Long Division Calculator

2 is equal to the result of dividing 4 by 8, multiplied by 4 being divided into 2. Division can be thought of as a way to determine how many times one number goes into another number. The basic arithmetic operations are addition, subtraction, multiplication (which is the inverse of division), and division.

Partition can be indicated in several distinct manners. Utilizing the aforementioned illustration:

8 divided by 4 equals 2.

8 divided by 4 equals 2.

84 equals 2.

To have a more efficient discussion about division, it is crucial to comprehend the various components of a division equation.

Components of division

The dividend, divisor, and quotient constitute the three primary components of a division equation. The divisor represents the value that divides the dividend, while the quotient represents the outcome. Typically.

One way to think of the dividend is that it is the total number of objects available. The divisor is the desired number of groups of objects, and the quotient is the number of objects within each group. Thus, assuming that there are 8 people and the intent is to divide them into 4 groups, division indicates that each group would consist of 2 people. In this case, the number of people can be divided evenly between each group, but this is not always the case. There are two ways to divide numbers when the result won’t be even. One way is to divide with a remainder, meaning that the division problem is carried out such that the quotient is an integer, and the leftover number is a remainder. For example, 9 cannot be evenly divided by 4. Instead, knowing that 8 divided by 4 equals 2., this can be used to determine that 9 ÷ 4 = 2 R1. In other words, 9 divided by 4 equals 2, with a remainder of 1. Long division can be used either to find a quotient with a remainder, or to find an exact decimal value.

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How to perform long division?

The steps described below involve using the divisor to divide the dividend, with the radicand written under the divisor in the long division problem. In this case, the divisor is 7 and the dividend is 100. We need to divide 100 by 7.

  • Therefore, if 7 cannot be evenly divided by 1, place a 0 above the initial digit of the divisor. Proceed to divide the initial digit in the dividend by the divisor, commencing from the leftmost side.
  • In this case, the next number formed can be divided by 7, which is 10 above the 2nd digit of the dividend. Continue the problem by dividing the divisor into the number formed by the combination of the previous digit and the digit of the dividend.
  • Deduct, then transfer the next digit from the original dividend to calculate the new dividend.
  • 28 is the outcome of 7 multiplied by 4, and 7 divides 30 a total of 4 instances. Deduct, then jot down the outcome of the factor and this quantity beneath and inscribe this quantity above the radicand; in this instance, the quantity of instances 7 divides into 30. Ascertain the quantity of instances the factor divides into the fresh dividend.
  • If the goal is to find a quotient with a remainder, then the point of stopping is when the division problem has a remainder of 2 and a quotient of 14 or 014 in this case.

    100 divided by 7 equals 14 remainder 2.

    The long division problem continues to find an exact value by adding zeros to form new dividends and adding a decimal point after the quotient, until the desired number of decimal places is found for the exact solution.

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  • After the division result, add a decimal point and attach a zero to the updated dividend. Carry out the same process as mentioned previously.
  • This process can closely estimate the decimal .285714285714 or, in the end, a non-terminating decimal, resulting from dividing 7 by 100. Other long division cases will reveal that the problem has a solution that is either a terminating decimal or a repeating decimal. In other cases, the problem may result in a terminating decimal or a non-terminating decimal. Continue this process to achieve the desired number of decimal places.
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