Las Cruces Natatorium open to the public for lap swimming, open swim

The City of Las Cruces prepares the new Olympic-sized pool for its opening day on Thursday, May 25, 2023, at Las Cruces Regional Aquatic Center. The pool will open on May 27.

After nearly two years of construction, the Las Cruces Natatorium was revealed to the public over the Memorial Day weekend.

The Las Cruces Regional Aquatic Center is situated adjacent to the new indoor facility on Hadley Avenue, featuring an Olympic-sized pool specifically designed for lap swimming.

The commencement of its facility prior to has attracted numerous inquisitive members of the community who have been visiting. He further mentioned that the construction delays were caused by supply chain problems, as explained by Abraham Celaya, the city’s Recreation & Parks Department manager for the recreation facility. The project has been in progress for several years, but construction officially began in October 2021.

He exclaimed, “It was absolutely funny. We had so many prints on our faces from those windows. The parking lot was open and it felt like it had been weeks since the first couple of weeks.”

The City of Las Cruces prepares the new Olympic-sized pool for its opening day on Thursday, May 25, 2023, at Las Cruces Regional Aquatic Center. The pool will open on May 27.

The capacity of the pool varies based on the arrangement of the lanes, accommodating either 10 lanes measuring 50 meters each or 20 lanes measuring 25 meters each. The pool spans a length of 50 meters and can hold up to 670,000 gallons of water, maintaining a consistent temperature between 80 and 81 degrees at all times. The depth of the pool ranges from 12 feet at its deepest point to four feet at its shallowest.

During their workout, individuals have the option to keep their personal belongings in the locker rooms designated for men and women, each equipped with approximately 300 lockers. Additionally, a specific area will be cordoned off on the shallow side of the pool for unrestricted swimming.

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The water is changed approximately seven times every day, and both water filters operate at the same time. Additionally, there are various facilities available such as large scoreboards and screens, management rooms for meetings, locker rooms for teams participating in competitions, swimsuit spin dryers, pool lifts for individuals with disabilities, and non-slip flooring in the pool area.

Members of the general public were able to use the pool from May 27 onwards. The pool is open from 6 a.M. To 11 a.M. And 4 p.M. To 8 p.M. On weekdays, and from 8 a.M. To noon on Saturdays until Labor Day, which is on September 4. The pool is closed on Sundays. The admission fee is $2 per individual, and reservations are not necessary.

Swimmers will share the lanes, with a maximum of four individuals per lane for lap swimming.

Fitness Swim classes will be available from Monday to Friday, ranging from 6 a.M. To 11 a.M., As mentioned in a press release. Open Swim sessions will take place between 4 p.M. And 7 p.M. On weekdays and from 8 a.M. To 12 p.M. On Saturdays. Individuals aged 18 and above will be charged an entry fee of $4, whereas children aged 2 to 17 will have to pay an entry fee of $3.

That there is a centrally positioned public pool, now Las Cruces may witness more of its public high schools establish swim teams. Concerning practice area, local swim teams have already begun to make contact, he stated. At the pool, unique occasions and courses will be integrated after management assesses interest and requirement during the initial few months, Celaya mentioned.

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People can anticipate discovering a variety of activities at the pools in the upcoming months, such as movie nights featuring innertubes, scuba diving certification courses, swim lessons, and water polo camps, along with other exciting events.

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