith, is of Caucasian descent, and possesses brown hair and brown eyes.

Matt Kaplan is in a romantic partnership with Alexandra Cooper. The couple became betrothed in 2023.

Cooper previously co-hosted the well-known podcast “Call Her Daddy” alongside Sofia Franklyn.

Matt Kaplan’s former spouse was Claire Holt, whom he separated from in 2017.


Fresh out of college, Kaplan embarked on his career as a movie producer and entertainer when short-form streaming media, such as YouTube, was just starting to gain popularity.

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His first official gig was as a producer with Lionsgate, where he collaborated with other producers on films and games, including Hunger.

Later on, he joined CBS and collaborated with innovative individuals from the company to create a show called Clark and Michael.

He would eventually become the head of Awesomeness Films, overseeing the production of a diverse array of movies alongside them.

Eventually, as he gained his own following and fanbase, he began creating his own films.

The majority of his films fall under the category of teenage romance/drama or young adult, and they are highly acclaimed and well-received by the same demographic.

A list of titles includes The Lazarus Effect (2015), To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before (2018), The Perfect Date (2019), Before I Fall (2017), Body Cam (2020), and Let’s Go (2019), among many others that he has worked on and produced over the years.

Although Matt’s main occupation is as a film producer, he has also been involved in the production of various television shows.

Kaplan’s complete attention will be dedicated to film production in the foreseeable future. Some of these projects encompass his initial collaboration with CBS, Clark and Michael, a currently airing series named Are You Afraid of the Dark, as well as two one-season shows titled Versus and My Dead Ex.

Kaplan also has many upcoming films in production, including exciting titles like “Beware That Girl,” “Soulless,” “Wolf in the Wild,” “Heroine,” “White Smoke,” and many more.

In 2021, Matt acted as the producer of the film “To All the Boys: Always and Forever.”

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Matt Kaplan – Net Worth

So, what is the net worth of Matt Kaplan?

Matt Kaplan, the man behind so many highly acclaimed YA films, has obviously made quite a bit of money from his works.

His company’s primary emphasis is attempting to create amusement for young individuals that is specifically customized for them.

Through his films, he aspires to connect with the audience and touch their hearts with meaningful messages, showcasing his strong belief in the potential of the younger generation.

His sources of revenue consist of contracts for movies and television series, along with earnings from theaters, film sales, and agreements with streaming services.

Kaplan also engages in consulting assignments whenever possible, such as collaborating with fellow film producers on their movies.

One example of his consulting was in the films Hunger Games, where he played a major role in directing and interacting with younger members.

Consequently, film producer Matt Kaplan has an approximate net worth of $5 million.

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Matt Kaplan is a director, movie producer, and CEO of ACE Entertainment, an entertainment company he personally established.

He has gained recognition for producing a diverse array of movies and youth-oriented dramas, such as “Before I Fall,” “Dance Camp,” “To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You,” “The Perfect Date,” and “After.”

These are only a few of the films he has produced, and we will explore that subject further in the future.

You may be curious about Matt Kaplan’s wealth, professional journey, and personal life, considering his remarkable success and achievements.

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If that’s true, you’re fortunate, because we will be discussing all of this information and additional details in today’s article.

Continue reading to discover everything there is to learn about film producer Matt Kaplan in the present day.

In Closing

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